Top 5 Freelance Websites for 2019

  • 1,000s of job opportunities available for freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers, etc.
  • Find work with some of the top global brands looking to hire independent contractors
  • Locate more opportunities for professional development
  • Finance your personal lifestyle, whether at home or as a digital nomad
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  • One of the biggest freelance job marketplaces on the web
  • Apply for as many jobs as you want with no limit
  • Long-term work is promoted - fees drop the more money you make with a client
4.9 Outstanding
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Why Should You Choose UpWork

After the merge of oDesk and Elance, Upwork has become one of the top go-to platforms for freelancers across the globe. With over 5 million clients and approximately 3 million jobs posted annually, it's easy to see why. It covers all the major freelancing fields, including content writing, design, research, IT, marketing, and translation.

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  • Create a gig with multiple plans to appeal to a wide array of clients
  • Publish as many gigs as you want
  • 24/7 support to help with any issues you may have
4.7 Excellent
Why Should You Choose Fiverr

No longer just a site where freelancers can make $5 per job, Fiverr has grown into a competitive freelancer bazaar - providing a unique opportunity for clients to find the freelancer that perfectly fits their job requirements, including voice-overs, translation, and illustrations. Create a unique profile that will have clients lining up to work with you.

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User reviews
  • Work directly with clients or participate in contests to put your work out there and win big prizes
  • Receive qualified leads for clients looking to utilize your specific skillset
  • Create a unique profile page that highlights who you are and what you offer prospective clients
4.5 Excellent
Why Should You Choose 99designs

For freelancers looking specifically for graphic design jobs, 99designs is the perfect platform - whether you design logos, websites, business cards, book covers, or general branding, this site is designed for people just like you. Create a profile where prospective clients can view your work, or participate in design contests.

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  • Place bids on job opportunities that fit your specific skillset
  • Live chat with clients to know exactly what their needs are and determine how best to meet them
  • Filter your job search to avoid wasting time scrolling through jobs you don't want
4.1 Very good
Why Should You Choose

With millions of job opportunities available in all fields, is one of the most versatile freelance platforms. Browse through jobs or be contacted directly by clients who are wowed by your profile. Keep in mind that you only get 8 applications before paying a membership fee, but if you play your cards right, you won't need more than that.

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  • Filter job searches by hourly rate or fixed price
  • Choose only jobs with verified payment methods
  • See how many others have quoted the client for the job posting
4.0 Good
Why Should You Choose Guru

If you have loads of experience in your industry, Guru makes it easy for you to connect with credible employers and collaborate on short-term and long-term projects. It has become a go-to site for programmers and developers, as well as marketing professionals, architects, lawyers, and more. If you are an expert in your field and you want to be paid accordingly, Guru is a must-use freelance platform.

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Latest User Reviews

  • For years I have been trying to build my freelance career but have battled with finding quality clients who actually pay. UpWork makes it easy to find and sustain clients! I gladly share a portion of my paycheck to UpWork just for the relief of not h aving to worry about where my next job will come from!

    Rated 5 by ML
  • Of course nothing (that involves hundreds or thousands of people doing business) can be 100% perfectly good, but if you're a serious buyer who takes time to spot the right seller, offering the appropriate price for the service, Fiverr is a complete b reeze, and for sellers who are determined to offer the best possible services and customer care, its easy to grow extremely rich in a few months through Fiverr; clean, honest and robust earnings! I have worked through Fiverr for a few months, and it has been so profitable and most importantly, I love it that all my clients like what I do and are 100% satisfied with what I offer. Kuddos Fiverr!!

    Rated 5 by Wakadala Mato Philip
  • Great site to find freelance workers! I have had great experience finding eager workers for small projects, work done right or very well, and always on time. I would not post any legit personal and especially business information about myself on this site and be weary of using and checking my paypal statements carefully. I don't trust this site, but I do use it. I have used the site 7 times and with more to come, for help with undergraduate projects, homework, and tutoring. You pay per hour or use whatever set price you desire. I only did not like how the fees using this site add up fast. I could say they were RIPPOFF because they were unsuspecting and add up fast and ticked me off- worse than a credit card. In comparison to other freelance site, I didn't like looking at my bank statement after all was said and done. There were 3-4 fees for every payment I made, and if I was using milestone feature, then there would be more than 6 fees showing on my bank statement for one project. The fees are not be ignored they add up fast- took the tip right out of my hands. So overall, don't ever post sensitive personal/business information and avoid excessive fees. The website is very maneuverable, and customer service responds instantly.

    Rated 4.1 by Jessica Lang
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What types of projects can be done through a freelance platform?

Anything that can be done via a computer can be done through a freelance platform – most websites will even let you set up video calls with potential clients.

How do freelance websites make money?

Typically, they take a commission from either the freelancer’s rate or the client’s rate, or both. Sometmes the fees are lower for long-term work.

Do I get to set my own rate on a freelancer job board?

Yes, you are able to set your own rate as well as reject projects that are not within your price range. You can also lower or raise your rate depending on the project you are bidding on.

How do I track my hours to be billed?

All freelance platforms come with some type of tracker program that will track the time you spend working on a project.

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