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Build Your Own Website in 5 Steps with Website X5 Wizard

Build Your Own Website in 5 Steps with Website X5 Wizard

Ditsa Keren
For over 20 years, Italian agency Incomedia has been developing web software that anyone can use. No need for expertise, just a willingness to get in the game and create a website with your own two hands. With so many businesses now relying on online channels, I asked Incomedia founder and CEO Federico Ranfagni about his product, WebsiteX5, and how it can help small businesses to ensure their business continuity in these difficult times.

Can you describe the background of WebSite X5? How did you get the idea and how has it developed up until today?

My brother Stefano and I founded Incomedia back in 1998. The idea behind it was to make new technological solutions available for anyone. 

The turning point occurred in 2000. There were already some website builders on the market.  You surely remember Microsoft Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. A friend of ours asked for our help. He wasn’t a web professional, and he needed a simple and intuitive software to help him create his website. Although it seemed crazy at first, we decided to accept the challenge.

The core idea for what would become the first version of  WebSite X5 was born during a holiday one hot summer day, and we never stopped since then. We kept believing in this project, investing in its development and promoting it.  Since that first version, 20 years ago, WebSite X5 has changed a lot! 

It’s a complete software that includes all the necessary functions to create websites, blogs, and online shops which are optimized for search engines and look perfect on any device.

It’s available in 14 different languages and sold all over the world. According to BuiltWith.com, WebSite X5 is 8th in the ranking of the most popular Website Builders worldwide. This makes us incredibly proud!

How does WebSite X5 work?

The most important aspect we’ve always focused on is usability. WebSite X5 had to be easy to understand and to use. Anyone, including users with no programming skills or no experience with graphic programs, should have the ability to create their own beautiful and functional website on their own and with no stress, and this is still our goal. 

Because of this, we have implemented many functionalities without forgetting to focus on the same initial logic. WebSite X5 is a 5-step wizard that accompanies the user from choosing and customizing the template, to creating all the necessary pages, to finally uploading the finished project. 

This structure enables the users to proceed step by step, in the right order, and always provides the commands necessary to carry out the next action. 

Over the years, we came to realize that many people like this way of working. Not only individuals who want to create a website to share their hobbies or talk about their children, but also to many companies, craftsmen, freelance professionals or entrepreneurs who want to promote their services and products online.

Many freelancers and web agencies have chosen WebSite X5 to develop websites for their own customers. WebSite X5 has become a versatile and convenient tool for them to develop projects with little budget.

Throughout the years, many of our customers have shared their websites with us, so we have plenty of examples that you can see in our portfolio. 

Here’s a preview of the Website X5 dashboard:

How do you keep your advantage in such a competitive environment?

WebSite X5 has been able to win a growing market niche throughout the years. Many of our users have been with us for ages, while for others, we were the first entry point to the web and now, they are using the software professionally.

We know we are in a very competitive environment, so we never drop our guard when it comes to keeping our edge. We do this by providing constant training to our employees, listening to our customers’ feedback and meeting their requests, and researching and developing new technological solutions.

The Web is constantly changing and offering new incredible opportunities. When a new feature becomes available, we always think about our customers first. Will they like it? Could this be useful on their websites? How can we make it available in a simple and quick way?

We must be the ones struggling, not them! We are the programmers, therefore, we must put our efforts into implementing a potentially difficult function that will be easily available for our customers.

What challenges are commercial activities facing these days and how can WebSite X5 help?

We are all going through a tough period because of the pandemic. Not only Italy, which remains one of the most affected countries, but all over the world. The lockdown is a necessary measure for everyone’s sake, but it’s indeed having huge kickbacks on the economy.

I think what we can do is to keep our hope and use what we have available creatively. Time and technology are on our side.

We must close our shops, gyms, and restaurants, but we can still do home delivery, video classes, etc. At this stage, we can’t welcome our customers physically, but we can rethink our commercial strategies and organize new activities and campaigns. In this way, we will be ready to start over again and hit the ground running when the time comes. 

How can WebSite X5 help in this sense? Its role is fundamental because we are now stuck at home and all of our interactions, searches, and purchases take place online. Having a website has not only become important, but it is also now crucial.

When this emergency is over, a far greater part of the population will be accustomed to working remotely in the digital realm. There won’t be any more excuses not to do so. Everyone will need an online presence, and WebSite X5 is right there to help. 

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WebSite X5 focuses on usability and accessibility, allowing users to create beautiful, functional websites without programming or graphic program experience. The 5-step wizard guides users through template selection, page creation, and uploading. This approach has been popular among individuals, companies, craftsmen, freelance professionals, and entrepreneurs. Many freelancers and web agencies have chosen WebSite X5 for their own projects, making it a versatile and convenient tool for those with limited budgets. The platform has a large portfolio of satisfied customers.
The pandemic has had significant economic impacts, particularly in Italy. To cope, businesses can use their time and technology to adapt to the situation. While physical stores may be closed, home delivery and video classes can be offered. Rethinking commercial strategies and organizing new activities can help businesses relaunch. WebSite X5 can help as online presence becomes crucial for remote work and the increasing number of people working remotely.
Cyber Hygiene
Nowadays a website is really important for a business as it provides more visibility and authenticity for people. IT should be user focused as well
keep sharing such stuff...it is important for beginners. There are more tools as well for example wordpress that creates a unique and beautifull websites
very informative ! keep sharing such good stuff ! and there are more tools as well for example wordpress , wix and many more that creates a unique and beautifull websites
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