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Cómo cancelar su cuenta de Hostinger y obtener un reembolso

James Guill
James Guill
12 de Agosto de 2019

If you want to learn more about Hostinger and its refund policy before signing up, read on, once you’re ready, sign up with Hostinger here [/ VendorExternalUrl] .

Hostinger is a web page host that has a lot to offer, but the reality is that no host is valid for everyone. The host you have used may not have been worth it because the configuration and installation tools were very complicated, or because you have experienced problems regularly, something that has made you want to change to a better provider.

Si se registra en Hostinger y decide que desea abandonarlos, ofrece una garantía de reembolso de 30 días. Hemos pasado por este proceso de cancelar la cuenta con Hostinger, y ahora le guiaremos durante el proceso completo.

Si está buscando una alternativa a Hostinger, compruebe nuestra revisión en profundidad del Inmotion Hosting.

Cancelar su hosting web compartido en Hostinger Hosting

You can cancel your Hostinger account directly from your cPanel . First, access your account and click on the ‘Hosting’ tab at the top of the screen. Then, scroll down to the ‘Other’ section at the bottom of the screen and tap on ‘Deactivate Account’

Cómo cancelar su cuenta de Hostinger y obtener un reembolso

Hostinger will then remind you that your account will be deactivated and will inform you how much time you have to reactivate it. Normally, after 21 days after deactivation, your account expires completely. If you are sure you want to cancel your account, click on ‘Accept & continue’.

How to Cancel Your Account with Hostinger and Get a Refund-image2

At this point, your account is canceled and you will not be charged anything else. You will not receive any confirmation or guarantee email when your money will be returned, so be sure to contact your customer service by email to discuss your refund.

Get your Hostinger refund

All Hostinger plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee .

The only exception is if you paid with bitcoin, in which case the purchase will not be refundable. Also, if you participate in a free trial and make your first payment after the test, this purchase will also not be refundable.

In addition, some products and services are non-refundable , such as depreciation rates and domain renewal rates. If you choose to acquire protection of your privacy, G suite or SEO toolkit, these will not be refundable either.

After canceling my account, I did not receive information about any refund, so I contacted customer service to inquire about the issue. Hostinger claims to have a “do not ask questions” policy, but instead of reimbursing me immediately, they asked me for the reason for my cancellation. After explaining that I needed four hours to do a simple five-minute installation, they processed my request.

How to Cancel Your Account with Hostinger and Get a Refund-image3

Simple process, but needs more communication

En general, el proceso de cancelar la cuenta y obtener el reembolso fue rápido y sencillo. Sin embargo, no es infalible. No me gustó el hecho de que tuve que contactar con atención al cliente sobre mi reembolso y tampoco me gustó que no me comunicaran nada referente a mi cancelación. Esto hace parecer que mi negocio no es importante.

This process is slightly suitable for beginners, but there are hosts better suited for beginners. A good alternative for beginners is Flywheel. Check our review [/ VendorReviewURL] to learn more about its specific features.

In total, I needed about 20 minutes to get my refund after requesting the cancellation . This time includes the time I needed to contact customer service by email. I can say that the process was reasonably efficient.

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