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9 Best Squarespace Templates for Actors and Models in 2024

Alexander Banerjee
When you want the part, you don’t go into auditions underprepared – instead, you do everything possible to make sure your talent and personality shine through. As an actor, you’ll want to take the same sort of care with your website.

Although you may already have an online CV, a good template can make sure your talent and effort gets noticed by the right people. You need a template that not only looks good, but has a lot of functionality already built in – like embedded videos and contact forms.

While Squarespace doesn’t have a separate category of templates for actors, I’ve gone through its entire gallery to find the ones that will work for you. All you have to do is pick the one that best matches your style and customize it to showcase your unique skill set.

I’ll guide you through the best choices, plus show you three templates from other leading website builders just to be safe.

Squarespace Hart template
Hart’s minimalist layout and high-contrast design call attention to the things that matter
Hart is a dramatic template that fits your photos and info together on a single scrollable page. The black background is reminiscent of a black box theater, which makes this template a great choice for stage actors.

The top of the page features a section with large text for your elevator pitch – where first impressions are made. You can use this section to tell visitors what sets you apart, including your education and your biggest role to date.

Below, there’s a section for a headshot or profile shot. Further down, there’s space for a short bio, a list of your most notable roles, and more. You could easily embed your reel or other photos as well.

2. Tepito – Charming and Cool1

Squarespace Tepito template
Small design details like the downward-pointing arrow add a bit of flair
Tepito is another one-page template that puts the focus on your photo and short bio blurb. The use of large fonts and other design elements like arrows and lines add some personality, which is exactly what we’re looking for.

This template features a gallery for photos of you in various roles or links to reviews. The map at the bottom of the page is a nice touch if you’re looking for local work, but you can swap it out for some social media integrations.

If you want to showcase a large body of work, this template lets you do that while keeping your main page clean and well-organized.

3. Noll – Highlight Your Achievements as an Actor1

Squarespace Noll template
Noll lets you put your greatest achievements near the top
This is a good template if you want to put your achievements front and center. Beneath the attention-grabbing photo, Noll lets you list your recognitions and any awards you’ve earned.

Even the individual pages in this template are great for highlighting your accomplishments. For example, you can use the Testimonials page to quote excerpts from reviews of your stage-stealing performances.

If you’ve got some impressive credentials you can flaunt, this template is made for you.

4. Devoe – Begin With the Basics1

Squarespace's 'Devoe' template
This template keeps everything on one page so visitors won’t have to scroll around
Devoe is a strikingly simple template that’s a great choice if you’re just getting started. I also found this template works well as a visual landing page that links to your other online work. The layout is short and sweet – and it gets the job done.

You can use your best still photo as a fullscreen background, tell visitors who you are, and share how to get in touch directly through email or on social media.

5. Quinn: Ideal for Fashion1

Squarespace's 'Quinn' template
Quinn’s fashionable look makes it a strong template for models
With its trendy appearance, Quinn is perfect for models – though I’m sure many actors will appreciate its fashionable aesthetic too. The homepage text, uniquely overlaid onto an eye-catching image, is great for making a first impression. The color scheme’s dull grays make things look professional, but the bright red text implies creativity.

Quinn gives you a lot of room for images. Not only is there a portfolio page with a magazine-like appearance, but the homepage embeds some of what you put in your portfolio page. This way, your site won’t feel cluttered or overwhelming to your visitors.

6. Gilden: Perfect for Offering Acting Lessons1

Squarespace's 'Gilden' template
I like how Gilden recognizes that creatives are often eager to teach others
Gilden is a versatile template that is loosely oriented towards fashion photography. Like most options on this list, it has portfolio features – but Gilden is unique for having a very simple portfolio format.

Rather than arranging images in a grid and accompanying the pictures with text, each image has a small number in the top-right corner. Scroll down, and the numbers will be listed alongside large text descriptions – such as “0.3, Striped on the Street.” This unique format is reminiscent of a clothing catalog and perfect for fashion models or actors.

Gilden is also unique in that it has a page dedicated to offering courses. If you want to fund your acting or modeling career by offering lessons, Gilden is perfect. If not, you can easily modify the ‘course’ page to be used for newsletter sign-ups, as a gateway for demo reels, and so on.

7. Otto: Something to Put Your Stage Presence First1

Squarespace's 'Otto' template
I’ve never seen a template make a web designer look like a model
Although Otto is oriented towards web designers, its personality-focused style fits the needs of actors and models remarkably well. While many homepages combine large photographs with introductory text, Otto only displays a smaller portrait at first – forcing the viewer to look at you before anything else.

Imagine the homepage with a different image: a black-and-white picture of you striking a dramatic pose on a theater stage or a cinematic still from a short film. Visual-first impressions are essential for most actors and models, and Otto makes that easy.

Aside from that, the template is quite simple. There’s space for you to highlight some essential introductory text, a slick gallery, and some contact information. Overall, Otto offers a simple and effective combination for getting clients and callbacks.

8. Ortiz: Excellent for Getting Bookings1

Squarespace's Ortiz template
You can’t tell here, but the banner text above the footer is nicely animated
Ortiz is oriented towards portrait photography, so its homepage and gallery page are already suited for displaying your headshots or video stills. The background is mostly light pink, which is better for framing pictures taken inside a studio, as studio shots have simpler background colors than pictures taken outside.

Elegant “book me” buttons are already interspersed throughout the site, so there’s not much you have to edit. The booking page is simple and even lets your site visitors choose how they want to be contacted. Ortiz also has an unusually large footer on every page, which is effective in drawing attention to a sign-up form.

Squarespace Paloma templates
The use of color in Paloma looks great
This template may be built for podcasters, but for a certain type of actor, it’s perfect. Paloma displays a lot of audio files, so it would work well for voice actors who want to share clips of their work.

Other actors could tweak the Episodes section to show off your feature roles or performance reviews, share updates, or post links to your pages.

I also appreciate that the About and Contact pages have space for lots of text below your photo and tagline to help you tell your story.

10. Toledo: Put It All On the Screen1

Squarespace Toledo template
This template shows that you don’t need to overdo it to look nice
Toledo is a one-page theme that can show off all your strengths in a single efficient, fast-loading page.

The two-part top section sets your bio blurb opposite a large photo that grabs visitors’ attention right away. Below, there’s space to list your latest and greatest roles, and the template offers lots of links for agents to get in touch (email, social media, etc.).

Toledo would make a good choice if you wanted a clean-feeling website, or didn’t want to be too in-your-face with your headshots.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Check out These Templates From Our Favorite Site Builders

If the templates above didn’t click with you, don’t worry! Not only are there other options on Squarespace that I didn’t feature, but from other website builders too. The templates featured below are from website builders with free plans, so you can test them personally.

Wix's 'Director' template
Just looking at this template makes me expect to see some great acting
Although this template is geared toward directors, it fits the needs of actors just as well. The entire template is cinematic, and dedicated to showcasing videos, which is perfect if you have starred in a lot of film projects. I like that the videos don’t automatically play, which keeps the site from becoming sluggish and distracting.

The homepage is perfect for showing off your best performances. It displays medium-sized thumbnails for a sampling of video clips and concludes with a large embedded video for your showreel. I also like the ‘Work’ page, a stylish portfolio that lets you describe your work in more detail.

As a bonus, Director has more than just the typical social media links for sharing your work: the footer of every page contains links to Vimeo and IMDb.

SITE123's "Spectrum of Creation Gallery" template
A behind-the-scenes picture of a film or photo shoot would work well for the intro image
Made for art galleries, the Spectrum of Creation template combines the image-heavy style needed by actors and models with event management. The homepage uses parallax scrolling with the opening image, which gives a modern look but otherwise, it’s not flashy.

If you’re a traveling model or part of a traveling theater group, the events section is great. Aside from simply being able to list all your events in one place, you can make separate pages for each event that include an option to buy tickets.

Web.com's "Photographer" template
If you do any freelance modeling, it’s useful to have a clear pricing structure for clients
A simple one-page template that’s heavily oriented towards photography services, Photographer would fit models a bit more than actors. Photographer puts your ‘About’ section first, then displays previews of your portfolio and a list of services. The footer includes some contact information and links to your social media accounts.

If you’re a professional model or an acting teacher, the ‘services’ section will be of particular use. You can simply list different service packages and allow clients to purchase them upfront, so you don’t need to worry about them paying you later.

Use a Website Template to Advance Your Acting Career

Your website should effectively convey your strengths and mirror your identity as a performer. As an actor, it’s important to choose a template that exudes professionalism. Ensure key elements, like your headshot and resume, complement each other rather than compete for attention. If you’re a model, you may be able to choose something more quirky.

You should also choose a template based on whether it has functionality for your key career goals already built-in. For example, if you’re trying to get the attention of casting directors, find a template with an effective portfolio. If you want to earn some money by giving acting lessons or selling tickets for plays, find a template with course or event features.

The Squarespace templates on this list all have the essential criteria. And with a little customizing, you can easily elevate your online presence and boost your visibility.


Do I need a website as an actor?

Having an online presence is increasingly important for an actor. With a professional acting website, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your personal brand. A memorable website will help you stand out for current roles and keep your name circulating for future opportunities. For example, note how Hart opens with an elevator pitch-style blurb.

Is Squarespace good for portfolios?

Squarespace is a great choice for a portfolio website because most of its templates are designed with creatives in mind. They’re sleek, pretty, and mobile-responsive, so your images and videos will look great on any device. Some templates, like Paloma, even display audio files. To learn more about this builder’s great features, read our full Squarespace review.

Can I create an actor website for free?

Squarespace doesn’t have any free plans, but some other website builders like SITE123 and Web.com do. However, free plans are a bit risky because they come with significant limitations that make you look less professional. For example, you won’t have a custom domain name, and storage for image or video uploads will likely be limited.

Which is better, Squarespace or Wix?

Wix gives you more design flexibility and a larger template selection, but Squarespace is easier to use and its templates are generally higher quality. Ultimately, both are very solid options – check out our list of the best website builders for an overview of where these names stand.

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