На нашем сайте размещены ссылки на партнерские веб-сайты, и мы получаем комиссионные отчисления, когда когда пользователи, перешедшие по этим ссылкам на партнерские сайты, совершают там покупки. Подробнее. Наши обзоры ни коим образом не зависят от факта нашего участия в партнерских программах.


Эмили Адамс Эмили Адамс Эксперт в области фриланса

Если вы ищете лучшего в мире разработчика или проект-менеджера, то платформа Toptal — это именно то место, где вы, скорее всего, найдете своего кандидата. Система фильтрования анкет здесь доведена практически до совершенства. Впрочем, на платформе вы столкнетесь с некоторыми серьезными ограничениями, о которых лучше знать заранее. Я рекомендую вам также взглянуть на подписку Fiverr Pro, благодаря которой вы также сможете выбирать среди анкет лучших фрилансеров платформы.

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Насколько Toptal хорош в сравнении с подобными сервисами?


Обзор Toptal: заключение

Если вам нужен выдающийся разработчик или проект-менеджер, вы точно найдете их на платформе Toptal. Процесс отбора кандидатов здесь отработан до мелочей, но при этом сама платформа не выдерживает конкуренции. Процесс работы с клиентами довольно устаревший, направления, в которых вы можете искать специалистов, очень ограничены, и вы должны будете полностью довериться команде Toptal.

Платформе Toptal следует улучшать техподдержку и расширять свою сеть, чтобы включить в нее больше профессий и направлений профессиональной деятельности. Здесь есть потенциал, но сейчас платформа точно не входит в 3% лучших. Если вам нужен доступ к по-настоящему глобальной сети фрилансеров в любых областях, о которых только можно подумать, советую вам прочитать наш обзор на платформу Fiverr.

Эмили Адамс Эмили Адамс
Эмили Адамс — писательница и редактор с опытом работы в сфере контент-маркетинга. Работая над заказами своих клиентов (от Skyscanner до American Express), она занималась всем, хотя и понемногу: СММ, полиграфией, цифровыми и email-кампаниями


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Very unprofessional

Very unprofessional. They can't even express the fact that they're only interested in developers. If you specialize in anything else, they'll tell you that your work is not good enough, just because they don't know anything outside of their narrow scope of projects. The fun part - they'll make you work for them for free, as if they are testing your skills. Then they'll tell you that you didn't meet their expectations, on Friday. Who does that? Oh, and they never told you about their expectations in the first place. Even if you ask and they respond, it will still be some kind of new set of expectations that you didn't meet. I've never had to deal with such an unprofessional agency in my 20 years of experience, working with the world's most well-known brands.

Igor, США
26 Апреля 2022
Didn’t get any work from Toptal

I signed up, passed the test, passed the two-week sample project and everything seemed great. Unfortunately, the jobs that were available were mostly uninteresting to me. I did apply for a few jobs and had a couple of interviews; in one case, the job was advertised as part-time but the client rejected me because I would not commit to 7-day-per-week availability. In the other case, I rejected the job after I found out it was on Windows (I do only Linux/UNIX), which was not mentioned in the job description. Toptal's screening process is impressive, but I think they have too many freelancers and not enough work, so it's difficult or impossible to get much work viat Toptal.

DFS, Канада
15 Июня 2021
Toptal Product Manager Screening process? A joke (and a waste of time)

I am a Product Manager that thought working for Toptal would have exposed me to an interesting project. I passed without any problem first stage and then landed on the test: a disaster. The test started without telling that it actually started, the interface was very poor, time was barely enough to read the question, sometimes written in an ineffective way. The questions were built for an US audience and not for an International Audience (or nonnative language speaker...). All the questions were around Product Marketing, and not Product Management, as expected. Plus, the few info Toptal provided in advance to me were completely misleading. The screening process was more a race rather than a reall attempt to understand something from the candidate. At the end of the day, PMs are asked to be responsible and accountable for their decisions, so, they must understand before talking. I complained to them about the above, they replied with a standard answer. Their election process could be good for other disciplines, but IMHO, they have a lot to improve for the Porduct management process. Maybe the PM who cared for the PM interview process was one of their "top 3%"? Toptal: I will never spend a second again for them.

anonymus, Великобритания
29 Апреля 2021
Start ups beware! (unless you have a big budget)

I’m a start-up CEO and my TopTal experience started really well, I even paid the $500 deposit. Then things went downhill from there. Their fees are very high. We found a product manager we liked and his fee was $130/hour. They wouldn’t negotiate and the staffers became rude and condescending as soon as he realized we weren’t ready to just fork out full price. They also sold me on a 2-week trial period before I paid the deposit, but then reduced it to 1 day!!!! because I only wanted a 6-week project. I’m sure their talent is pretty good but they are out for the money and are not set up to be flexible or work with smaller budgets. I find this extremely short-sighted tbh because start-ups will grow up one day and TopTal should be looking to build long-term relationships.

Ahyanna G, США
23 Апреля 2021

Don't work with these guys. I was snubbed based on my expertise level. I was under the impression that my work was not good enough even though I've worked on well known brands. Your better off working with a talent agency that will support you.

Amirc, США
23 Марта 2021
TopTal Institutional Dishonesty

I had an unpleasant experience with TopTal. Only after signing up, signing the agreement and providing payment info, they indicated that they do not have a 2 week trial period, it's only 3 days. Some may say this isn't a big deal, but from my experience teams that set up processes for less than upfront communication are typically hiding larger problems. Finally, when I told the sales guy that I was not happy and asked for them to delete my bank info, he lied and said he'd done it. Sort of stupid to tell a customer anything verifiably false. I recommend you consider other sources of talent.

Tio, США
29 Января 2021
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