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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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The Minecraft Hosting has only been in operation for less than half a decade now. However, the hosting provider is committed to growth and it has quickly gained traction selling more than 75,000 servers to date.


The Minecraft Hosting

The Minecraft Hosting sells what it calls Minecraft Pocket Edition Plans and Minecraft PC Plans. Also, Game servers are now in stock. The host is a home for over 15,000 customers, and to date, it has sold more than 75,000 servers to businesses worldwide.

Based on its website’s copyright footer (that reads © 2015-2019), this hosting company seems to have been launched just over 4 years ago. Its “” website is available in two languages: English and Spanish.

Features and Ease of Use

The Minecraft Hosting’s web hosting services are equipped with hosting resources that the vendor claims to provide the speed and reliability that customers require to run successful online projects. The hosting services are powered by Multicraft control panel and they include the following standard features:

  • Unlimited slots for servers
  • Servers with Intel Xeon CPUs and fast SSDs
  • 1 Gbps connection
  • Unmetered monthly bandwidth
  • Special Enjin and Buycraft promotions
  • Plugins, mods, and custom JAR support

The Minecraft Hosting owns all their servers and they are hosted in data centers with independent power grids, battery arrays, backup generators, and diverse internet entrances to prevent downtime. Also, the hosting infrastructure is under tight security and its data center facilities are manned 24/7 for protection against unauthorized access.

With The Minecraft Hosting, users can choose their preferred hosting locations: Dallas, the United States; Paris, France as well as Warsaw; Poland. The vendor also has plans to expand its infrastructure to the Asian countries in the near future.

The Minecraft Hosting provides DDoS protection in your Minecraft servers for protection against any DDoS attacks. Besides, your website will be fully integrated with SSL encryption offering even extra server security. However, the hosting company does not seem to perform any backup services and users would be forced to outsource these services elsewhere.

Pricing and Support

In contrast with the features included, a fair conclusion would be that its hosting plans seem reasonably priced. The services are advertised with monthly billing cycles but you can select other payment options, including quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. All the prices are listed in U.S. dollars.

The Minecraft Hosting provides a 99.99% server uptime guarantee, ensuring your server stays on almost all the time. All the same, only some plans offer free website hosting for 45 days with Enjin forums.

The Minecraft Hosting

Its customer support center is available 24/7/365 and customers can only contact them via support ticket. The hosting company has live chat support but is only exclusive to existing customers. That said, the hosting vendor does not seem to have email or telephone support.

I sent a message to this vendor’s sales department via the contact form on their website but did not hear back from them.

Although it has some FAQs available on its website, many customers will find this vendor’s knowledge base quite unhelpful, since it has only 2 articles available. Alternatively, users can also check out some videos on their website.

Bottom line on The Minecraft Hosting

The Minecraft Hosting continued efforts in investing in premium data centers with high-end hosting facilities is perhaps the reason why it has acquired over 15,000 clients in just 4 years it has been in operation. That said, the hosting provider is yet to figure a way to offer backup services, but for now, users would have to look elsewhere.


  • State-of-the-art data centers in multiple locations
  • Use servers with Intel Xeon CPUs and fast SSDs
  • Provides DDoS protection and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • 99.99% server uptime guarantee


  • Does not seem to perform any backup services
  • Seems to lack email or telephone support

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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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