Claire Broadley has been reviewing and comparing web hosting companies for more than 10 years. She’s a tech enthusiast and trained technical author, and writes about everything from EVs to the history of the internet. Claire lives in the UK with her husband, two kids, and two pugs.

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6 Best Green Web Hosting Services – Most Reliable in 2024

Some hosts claim to be green, but they aren’t quite as eco-friendly as they seem. And green web hosting can also be expensive and under-resourced when compared with competing web hosts. Switching to a green web hosting company will lower your carbon footprint and encourage hosts to do better. But before you switch, you need to know which green web hosting companies also...

February 02, 2024
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5 Best PostgreSQL Hosting Services in 2024 (Fast and Reliable)

When you’re looking for a specialist product like PostgreSQL hosting, you can’t cut corners in researching the best hosting provider. I know, because I’ve done the research and what I found was… well, shocking! You’d expect a web hosting company to know what they do (and don’t) provide, and for regular shared hosting, that’s probably the case. What I found when I started...

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5 Best Google Cloud WordPress Hosts in 2024

Is it worth moving your website to a Google Cloud WordPress host, or is it just going to cost you more money in the long run? Shared hosting has proven to be a solid platform for many WordPress sites, so you might be wondering what benefits you’ll gain if you migrate – and whether it’s worth the hassle. Many hosts encourage businesses to scale up to cloud hosting, and...

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Flywheel vs SiteGround – Which Is Best for WordPress? 2024

Flywheel only offers managed WordPress hosting, while SiteGround has a broader package of hosting services. Although you may assume that a host focused entirely on managed WordPress is the best choice, that’s not necessarily the case, and I’ll tell you why in this review. I’m a SiteGround user myself - and I’ve done tons of legwork when it comes to researching managed...

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