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Onajite Omare
Onajite Omare
Web Hosting Expert
Mentor Talents offers a large range of services with WordPress hosting being one of them. There are some nice features with the hosting including a CDN.


Mentor TalentsMentor Talents is a unit of Anchor Business & IT Solutions, a Singapore-based company that offers a range of services. As its name implies, mentoring is one of the services of Mentor Talents; mentoring for individuals and companies towards training, leadership, marketing, and more. It also offers web development services and for hosting, the company offers WordPress hosting only.

Features and Ease of Use

Mentor Talents

First of all, if you’re looking to host a website that isn’t WordPress-based and are looking for the regular shared hosting, you’re in the wrong place and should look at other hosting providers like Hostinger that offers those.

As mentioned above, this company only offers WordPress hosting. Customers that take its managed WordPress hosting get to enjoy the following features:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • 15GB storage
  • One website
  • 10 email accounts

There are some essential features to look at when choosing WordPress hosting from security to server optimization. For this host, I’ll focus on the features that it provides. Here, there are managed updates. WordPress updates its core frequently, be it for fixing bugs or introducing more features and when these updates come in, theme and plugin owners are prompted to release updates as well.

That’s in addition to the features and security updates the theme and plugin owners send on their own. If you don’t update, your website will be vulnerable and you don’t want malware creeping in. It’s harder to manage updating your websites as those updates come fast, so this is an essential WordPress feature and you get it here.

Furthermore, it provides backups that are easy to restore, and its servers are optimized for WordPress to ensure speed and high performance. This is paired with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which offers loads of benefits. When visitors go to your website, they get content fast from the nearest server to them. Furthermore, if your server is down, you can still get your website served from the cached content in the CDN. Plus, there are a few security benefits from using one.

Pricing and Support

Mentor Talents offers only one WordPress pricing plan and it’s based on a one-year subscription. If your plan is to pay month-to-month, you had better look elsewhere because this provider has nothing for you.

The price is way too expensive for the features that it provides. Frankly, you’ll see better WordPress hosting features at a lower price and even one-month payment plans from many other providers.

Nevertheless, some features like the CDN, free SSL, and an inode limit of 600,000 might make it worthwhile for you. If you’re willing to go forward with this company, you can pay via the PayPal payment processor; it accepts debit/credit cards and funds from your PayPal account.

Mentor Talents provides customer support through phone, WhatsApp (calls and messages), and email. There’s also a live chat which I tried but never got connected to nor did I receive a response even 24 hours later. So, I followed up with an email, but I never got a reply.

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Bottom line on Mentor Talents

Mentor Talents isn’t for everybody. If you want a simple shared hosting or more advanced options like VPS, cloud servers, or dedicated servers, you can’t find them here. If you’re looking for WordPress hosting for a simple website, Mentor Talents might be the one for you. However, its expensive prices are a big drawback for many people.


  • Provide automatic WordPress updates
  • Uses a CDN
  • Backups with easy restore option
  • Offers free SSL certificates


  • Price is expensive
  • No regular shared hosting or VPS

Opt for WordPress hosting today at Mentor Talents.

Onajite Omare
Onajite Omare
Onajite is a content writer and Website developer that is focused on helping businesses attract, engage, and convert customers on the internet. When she's not writing content, crafting designs, or codes, she enjoys a good book.

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