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Top 10 Web Hosting 2018 Find the Perfect Web Hosting package for you by reading expert and user reviews. There are a lot of hosting companies out there interested in your website (and your money). Our team of experts have put their services through their paces. See which one gives you the best value for money. Go ahead, click on a web host, I Double Dog Dare You…

  • Sandra Tanoto

    Sandra Tanoto Founded in 2004, this Lithuanian company has grown rapidly over the past 14 years and is now home to almost 30 million users across 178 different countries.

    • Ariel Hochstadt uPress is a leading web hosting company in Israel. It operates five data centers worldwide and provides managed WordPress hosting services in addition to VPS to over 30,000 customers.

      • Lucas Turner InMotion hosting is one of the oldest and yet also one of the fastest-growing and most reliable players in the game. Their entry-level plans are affordable for small to mid-sized businesses, but their range of services also leave room for companies to expand – so you can comfortably stay with them for the long haul. Their support team is based in the United States, which means you get faster response times as well as a much higher quality of care whenever any glitches occur.

        • Ariel Hochstadt Part of DADA Group, Nominalia Internet S.L is a privately-owned technology company that provides web hosting along with web design and domain registration services to thousands of customers in Europe.

Web Hosting - Our Top Reviews

RankServiceStarting PriceRating
4.8 / 5
2. Upress
$ 15
4.8 / 5
3. Inmotion Hosting
$ 3.49
4.8 / 5
4. Nominalia
$ 4.4
4.7 / 5
5. VexxHost
$ 0.038
4.7 / 5