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WebsiteBuilder.Com Recensione 2024 – Perché gli Utenti lo Amano

Robert Turner Robert Turner Esperto dello sviluppo di siti web

Per un website builder in circolazione dall’inizio della progettazione di siti web fai da te, non bisogna cercare altro se non Nel suo cammino, ha aiutato 500.000 persone nella realizzazione di siti internet completamente funzionali, instaurando fiducia per ciò che fa.



Il metodo più semplice per avere la tua attività online

Website Builder are aimed at helping even the most basic user get a website up and running, and have taken that concept and ran with it. They offer free and secure web hosting for all accounts along with an easy to use Drag-and-Drop feature that allows you to easily drag in images, text, and videos and drop them anywhere you like on your page.


  • 10,000 design templates to choose from
  • 3-step, smooth, straightforward and easy to use website builder
  • Free web hosting for all accounts


websitebuilder-com-templatesSelezione di template – 10.000 design offerti, dai modelli degli store online, a fotografi, ristoranti, musica, matrimoni e TANTO altro! Ci sono così tante categorie diverse che è facile esplorare attraverso l’enorme selezione. C’è anche un template per blog rapido e facile da usare in modo da poter iniziare a manifestare i tuoi punti di vista e opinioni online.

Personalizzazione – Website Builder mette insieme tutte le tue idee ed esigenze. Puoi personalizzare il tuo sito internet in pochi minuti con il suo builder “senza problemi”. La semplice funzione di trascinamento rende l’aggiunta di contenuti e immagini divertente ed efficace in modo da poter essere online più velocemente che mai.

Multimedia – Più di 100 immagini gratis offerte nella sua Galleria di immagini a portata di mano per essere aggiunte al tuo sito.



websitebuilder-com-featuresSe il tuo piano porta traffico sui motori di ricerca, social media o pubblicità, offre tutte le funzioni SEO necessarie per te.

Semplicità d’uso

websitebuilder-com3 easy steps to build your site, easy user interface, basic and quick explanations.


websitebuilder-com-supportTech support, billing support, FAQ’s page, Live Chat and a Contact us section, phone support is currently only for billing inquiries. They have a really convenient search button on their support page. Here you can enter a keyword to help you narrow down your search and find what you were looking for. The search button pulls up all related articles and links to your keyword with detailed explanations to all.
No website video tutorials as of yet, although they are coming very soon!



Come WebsiteBuilder.Com si confronta con la concorrenza?

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WebsiteBuilder.ComConfrontaIl nostro punteggio4.2Confronta
SimpleSiteConfrontaIl nostro punteggio2.5Confronta

WebsiteBuilder.Com Recensione: Conclusione


  • 10.000 modelli tra cui scegliere
  • Facile da usare
  • Ottima assistenza cliente e supporto
  • Tutorial interattivi
  • Webhosting gratis
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Ottimi widget & accessori
  • Strumento di personalizzazione del sito internet


  • Nessun video tutorial del sito
  • Nessuna integrazione email

Se sei alla ricerca di un’interfaccia utente veloce e semplice, allora è perfetto per te. Il suo sistema basato su 3 step lo rende privo di stress così non c’è bisogno di occuparti delle cose tecniche. La sua utile assistenza, il sito progettato in modo moderno ed elegante, ti fa venire voglia di tornare e offre agli utenti la sicurezza per la realizzazione dei loro siti.
Robert Turner Robert Turner
Robert è il co-fondatore di Website Planet, con oltre 5 anni di esperienza nel marketing online. Ha padronanza di tutto ciò che è PPC e ha una grande passione per Analytics e Testing. Il suo vero amore è l’insegnamento e il suo obiettivo in Website Planet è condividere le sue conoscenze a beneficio di questa comunità.
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I had a really bad experience. I don't know how they did it, but they took money from my bank account without my permission. It was like my money was stolen! I don't understand how this could happen. I tried to contact their customer service, but they were no help at all. They didn't even respond to my messages. I am really disappointed with RegularBuilder and I would not recommend them to anyone. If you are thinking about using this website, be careful! They might take your money too.

Katalin, Ungheria
11 Gennaio 2024
Customer Service Rep knows LESS THAN I DO!

As far as I am concerned there is NO customer support. Whoever they have hired has not been trained. I have had multiple experiences where the customer service rep is not only NOT HELPFUL but knew less than I did about the platform! When being told that I need to save prior to publishing was not only NOT HELPFUL but an insult. Needless to say I was able to figure out the answer and resolved my problem on my own. The actual website builder is good and functions well...BUT they have NO customer support.

MaryBeth Ferrante, Stati Uniti
31 Gennaio 2022

It says it's free but I got to pay for every little thing this is horrible I do not recommend it,do not waste your time here. I hate this so many words can't describe. If you're going to add free in the title make it free, everything cost money even the domains EVERYTHING

Kelvin, Stati Uniti
05 Aprile 2021
way better platforms out there.

Tried to run a store for almost a year with very poor results. The platform itself is extremely outdated and The software bottom of the pile, glitch filled and lacks basic essentials to run a store. The Checkout was very glitchy for customers and we had many sales and customers lost due to subpar site performance. Trust me, dont bother, spend your money and time elsewhere. U can Thank me later. Go with a big name site. They run smooth with no issuse unlike websitebuilder

Roger, Stati Uniti
03 Dicembre 2020
Planning on building a site there!

I love how you can try out the builder without creating an account first! The websitebuilder itself is fast, fluid and awesome. But I have read a lot of customers complaining about the payment and business practices of the company. How they accidentally purchased something they did not want. So be wary of that!

Sacha, Paesi Bassi
25 Novembre 2020
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

I started using about 5 month ago and I created a really nice website for my real estate business. Their support is nice and really helpful, without any annoying questions and they always understood what I am talking about. I am really happy with their service and they are definitely worth to check out!

Peter Timins, Macedonia
26 Maggio 2018
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

Hi, you say it's a great support team but I am having real trouble. I cannot even find a telephone number for it. Do you have one?

Charlotte grant, Stati Uniti
18 Ottobre 2017
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

Really beautiful and professional templates but unfortunately no blog, which is a must and you can't add your own html or javascript, like some adsense ads...

No community forum and the only way to get help is by sending an email (to which you quickly get an answer, which is good)... No reference to the company's info on the website: no address, no phone number, no email...

Price is fabulous, with the discount, it's approx. 3$ per month. You only which they would offer the blog and the code addition...

Rachel Gagne, Stati Uniti
16 Ottobre 2017
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