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JustHost Test 2024 – Hvorfor Er Det Så Mange Blandede Omtaler

Sandra Tanoto Sandra Tanoto Web Hosting Ekspert

JustHost er en delt hostingleverandør som eies og drives av moderselskapet, Endurance International Group. De har ett enkelt datasenter, i Utah i USA. Før du tar noen endelige avgjørelser bør du sjekke ut Hostinger sine rimelige planer.

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JustHost is a shared hosting provider owned and operated by their parent company, Endurance International Group. They have a single data center located in Utah, United States. They’re an affordable shared hosting solution for individuals and startups, as their entry-level shared hosting package is competitively priced and packed with everything you need to quickly launch a website.

Features and Ease of Use

As a shared host, JustHost offers the typical features such as:

  • POP3 and IMAP email support
  • Email forwarding
  • cPanel installation
  • FTP and SSH access
  • MySQL databases
  • PHP, Python, CGI, Javascript support
  • Multimedia support, including video and audio streaming

Every plan comes with unmetered bandwidth, which was a plus point, and includes access to popular drag-and-drop website builder Weebly to help beginners get their websites up and running quickly. The plans vary mainly in the amount of disk space, hosted websites allowed, and number of email accounts.


JustHost only has a single data center (located in Utah), so this may be a drawback for international customers – website loading speeds will likely be slower given the distance. However, with their one data center, their uptime rating seems decent enough – my tests yielded an average uptime of 99.97%.

While they don’t have any managed WordPress hosting plans, setting up the popular Content Management System (CMS) for your website isn’t complicated. JustHost conveniently offers a one-click installation of WordPress, just as they offer the same for other popular CMSs like Drupal, Joomla!, and Tiki Wiki. You can also enable automatic core, plugin, and theme updates for WordPress via the cPanel, which is typically a value-added feature only offered in managed WordPress solutions.

JustHost also includes SimpleScripts with all their hosting accounts, which enables the easy installation of a long list of popular scripts such as phpBB, form mail, social networking scripts, osCommerce, and Moodle. This will come in especially handy for those managing their own websites.

They do list dedicated server and VPS hosting options, but they’re tucked away at the bottom of the webpage. This is likely because these offerings are from one of their sister companies rather than from JustHost. If you choose to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server plan, JustHost will migrate you to the new hosting service accordingly.

Pricing and Support

As a shared hosting provider, JustHost only has three plans available, all of which are competitively priced. Watch out for their tricky pricing scheme, though: like many web hosting providers, JustHost lists a very low promotional rate to entice customers at first, then revert to regular prices after the initial term.

JustHost offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can still try out their services for a bit and cancel if you decide you don’t like it. This does come with a caveat, though: if your plan came with a free domain or if you purchased any add-ons, the refund won’t cover it.

JustHost offers 24/7 support in the form of a telephone hotline, email, and live chat. When I called their phone support service, I was connected with an agent in under a minute, who promptly and knowledgeably fielded my questions. Live chat was equally impressive, if not even more so: after half a minute of waiting, the live chat alerted me that I’d been connected to a support representative. He then answered the few technical questions I had regarding migrating my domain and setting up WordPress. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with their customer support.



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Justhost-anmeldelse: Konklusjon

JustHost’s shared hosting plans are priced lower than similar offerings from their competitors, so they may be an attractive option for individuals and businesses just starting out. However, given that they only do shared hosting, businesses anticipating much growth or larger amounts of traffic would be well-advised to look elsewhere.


  • Free script library and one-click installer
  • Weebly website builder included with plans
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Excellent phone and live chat support


  • Only one data center, located in Utah
  • No scalability due to limited range of plans
Sandra Tanoto Sandra Tanoto
Sandra er en skribent og redaktør basert i Singapore. Sandra forstår behovet for at bedrifter må ligge foran med de siste teknologiene og liker research og de nyeste utviklingene innen teknologi.
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Do NOT host with JustHost

I ended up with these fools after having problems with my previous webhost. As soon as I signed up, the company I left bought them, and everything was crap, again. I got my site functioning using one of the developer tools they provided (b/c WordPress sucks) called Concrete. It was as close to raw HTML as I could get (allowed me to toggle to code and build what I wanted). Site was working perfectly for 4 years until it was time to renew. I upgraded so that I would have unlimited storage space, which migrated me to a new server. Suddenly my site doesn't work. Contact support and get, and I'm not making this up, "the web files are incorrect" as an explanation. That's it. "We're unable to provide more support as we do not support that product." After three days of calls and chats, they determined they would restore from an earlier, working version. They have, allegedly, done that (received an e-mail asking for authorization and more info, which I provided, but never received any confirmation that they got my response). Finally gave up and decided to rebuild the site using WordPress (which still sucks), and struggled to make anything work (I've been building my own computers and websites since the late 90s, so this is not because I am a novice). Literally EVERY support link or resource link I click on their site (including Why Us? and Guarantees) returns a 404 page. This is not a new issue -- it was the case when I first tried to use Wordpress after first moving to JustHost. Contacted support and was told, again, this is a direct quote, "Thank you for letting me know. The tips and tutorials are no working for now as there is known issues." No stuff, really? Tech rep apologized about 74 times, but could provide me no information, no time-table, and when I asked for the business contact to get a refund, only more apologies but no info. What scam. Take the money you were going to spend on a JustHost site, light it on fire, punch yourself in the face six times and save the weeks of aggravation. I wish I could give zero stars.

Thom, USA
20 Februar 2024
Avoid like the plague

Been with Justhost over 15 years and… Been with Justhost over 15 years and they were brilliant, recently all our business emails stopped functioning, unknown to me,my clients were not recieving my emails and thought I was ignoring them. I lost thousands of pounds in lost business and some clients took their business elsewhere. Having contact support through webchat, I was informed it was my SPF records and that they have fixed them and wait 48 hours to propagate, all will be fine which it wasn't, all in all I spent almost 12 hours on and off to approx 10 members off support who had me answer the same questions over and over, giving the same cut and paste answers and that they have just changed my SPF records and give it another 48 hours. When I try and explain this is 4 time they have done this you get an answer such as "Glad we could help, please answer our questionnaire". I rang their support line in the US which is directed to the Philippines which cost me £60.00 for 20 minutes but found the same old I have just updated your SPF records and wait 48 hours, they don't care my business was being seriously affected. I had a local IT company look at my settings and within 2 minutes they explained that my emails were being routed incorrectly and they sorted it out within 1 minute. I am in the process of having my website and emails transferred to the local company that helped me out or I would still be in the same sorry situation. Avoid this company like the plague... Reading other reviews, I will make sure they are not able to take funds from my account come renual date. What a shambles

Christopher P, USA
08 Februar 2024
A Terrible Hosting Service with Terrible Support

JustHost (BlueHost) as they claim now provide very terrible hosting service and have email deliverability issues meaning your emails will never get to gmail, yahoo etc. When you report, Justhost will lie about checking it and tell oyu it will be fixed in 48 to 72 hours. But in a month and more there will still be no resolution on this. Worst case is they hide behind their poor live chat support and refuse attending to you via email. They have very terrible customer support agents who don't understand the issues and drift from one random unrelated excuses to another. They would even refuse to escalate when you clearly know they are confused about your query. Justhost deserve a class action against them and I hope other customer will come together and file a joint action. They are very terrible host.

Timi, Nigeria
07 Desember 2023
Empty Promises

Take your money elsewhere. Despite the multiple issues I've experienced such as server downtime, the site being slow/offline for about a month, I stupidly when to upgrade to a PRO server because it was "cheaper" given the services I'm paying for. The migration is slow, the support staff just keeps telling me to wait a few hours without resolving the issue, after contacting them multiple times, they escalated and asked me to "wait 24-48 hours" for the issue to resolve. And they "guarantee" that it will be resolved by then. When asked what happens if it isn't resolved by then, they said I can send them another email. Speaking to them is time consuming and frustrating, and issues take a long time and multiple times. They will keep using the delay tactic until you insist they resolve the solution before you leave. Overall, just don't. And if you are already a client, then you will have probably experienced the same issues. And if you are feeling lazy to migrate... just do it. It's not worth the energy and time.

Alex Wong, Singapore
27 Mars 2021
Just Don’t

I was using the normal from Justhost for like a year..always problems...always from the support the problems were from my end...I said okay I am not a developer they know I upgraded to VPS... nothing changed...again same problems...I think they have like 35% you are a really tiny company with 10 visitors per month use them they are cheap and okay...if you have more than 100 visitors per day just look elsewhere...

Tim Cook, USA
04 Februar 2021
DON’T DO IT! no stars

Continual issue with some servers rejecting justhost when sending email such as hotmail and outlook. Have wasted a lot of time (on more than one occasion and time is money) working with justhost technical assistant (sometimes over an hour) through a host of questions and answers, with long pauses between (sometimes 15 minutes!) only for the technical assistant you are working with to suddenly disappear (just gone!) and have to start over again with a new agent and bringing them up to speed on all of the issues, questions and answers again.

Linda Payeur, Canada
11 Juni 2020
You can do so much better

I used Just Host 2 years. I should have moved sooner. They are a nightmare to deal with when you need help and they're very expensive. I just moved my website and domain and saved a lot of money. My new host responds intelligently and quickly. I suggest you shop around. You can do so much better than Just Host

Charmayne Danton, USA
09 Juni 2020
Horrible host

The worst service ever. EVER! Disconnected calls and unresolved database errors. Every person I spoke with gave me a different answer. Constant website crashes. No help whatsoever. Everything has been documented with pictures. Last week I was on hold for 3 hours I would never recommend just host.

Alana, Canada
06 Juni 2020
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