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Hendrik Human
Hendrik Human
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DT HOST offers simple and affordable TeamSpeak hosting in Brazil with unlimited bandwidth and based on the highly secure and globally present Cisco network infrastructure.



DT HOST has been around for a number of years now providing TeamSpeak server hosting for customers in Brazil. It’s still a small company with a laser focus on TeamSpeak which means there isn’t the threat of their attention being sidetracked by other ventures. Both the business and their servers are located in Brazil and the website is only available in Portuguese.

Features and Ease of Use

Host a sizeable TeamSpeak server with TeamSpeak-geared platform:

  • DDoS protection
  • Pre-installed TeamSpeak
  • Up to 150 TeamSpeak slots
  • Unlimited bandwidth with all plans with 1 GBPS uplink

DT HOST caters expressly for customers who want to host TeamSpeak servers, and they seem to do a good job of providing a service with relevant features. One of the things you’ll need for this kind of hosting is broad and reliable bandwidth. Using Cisco networks, DT HOST can provide up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth on one of the most reliable and trusted international network infrastructures. Also, you won’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth, which is great for such a traffic-heavy type of service.

Furthermore, the Cisco network itself is highly secure with its own firewall but DT HOST also offers extra DDoS protection via Tilera and Arbor peakflow. You’ll also be able to host up to 150 client connections at the same time and they support all TeamSpeak codecs.

Pricing and Support

As DT HOST is in the very niche-specific business of providing hosting for TeamSpeak, they only offer a five VPS packages. There aren’t many similar services to compare it to, but its prices are pretty competitive by any standard for VPS hosting, nevermind a specialized solution like this.

Other good factors about the pricing is that you get unlimited data transfer with all plans as well as the fact that it’s billed monthly, so you’re not forced into long term commitments. Another plus is that they offer an outstanding variety of payment methods with everything from major credit cards like VISA and MasterCard to Brazil-specific options like CAIXA and Loterias.

Unfortunately though, they don’t provide any refund guarantees or free trials so you’ll have to risk your money in order to try them.

The support DT HOST offers is also pretty limited with the only method of contacting them being email. Email support is also only available between 1 to 9 PM Brazil time. They are also not active via social media. In fact, they don’t really provide much information about themselves at all except for their pricing plans. On top of that, the support is very unresponsive, and you may get completely ignored if you don’t have a very urgent query. They also don’t provide any documentation, knowledge base, or tutorials.



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Bottom line on DT HOST

If you’ve searched and searched for Brazilian TeamSpeak hosting without any luck, then DT HOST might just be the straightforward and affordable solution you’ve been looking for. However, a lack of information, guarantees, and support could leave you in the dark.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Straightforward hosting packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth with all plans
  • Based on secure and reliable Cisco networks


  • Only offers VPS TeamSpeak hosting
  • Support isn’t responsive

Get Reliable, Brazilian TeamSpeak hosting at DT HOST

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Hendrik Human
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