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Get Actionable Insights To Your Marketing Channels With Gretel

Get Actionable Insights To Your Marketing Channels With Gretel

Roberto Popolizio
This week, Website Planet‘s Roberto Popolizio had the opportunity to interview Martí Gou, co-founder & CEO of Gretel, an AI-powered analytics software that provides the insights marketers need to take action more effectively.

We discussed the company’s beginnings, how their product has evolved over time, and what is in the pipeline for the future.

Please, Introduce SaaS To Our Audience. What Products And Services Do You Offer?

We are building Gretel, an AI-powered digital assistant that brings your marketing data together and finds what’s needed for you. Gretel connects the applications you are working with (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Mailchimp, etc.) and then brings real-time actionable insights to your favorite channels such as email or Slack.

What’s Your Mission?

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people work, making employees smarter, insight-driven, and better at their jobs.

What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

In my previous jobs, I felt the chaos of information myself, not having the right information at the right time to take effective decisions. For me, it made no sense the trend of using more apps than ever while at the same time manually looking for information through passive tools. When talking to other marketers, I realized they didn’t have access to their campaign data in real time. Consequently, they were missing a ton of opportunities and a lot of relevant data was still unknown to them, so they were making decisions on outdated and inaccurate data.

Marketers asked us not only to automatically detect their data but to be actionable and useful to make better decisions, so we’ve started thinking of new ways to implement those actions through AI, collaborative features, and an internal search engine to find the right document and creativities inside the apps marketers are connected with such as Google Drive or Notion.

We want to build the next generation of software, adapting to people’s needs, who they are, their surrounding environment, and the activity around them.

What Problems Are Affecting Your Customers When They Come To You?

Marketers are using more than 10 tools on average to manage their campaigns and they are overwhelmed with the amount of data they need to deal with. Lots of things are happening while they aren’t looking at these platforms, and they realize things late when they need to take action.

Marketers aren’t aware of many things happening in their campaigns, and they don’t have the resources, time, or data science skills to find anomalies, activity, and relevant insights from their marketing data by themselves. So we decided to build an AI assistant that finds those for them in a personalized way, bringing those insights wherever they spend most of their time (Slack or email).

And What Makes Them Choose You Over Your Competitors?

The tools they use today are built in a “hammer and nail” mentality, they are using passive tools. Marketers need to go and try to find this information by themselves. AI today allow us to learn from their usage and customize the experience so they get the insights they are more interested in. Some dashboards allow them to set up alerts, but it is not intelligent enough. It is the user who says what is to be considered an anomaly and not the algorithm based on activity, historic data, and targets. The Gretel experience feels magic, in two simple steps you can discover data you’ve never known before. The first day, when setting up the account, you do a social login to any app you used and Gretel connects with, you give Gretel permission to send insights and that’s it. After that, in a matter of seconds, Gretel starts generating relevant insights 24/7 so you don’t miss any more opportunities.

Can You Share Any Recent Success Story From Your Users?

We’re still in private beta until the end of March but we’ve validated Gretel is able to save thousands of euros per company. One of our early adopters told us they lost more than 100,000€ in a performance marketing campaign that wasn’t targeting the right audience. They had lots of anomalies in their KPIs during 3 weeks for that specific campaign but they didn’t notice. They were too busy running other campaigns and they didn’t spend enough time going through specific dashboards to analyze how that campaign was performing. They were looking at the big picture from their dashboards and they didn’t notice any specific variation. It wasn’t until the CEO realized those leads weren’t converting into sales that the marketing team had a deeper look at all campaigns to find where the problem was coming from. Then, they realized they weren’t able to offer the product to that demand, and that they’d just lost a ton of money for not using a tool like Gretel. Gretel would have detected those anomalies in real-time based on historic data and targets, as it is 24/7 analyzing any relevant data that might affect your business, for good or for bad.

What Tools Are In Your Current Techstack, And How Do You Benefit From Them?

We are hard Slack, Gmail, and Notion users. It helps us to have better communication with the team and it’s where we spend most of our time. This is why we decided to connect with those tools, so you can get the most relevant information from those and get Gretel insights there too.

How Do You Think AI Will Impact Your Industry In The Next Years?

AI allows us to personalize experiences and give suggestions based on usage. We’ve seen this with Netflix or TikTok recommendations but it’s just the beginning. Their algorithms learn from users’ activity to show the most relevant content at the right time. In the next years, we’ll see this technology being massively adopted inside corporations with fast and easy implementations. AI will allow us to have real assistants, so we can focus at work on things that matter and not spend time on things that not only can be automated but can help us to make smarter decisions at work.

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