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Ce créateur russe de sites web offre des milliers de modèles professionnels que vous pouvez utiliser pour créer un site web sans vous embêter. Comme les développeurs ont travaillé dur pour simplifier tous les processus, il n’est pas nécessaire de s’y connaître en codage ou en design de site web pour tirer profit d’un des modèles quel qu’il soit.

Vue d’ensemble

Moscow-based uCoz operates from many offices across the country in Russia. It offers free website hosting built around its own content management system (CMS) that houses more than a million-and-a-half websites. While particularly popular in its own country, this popularity extends around the globe with versions also available in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, and many other languages.

Features and Ease of Use

The main feature of uCoz is its website builder that addresses three different requirements: personal blog, business, and landing page. You can start working on your website immediately thanks to the easy signup process and the drag-and-drop user interface. While you do not need any programming knowledge whatsoever to create your website, you still have full control over the code in case you ever decide to hire a developer to further develop the website.

To build a website for your business using the ‘uKit’ website builder, you just need to tweak one of the readymade templates to suit your needs. If you also want to start selling online, you can use the ‘uShop’ tool that offers a variety of features to put your products online and receive payments from purchasers. The ‘uLanding’ tool is pretty similar but better suited to landing pages. It allows you to launch A/B tests, get traffic, and monitor results easily.

In terms of additional features, you can opt for a higher level of antivirus protection and choose between different backup options on different schedules. All the plans that allow a custom domain also offer an SEO module, which you can use to optimize your website for search engines even if you don’t have any special technical knowledge.

Pricing and Support

uCoz offers a free package for anyone who wants to take them for a test drive. I’m almost as confident as uCoz themselves that once you try… you’ll want to buy.  Their website builder is that easy to use!

Five further packages are available, with only the highest three allowing you to use your own custom domain name. You can register the domain for free if you pay for a certain period of time up-front, ranging from 6 months to 12 months. Similarly, only these three packages allow mobile-optimized websites and access to SEO modules. The packages offer adequate storage, but not unlimited, and are priced at what you would pay a good hosting company only for the hosting. So in one sense, you’re getting a powerful CMS for free.

One disappointing aspect of uCoz is their customer support, which can only be accessed via an online contact form. Their Twitter and Facebook feeds are only updated once a month on average, which is always a red flag for me.




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19 Janvier 2021
The Best CMS for the expers.

You can freely do whatever you want depending on your code knowledge. Everything is very best in uCoz. But only there is some disadvantage: We can write PHP script but not everything in PHP as free. The pockets are very expensive and there is no language support for more languages like Turkish. uCoz does not support SSL. We have to buy it from another hosting service and install it.

12 Août 2020
Ucoz sites rightly infamous for malware

I first found out about Ucoz sites because of an artist who uses them. Clicked on a link to see his work and my antivirus immediately alerted me that I had navigated to an infected site, followed by a flurry of blocking and quaratine activity. Thought it was a one-off, but when it happened again with another, unrelated Ucoz site, I read up on the company. It's one of the most notorious companies in the world for malware. Not blaming the unsuspecting customers who build a site with the product... something bigger is afoot. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Nicholas C Cook
24 Mars 2020

This service seemed great on the surface. I had my website up and running flawlessly for months until I noticed something off. Randomly an intrusive pop-up notification started showing itself on my front page, clicking the link sends you to a SCAM page. Unacceptable. Secondly when I send a message to support they told me its because I have the free version of the site. Not true I paid for a year of basic service upfront! 0/10 DO NOT USE!

31 Mai 2019
Good for the price, but had invasive ads and a little difficult to use.

uCoz is one of very few web hosting services that allow you to connect your own domain, which is why I used it. It was a little tricky at first, and you have to have at least some coding experience to use it. Once I got the hang of it and made a nice website, I noticed it asked me to allow notifications from my site, then it sent me many spam/scam notifications. In the uCoz support forum, I found out that this is an "advertisement" by uCoz and you have to upgrade to remove it. So now I have a disclaimer telling people not to allow notifications and how to remove them if they did. I guess they have to make money somehow, but they could at least give you a heads up about it. Overall, uCoz is ok for free, but a little shady to give money to.

Avis uCoz : Conclusion

Si vous cherchez un créateur de sites web intuitif et convivial, UCOZ est ce qu’il vous faut. Ce créateur russe de sites web offre des milliers de modèles professionnels que vous pouvez utiliser pour créer un site web sans vous embêter. A l’heure actuelle, plus de 1,2 millions de sites web actifs ont été développés en utilisant des modèles UCOZ. Comme les développeurs ont travaillé dur pour simplifier tous les processus, il n’est pas nécessaire de s’y connaître en codage ou en design de site web pour tirer profit d’un des modèles quel qu’il soit.

Un des produits offerts par UCOZ est le kit Ubusiness, qui vous permet, à l’aide de votre souris, de glisser-déplacer des éléments à l’endroit du modèle que vous préférez en un seul clic. Vous pourrez déployer toute votre créativité sur tous les modèles disponibles pour créer un site web complet pour votre entreprise. Grâce à Internet, vous pouvez maintenant vendre des produits à des clients du monde entier. Vous pouvez y parvenir en utilisant n’importe lequel des modèles USHOP pour créer une boutique en ligne de niveau international pour votre marque. La boutique sera dotée de beaucoup de systèmes qui vous aideront à suivre les ventes, les commandes et votre inventaire. Plus important encore, vous pourrez ajouter des boutons de lien vers les médias sociaux sur n’importe quelle page de votre site web ou de votre boutique en ligne.

UCOZ offre vaillamment cinq forfaits payants : minimum, basique, optimal, maximal et top. Les prix dépendent des fonctionnalités offertes, comme l’espace de stockage, les copies de sauvegarde et l’antivirus. Il y a aussi un forfait gratuit que vous pouvez utiliser pour tester UCOZ avant d’investir dans un des forfaits premium qui sont disponibles.

Jabran Kundi Jabran Kundi
Jabran Kundi est blogueur, développeur web et écrivain passionné. Il adore parler du web.

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