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Max Anderson
Max Anderson
Website Development Expert

Talkspot is an inexpensive service for a reason.  It provides a sub-par editor, dated templates, and has some major problems with customization.


Talkspot: Cheap And Inefficient

While Talkspot is a modestly priced site editor, it does not provide enough usability to make it a worthwhile buy.  Its editor is shoddy and hard to use, its templates are outdated looking, and its features are barely customizable.

Why use Talkspot?

  • Great Customer Support On “Pro” Plan
  • Has a “Free” Plan
  • Useful Templates

Let’s take a closer look at Talkspot…


TalkspotGood Attempts, But They Fall Short

Template Selection – Talkspot provides around 20 site templates, each with a few different color choices. Their templates look like they were aiming for web 2.0 innovative designs, but they missed their mark by a bit. Most of them are still usable, but they definitely give off the impression that your site was using an editor.

Customization – Each template comes in a few different color choices, but they are able to be customized more within the editor, but not by much.

Multimedia – Talkspot has all of the basics covered, providing audio and video plugins, as well as photo galleries. They are bit tough to handle and lack much customization though.Explore Talkspot Templates


TalkspotEverything’s Here, but You Can’t Do Much With It

Talkspot gives you all of the features that you would expect from a site editor, but none of the customization. Adding a widget is sometimes painful, and even when you get it where you want, your options are very constricted, limiting you to only a few font style, sizes, and colors that are pre-selected.See full list of features

Ease of use


Clunky With Few Options

For a drag and drop editor, Talkspot’s rarely does what you want it to.  Getting an element where you want it is difficult most of the time, and if you want to customize it at all, then you might want to use a different editor.  Talkspot tells you the options for customization that you have, in a very limited and restrictive way.  You could always change things in the HTML itself if you wanted, but you better be prepared to download each of your pages, change them, and then re-upload them.


The editor is fairly useless unless you want a site that looks dated, or are willing to spend an inordinate amount of time doing HTML yourself.

See if Talkspot is Right for You


TalkspotIt Gets Things Done, Barely


  • Email Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Center
  • Blog
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat
  • Forum
  • SEO Help

Talkspot provides every form of support you could want, but unless you have purchased their more expensive packages, you won’t have access to Live Chat or Phone Support.  Typically this won’t be a problem, but they make it into one by providing better and faster support for those who have paid more.  While it makes sense for them financially, it definitely makes you little resentment when your “free” and “plus” accounts get outsourced support that isn’t overly respectful, and in some cases is a bit hard to communicate with.  If you have a “pro” account though, the support is excellent, respectful, and expedited.


How does Talkspot match up to the competition?

WixCompare 4.9 Compare
SquarespaceCompare 4.8 Compare
TalkspotCompare 4.0 Compare
Google SitesCompare 3.0 Compare



Cheap For A Reason

Talkspot has very inexpensive packages compared to the competition, with their “Pro” package costing only $10/month.  That isn’t anything to get excited about though, as the plans they provide have very little value, and if you are looking for a cheap web editor, there are plenty of free ones available that are more advanced than theirs by leaps and bounds.

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Ken Williams
August 24, 2018
The review of Talkspot needs updated

This review was done years ago and does not represent today's product. I don't know that Talkspot should rank #1, but it fairly belongs in the top 10 or 20. As Talkspot's owner, I am obviously biased, but I would encourage people to ignore the out of date and obsolete review on this website and give our system a try. We now offer free sites. You will find that our customer support is amazing, and that we offer many features you will not find elsewhere at any price.

October 17, 2017
Talkspot Review

I have used Talkspot for over a year now and truly love it. Sure there could be some improvements but the folks at Talkspot are adding features and making it easier to use all the time. I have used other services and for my pick Talkspot is the way to go simply due to the fact that you can do virtually anything you like with the only limits being your imagination. Its solid and incredibly reliable and after-all that is what counts.

Daniel Seward
September 04, 2017
Talkspot Review

Talkspot is outstanding when it comes to building a site that can easily be maintained and updated. The support team is always available, and the capabilities are always on the rise. I recommend using Talkspot.

Darren McNally
September 02, 2017
Talkspot Review

Talkspot is evolution for the web in the way it allows web designers and businesses to grow together. Updating and managing the site is extremely simple and fun! As a designer, I find it very easy to teach clients how to maintain websites. In addition, if you need help with anything, the Talkspot team is always available for solutions that prove to be more difficult. I would recommend Talkspot to anyone looking for a reliable website.

Bottom line on Talkspot



  • Good Support on Higher End Packages
  • Useful Templates
  • Provides a “Free” Package
  • Hard to Use Editor
  • Greatly Reduced Customization
  • Templates are barely usable


If you are still looking at Talkspot as a possible site editor, I would strongly advise against.  While their services are inexpensive, there are plenty of editors mentioned on this same site that are just as affordable (or even free!), that are actually useful when it comes to making websites.

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Max Anderson
Max Anderson
Max is a Product Architect and Data Scientist. He teaches HTML, CSS, and JS to young web developers, and he wrote a few of the first guides to mobile app developments for Android and iOS.

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