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Onajite Omare
Onajite Omare
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Powered by iFastnet, offers free website hosting. It offers nice features like Softaculous and one-click Cloudflare enabler.

Overview is a web hosting brand that’s owned by iFastNet. Much like some of iFastNet’s brands, Sixserve offers free web hosting while its premium offers redirected to the iFastNet’s website. Its servers are located in … and its website is available in English only.

Features and Ease of Use offers one plan that’s suitable for hobby websites. These are the provided features:

  • 10 addon domains
  • Free subdomain
  • 10GB storage
  • 100GB bandwidth

Although the storage and bandwidth look to be enough for simple business websites, hosting is much more than storage and bandwidth. For free web hosting, the CPU and RAM wouldn’t be as great as paid plans and as such, you wouldn’t get a slower experience.

It does do well with security to an extent with firewalls and Hotlink protection on its Linux servers in cloud infrastructure.

File upload via FTP is limited to 10MB. Custom coded websites might need to upload each file separately. Also, that will pose an issue for manually installing WordPress as the WordPress core is a bit over 10MB.

Fortunately, provides the Softaculous auto-installer so you wouldn’t have to bother about manually uploading and installing WordPress and other CMSes. Also, there’s a drag-and-drop website builder tool for creating websites without needing to write one line of HTML.

It supports MySQL with PHPMyAdmin and PHP. While creating your website, beware that PHP sendmail protocol is limited to activation emails only. That’s what most PHP programmed websites use to set up contact forms so that they deliver correctly. On the good side, it provides email accounts so you can just direct visitors to send emails there.

For a free host, it does provide a few solid features. Another one is a one-click Cloudflare enabler which you can use to connect your website with Cloudflare CDN from the VistaPanel.

Another feature with the control panel is SEO tools that will help you submit your sitemap to search engines and help you get better ranking.

Pricing and Support

As mentioned earlier, Sixserve is all about free hosting. You don’t pay anything to get your website hosted with it. If you don’t want to buy a domain, you can use its provided free subdomain ( Otherwise, you can buy a domain and connect the nameservers.

If you need more features, it offers premium hosting from iFastNet’s website where you can get up to unlimited storage and file upload. That’s low cost with one-month options on some plans. doesn’t have a knowledge base but it has a community forum, email address, and ticket that you can use to reach out. Don’t expect fast response though since the service is free. It promises to respond within 24 to 48 hours. Even then, it’s still not great. I had some pre-sale questions and got errors when I tried to sign up so I sent an email but couldn’t get anything back.



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Bottom line on

For a free web hosting provider, it offers some nice features regarding beginner-friendly tools and a bit of security. However, like every other free web hosting service, there are limitations so it’s not suitable for a business website. For a hobby website or personal blog, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.


  • Completely free web hosting
  • One-click Cloudflare enabler
  • Softaculous and website builder
  • Linux servers in cloud infrastructure


  • File upload is limited to 10MB
  • PHP sendmail feature is limited

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