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Robert Turner Robert Turner Website Ontwikkeling Expert

Voor een website bouwer die er al is sinds de aanvang van doe-het-zelven voor website ontwerpen, hoeft u niet verder te kijken dan WebsiteBuilder.com. In hun tijd hebben ze 500,000 mensen geholpen met het bouwen van een volledig, door vertrouwen uit te stralen boven alles.



De meeste eenvoudige manier om uw bedrijf online te krijgen

Website Builder hebben als doel om zelfs de meest basis gebruiker te helpen met het opzetten en bijhouden van een website en met dat concept hebben ze het voortouw genomen. Ze bieden gratis veilige web hosting voor alle accounts samen met een makkelijke sleep en zet neer functie waardoor u makkelijk afbeeldingen, tekst en video kunt slepen en ze waar dan ook op uw pagina kunt plaatsen.

Waarom zou u voor Website Builder kiezen?

  • 10,000 design templates om uit te kiezen
  • 3-staps, makkelijke, probleemloze, gebruiksvriendelijke website bouwer
  • Gratis web hosting voor alle accounts


websitebuilder-com-templatesSelectie – 10.000 ontwerpen: van templates voor webshops tot fotografie, restaurants, muziek, bruiloften en nog VEEL meer! Er zijn zo veel verschillende categorieën dat het ook makkelijk is om door het enorme aanbod te gaan. Er is zelfs een snelle en simpele blogtemplate zodat u uw kijk op allerlei zaken online kunt gaan publiceren.

Aanpassing – Website Builder is er voor al uw ideeën en behoeften. U kunt uw website binnen enkele minuten aanpassen met hun toegankelijke tool. De makkelijke drag & drop-functie maakt het toevoegen van content en afbeeldingen leuk en efficiënt, dus u kunt sneller dan ooit online gaan.

Multimedia – De honderden gratis afbeeldingen in hun afbeeldingenbibliotheek kunt u zó toevoegen aan uw site.Verken WebsiteBuilder.Com Templates


websitebuilder-com-featuresOf u nu verkeer wil genereren door middel van zoekmachines, social media of door te adverteren, alle benodigde SEO features zijn voor u ter beschikking gesteld.Bekijk de volledige lijst met functies



3 easy steps to build your site, easy user interface, basic and quick explanations.


Kijk of WebsiteBuilder.Com bij je past


websitebuilder-com-supportTech support, billing support, FAQ’s page, Live Chat and a Contact us section, phone support is currently only for billing inquiries. They have a really convenient search button on their support page. Here you can enter a keyword to help you narrow down your search and find what you were looking for. The search button pulls up all related articles and links to your keyword with detailed explanations to all.
No website video tutorials as of yet, although they are coming very soon!




Hoe weegt WebsiteBuilder.Com op tegen de concurrentie?



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05 April 2021

It says it's free but I got to pay for every little thing this is horrible I do not recommend it,do not waste your time here. I hate this so many words can't describe. If you're going to add free in the title make it free, everything cost money even the domains EVERYTHING

03 December 2020
way better platforms out there.

Tried to run a store for almost a year with very poor results. The platform itself is extremely outdated and The software bottom of the pile, glitch filled and lacks basic essentials to run a store. The Checkout was very glitchy for customers and we had many sales and customers lost due to subpar site performance. Trust me, dont bother, spend your money and time elsewhere. U can Thank me later. Go with a big name site. They run smooth with no issuse unlike websitebuilder

25 November 2020
Planning on building a site there!

I love how you can try out the builder without creating an account first! The websitebuilder itself is fast, fluid and awesome. But I have read a lot of customers complaining about the payment and business practices of the company. How they accidentally purchased something they did not want. So be wary of that!

Peter Timins
26 Mei 2018
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

I started using websitebuilder.com about 5 month ago and I created a really nice website for my real estate business. Their support is nice and really helpful, without any annoying questions and they always understood what I am talking about. I am really happy with their service and they are definitely worth to check out!

Charlotte grant
18 Oktober 2017
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

Hi, you say it's a great support team but I am having real trouble. I cannot even find a telephone number for it. Do you have one?

Rachel Gagne
16 Oktober 2017
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

Really beautiful and professional templates but unfortunately no blog, which is a must and you can't add your own html or javascript, like some adsense ads...

No community forum and the only way to get help is by sending an email (to which you quickly get an answer, which is good)... No reference to the company's info on the website: no address, no phone number, no email...

Price is fabulous, with the discount, it's approx. 3$ per month. You only which they would offer the blog and the code addition...

Ken Prevost
17 Mei 2017
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

I started with website builder in 2015, shortly after purchasing a website I learned that it would be a total of 6 months before I could get SEO upgrade, (an error on their behalf). I tried to upload a custom site that would rank higher on google only to find out that Website builder doesn’t support top notch websites. No biggie, right! I could simply change my domain to a different hosting company and attach it to my new custom website, right! WRONG! Website builder blocked my domain for 3 months. I have begged and pleaded with these people but to no avail. I have a small business that depends on internet to drive business. Website builder’s practices are unethical. I have paid what was required, my choosing to better my company by building a better website should serve a learning lesson and a chance to up their game, however there answer to losing business is to hold your domain hostage. In short, their pretty sh#tty in their actions.

Patrick Spencer
09 Augustus 2016
WebsiteBuilder.Com Review

I am 58 and totally new to website building. After checking several of the most advertised webbuilding sites like Wix, GoDaddy, WordPress I came to realise what I needed was a website builder that (1) is suitable for a beginner (2) allows to view and test all its tools BEFORE paying (3) is straight and upfront about its pricing. I am pleased to say websitebuilder met all my criterias. The winning factor was the free for personal use option which gave me full confidence to learn and experiment.

It took me c.2 months to complete my first website. In the process I wished they had some additional tools (e.g. alignment of objects on the page) but even without that I successfully completed a 100% customised website starting from a blank template. Websitebuilder also provides a nice selection of free icons and photos which can be edited. All tools are straightforward to use and just need to get used to. When it was all done the domain was bought and the website is published. There was one issue with payment but it only took one short phone call for it to be fixed. Last but not least, the company is based in the UK where I live (most website builders are USA based). Overall I am very satisfied with websitebuilder which is why i have decided to write this review. Thank you to Mr. Owen, I already have recommended to several of my younger friends. God bless.

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WebsiteBuilder.Com Review: conclusie


  • 10,000 templates om uit te kiezen
  • Makkeljk te gebruiken
  • Geweldige klantenservice en ondersteuning
  • Interactieve handleidingen
  • Gratis webhosting
  • Mobielvriendelijk
  • Fantastische Widgets en Add-On
  • Website aanpassingsmogelijkheid


  • Geen video handleidingen voor de website
  • Geen email integratie

Als u op zoek bent naar een snelle makkelijke gebruikersinterface om uw website te bouwen, dan is WebsiteBuilder perfect voor u. Hun drie stappen systeem maakt het stress vrij en u hoeft geen technisch vernuft te hebben. Hun behulpzame support en moderne en fris ontworpen site zorgt ervoor dat u terugkomt voor meer en zorgt ervoor dat gebruikers vertrouwen krijgen om hun sites te bouwen.

Robert Turner Robert Turner
Robert is medeoprichter van Website Planet en heeft meer dan 5 jaar ervaring in online-marketing. Hij beheerst alles op het gebied van PPC en heeft een grote passie voor analytics en testing. Zijn ware liefde ligt in het lesgeven en zijn doel binnen Website Planet is om zijn kennis te delen ten behoeve van deze gemeenschap.

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