Madeleine Bate

Madeleine Bate

Madeleine Bate is a freelance creative professional specializing in content writing, digital marketing, and project management. She has written on a wide array of topics including organizational health, social media trends, and travel and is not known to shy away from a new challenge. When she’s not researching an unfamiliar subject, writing articles, or working on client projects, you can find her reading, spending time outdoors, listening to live music, or planning her next trip.

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Acronis True Image 2021は、柔軟性と安全性が大幅にアップしました。さらに、機能性の観点でも他社サービスより一歩先を行っています。しかし、高価格なので多くのユーザーは手が届かないのが現状です。