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Industry leader in website builders for non-techies
  • 500+ professional templates available
  • Over 100 fully-integrated apps in the Wix Market
  • Drag-and-drop builder helps you create stunning pages
  • Connect to your own business domain
Over 2,500 people have chosen Wix in the last 30 days
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Why Should You Choose Wix

Wix's feature-rich platform allows you to fully customize your own website. Whether you are starting a blog or selling your goods and/or services online, Wix helps you build a personalized website. Wix makes it easy to build your website through their drag-and-drop editor - anyone can become a professional website builder. With hundreds of templates and apps, and numerous other features, your website can be live in under an hour. Choose from the free plan or any of the paid options available. With thousands of Wix websites already floating around the internet, it is easy to see why it is a go-to web builder.

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GoDaddy Website Builder
Build a beautiful, fully functional website in under an hour
  • Drag-and-drop editor requires no coding knowledge
  • One-month free trial - no credit card required
  • Website hosting included with 99.9% uptime guarantee
Why Should You Choose GoDaddy Website Builder

In just under one hour, GoDaddy helps you build a fully-optimized website that you can easily share via their GoCentral Website Builder. GoCentral is jam packed with a number of great features, including top-rated SEO tools to maximize organic reach, free SSL certificate with all plans, and a variety of e-commerce tools for online retailers, including coupon code creators, inventory management, mobile checkout. No matter if you are building a blog, promoting a business, or selling goods/services, GoCentral has everything you need!

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1000+ templates lets you create your dream website, including shops and blogs
  • Over 100 plugins adds anything you want to your site
  • Built-in social sharing tools available
Why Should You Choose WordPress

With WordPress.com, your website can be online in mere minutes. With their easy drag-and-drop editor, creating pages is a cinch and you don't even need prior HTML knowledge. With hundreds of templates to choose from, all easily customizable, you can make your website truly stand out. There are numerous plugins to choose from (free and paid!) that will help your website get the visibility you want. This builder is fully optimized for growth, you can register a new domain or bring the current one you own and get statistics so you can understand more about who your visitors are, where they come from, and where they are going on your website.

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Intuitive web builder with no coding knowledge required
  • Built-in SEO tools helps your website in Google SERPs
  • Royalty-free images available for all users
Very good
Why Should You Choose Site123

A relatively new player in the website builder game, Site123 does just what it name suggests - helps you build a site in 1, 2, 3! It's drag-and-drop builder design ensures that anyone can build a website. Furthermore, every web design is fully responsive, so it will fit any screen of any size. Choose from their free version or their paid plan with extra features, including free domain and a variety of e-commerce tools, such as PayPal integration for secure and fast checkout.

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Make your website live in just under three minutes
  • Personalized SEO help with rankingCoach
  • Everything SMBs need to run their online shop
Very good
Why Should You Choose Jimdo

Jimdo puts the "fun" in "functionality" - this website builder provides you with all the tools you need to not only build your website, but also drive traffic to it. You don't need to have a background in coding to build your website. This budget-friendly website builder also comes with multiple widgets and the ability to edit your website from any mobile device.

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Ideal for first-time website builders with no previous experience
  • Custom templates lets you design a website how you want
  • Everyone gets Google Ads credit worth $100
Why Should You Choose Weebly

Weebly's drag-and-drop website builder is top-notch and popular among website newbies who want a stunning website and don't want to learn coding to do it. All websites come with SSL security and are SEO optimized. If you opt for a paid plan, you also receive a bevy of features, including site statistics, HD video implementation, and a variety of e-commerce tools, including product reviews and coupon codes.

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Free website comes with unlimited number of webpages
  • Drag-and-drop feature turns you into a pro web builder
  • 100+ templates to choose from
Why Should You Choose Webnode

Webnode is a popular website builder used by over 30 million people for business and/or personal needs. With a range of service plans, users can find exactly what they are looking for. All paid plans are feature-rich, including website statistics and Google Analytics integration, as well as form builder capabilities and options to host your website in multiple languages. Webnode also offers a variety of e-commerce features suitable for all online retailers.

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Just like its name, this website builder is simple to use
  • No ads, even with the free version
  • Longtime users boast long-term customer satisfaction
Why Should You Choose SimpleSite

SimpleSite is an ideal website builder for newbie website owners and entrepreneurs who want to get their feet wet with a simple-to-use builder. With its drag-and-drop editor and multiple prompts, it offers an easy learning curve. Its free plan is extremely generous and includes a few e-commerce features, not often seen in freemium plans of other builders. Their monthly paid plans are quite inexpensive and offer additional bells and whistles, including unlimited pages, videos, and videos, as well as your own domain name.

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IM Creator
All websites 100% scalable - build one page or hundreds
  • Mobile editor available for changed on-the-go
  • Full responsive template designs available
Why Should You Choose IM Creator

IM Creator is one of the newest website builders in the market, and offers users simplicity and professionalism. Start with a template or create your website from scratch, IM Creator puts you in the driver's seat to create a website that is exactly what you want, and offers a variety of tools to get you there, including SEO and e-commerce tools. Start with their free plan or upgrade to one of their premium plans, which starts at under $10.

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Latest User Reviews

  • I love this website. It makes it so much easier to create a site instead of using all that html crap and all that coding you have to use. The already made templates are so easy to use. You have so many to choose from. Keep up the good work. Tammy w. I love it

    Rated 5 by Tammy Witowski
  • GoDaddy's website builder is very useful - it's simple to navigate and you don't need any prior website building knowledge to use it. There's a decent template selection and a number of features to add to your site. The only downside I see is that it isn't the best option if you want to build a site to sell stuff. If that's the case, it is better to look elsewhere. But if you are looking to create a blog or informative website, it is a great option.

    Rated 5 by Anonymous
  • Site123 is a very easy website builder to use and offers a range of customization tools. For me, as a blogger with no HTML skills whatsoever, it was a good choice. The navigation bars were easy to use and I had minimal issues.One thing I will say is that if you are planning to grow your blog and your audience, the free plan is very limiting. I found myself very quickly running out of space and bandwidth due to multi-media features and an increase in traffic. If you are going to update your website and grow your audience, I suggest going with a paid plan. Site123 does make it easy to upgrade, so that was good. Also, upgrading gets rid of the annoying Site123 ads, which was a nice bonus.

    Rated 5 by Jamie Felder

Here is the rundown.
A website builder is a platform that guides and helps you create a website. The benefit of a website builder is that you don’t need any coding or design experience. Since website builders are “web-based” (and not an app or a software) you only need an internet connection and a web browser to use it. Website builders also offer a wide range of features that allow you to create a unique and personalized website.

If you’re someone who wants to create a website without hiring any help — like a blogger looking for a platform that will fit their style, or a small-business owner looking for a user-friendly and cost-effective way to market or sell a product or service — a website builder is the way to go.

An online presence is a necessity for businesses nowadays, but many businesses don’t have the budget or team to develop a website. A website builder can help you build your website intuitively, thanks to a variety of templates and tools that make it easy to use and manage.

To find the best website builder, you need to consider the criteria you had in mind. Budget is obviously an important factor and can make the difference when choosing a vendor, but you also should think about what you want to achieve with your website. Do you want to create an e-commerce platform? Not all vendors provide the option to sell on your site. Would you rather it be an informative site? You should look for a website that can display your details in an organized manner. Do you think you might want to change your platform at some point? Make sure your vendor will let you do that. Every vendor is different when it comes to features, templates, catalog, ease of use, advertisement, and more. Knowing what you are looking for, and what each vendor offers, will help you choose the best website builder for you or your business.

What is a website builder?

Website builders are all-in-one, comprehensive tools that allow users to build a site quickly without having any previous coding or design skills. A good website builder will help you create a professional-looking website using customized templates, and offer a variety of useful features, including mobile optimization, SEO and e-commerce tools, as well as necessary functions to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Who should look into using a website builder?

Anyone who needs to build a website can benefit from a website builder, and it is very good for individuals who:
• Do not have the necessary coding skills to build a website from scratch
• Need their website to be launched quickly
• Do not have a large budget to spend on website creation
• Are intimidated by having to create a website on their own
• Want the comfort in knowing a platform is responsible for their website’s updates, backup, and safety

What features should I look for when comparing website builders?

The features that are most important to you will depend on what type of website you’re building, but some key elements of a quality website builder generally include the following:
• Easy design tools and process
• Lots of customizable templates
• Optimization for mobile devices
• E-commerce options (e.g., shopping cart apps, payment options, etc.)
• SEO tools
• 24×7 customer support

Does the website builder I choose impact my SEO ranking?

Your Google ranking is primarily dependent upon the type of content published on your website as well as the backlinks you get from other websites. That being said, yes, the website builder platform you select can impact your SEO ranking. A majority of website builders will provide the necessary tools you need in order to optimize your webpages, including:
• editing title tags, alt image attributes, and meta descriptions
• Google-friendly URLs (mysite.com/news vs mysite.com/793765)
• Automated sitemaps (HTML and XML)
• Conversion and keyword density tools

However, it is important to keep this in mind – if you choose a free option, most likely, your URL will include the name of that website builder, which will impact your Google ranking. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can usually use your own custom domain, increasing the probability of reaching page 1 in Google SERPs.

Should I buy a domain name through my website builder?

There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to purchasing a domain name via your website builder:
School of thought #1: Buying a domain name from the website builder makes the website building process much simpler as your name and website will be connected in a few short clicks. However, you need to keep in mind that while most plans offer a domain name free for the first year, you WILL have to pay for it once the year is over, and sometimes costs even more than if you register your domain name separately. This leads us to…
School of thought #2: No matter how tempting it might be, do not go with buying a domain name from the website builder. You will have to pay no matter what, and, as mentioned before, you will end up paying more at the end of the day if you go through your website builder versus a separate website. While the process of buying and then adding your domain to your website might be a bit more difficult at first, you will save money. Plus, if you choose to switch website builder platforms, it will be a lot easier to take your domain name with you.

Should I pay for a website builder?

Many website builders offer a free option, and it is a good idea if this is your first website and you want to “try before you buy” a paid version. They are also good if you have limited resources and budget. However, the free version is often not as feature-rich as the paid versions and often times your website will be full of pesky ads from that website builder. While paying for your website builder is an investment, you will have a great ROI as you receive access to more tools as well as additional bandwidth and storage.

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