How To Choose The Best Freelance Website

There are numerous sites promising you the best freelance workers and work opportunities on the Web, but in reality it turns out that many of those either hadn’t been updated forever or are nothing more than scams fishing for your money and personal information. Here at Website Planet we prepared a list of the best and 100% reliable freelance sites. However, even 10 sites is a lot to choose from when you have specific requirements for your project, little time and no idea where to start when it comes to work with freelancers.

We have described and graded each of the 10 chosen sites to help you find the right one without trying them all out. Different projects would benefit from different approaches towards the workforce you choose. Depending on the nature of your work the choice between huge freelancer moguls or cozy job-board alike sites should be made.

Alternatively, you can just opt for one of our Top-3:
oDesk (Now named Upwork)

Losing sleep and appetite over making the right decision concerning adding freelancer workers to your project? Willing to complement your income through both hiring freelancers and becoming one? Let us help you choose the best site for you through answering the questions below.

What exactly are you looking for?

Do you need just a couple of freelance workers for your start-up project? Are you on a lookout for agencies able to provide you with a complete freelance staff for your business – starting with remote coders, writers and accountants ending with personal assistants and ad jingle composers? Through our reviews you can see which sites focus on individual contractors and which prefer to deal with agencies on both sides.

Huge solid sites are a good place to look for freelancing specialists that charge roughly the same fees as Wall Street pros minus the office rent fees. Surprisingly enough the largest sites are also a good source of unskilled workforce for very simple tasks like copy-pasting. Smaller sites feature more of the “fun” stuff – from art students hustling for spare dollars drawing Japanese-style profile pictures of you to stay-at-home moms willing to write compelling and grammatically correct content for your blogs.

What is your budget? Even on a shoestring budget you can still can enter the world of freelance websites. Some of those allow you to register and fill out your profile for free, while on other sites you need to pay just to finish the first registration step. It definitely helps to keep away a lot of unreliable workers and fraudsters, but it would be a shame if you missed out on this point while choosing the right site through our reviews. We tried the reviewed sites both acting as employers and freelancers, so we can tell you for sure is that “other side” had to fork out just to be able to place a bid on your project. How much you are able or willing to pay should definitely affect your choice of a freelance website.

Who Are You Looking For?

The bizarre thing about freelance websites is that due to the different minimal income rates all over the world you are able to find precisely the specialist you are looking for for the exact sum you are willing to spend. This means that you can hire a PhD in Computer science to work on your project for some $5hour an it will be a perfectly good specialist from some remote part of the world, who doesn’t really speak English, but can do the work really well given you were able to convey the technical task clearly. On the other hand, you’re not really looking into a barrel of a gun while choosing a European coder over a ridiculously high-priced professional from Silicon Valley. The right contingent on the freelancer site is already half a battle won for your business. Just decide who are you willing to work with.

Slow and secure or fast with no guarantees?

When it comes to payments and guarantees the freelancer sites’ policies differ greatly. Some of them use Escrow as means of ensuring that once the deal is sealed and the work is done and approved the freelancer will get the payment. This also guarantees that your worker won’t suddenly vanish with the retainer fee in hisher pocket.

Some of the sites from our list use their own payment protection systems. And some of them rely purely on the goodwill of both of the sides of the agreement. The latter variant usually turns out to be the fastest, while the more secure variants means that you’re likely to be charged once a month for all of the projects done for you. This also means way slower money withdrawal time if you decide to double as a freelancer yourself.

How much time are you willing to spend studying the site?

Usability is everything when it comes to freelance sites. You must be able to understand the controls and the buttons at the first sight, otherwise – click, kaboom – the entire limit of your credit card is transferred as an advance payment to an account of an aspiring newbie bidder from Never-Neverland. Not all of the sites that we scored had been able to boast great and intuitive usability so you should pay extra attention to the score in the “usability” section. Besides your pride would be hurt if you had to spend half an hour looking for the “show my profile as others see it” link, wouldn’t it?

Tech support addict or a lone wolf?

If you are a total newbie to the world of freelancing, it would be a smart move to start out on a site with reliable and competent 247 support. Same is true for those who know they will be spending a lot of money through the freelancer site, i.e., paying a whole team of outsource workers from different parts of the world. Those who are sure of their skills and have some prior skills of dealing with freelancers on-line should be able to cope just fine even is the technical support is not there 247365 for them.

Despite the fact that we have religiously chosen and scored our top-10 freelancer websites, there is no actual ultimately best site for everyone. Define your goals, budget and skill level, read the reviews and this should be enough for you to be able to pick out the most suitable freelance website for you, at least on the second try!

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