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Top 10 Logo Design Services 2019 Find the best logo designer for you. Every business needs a logo – and there are plenty of great services out there that can create wonderful ones at bargain prices. But how do you distinguish the good ones from the not so good? We sent our team of experts and all-around design geeks to evaluate the best logo design services available. The results are here.

  • Emily Wang Outwardly, Logo Arena is not the most impressive contest platform. But your first impression will change, once you discover its pool of talent and hidden potential If you value quality designs and seek a simple service with a detailed brief, make sure you check out Logo Arena.

  • Emily Wang CrowdSpring is the 3rd largest marketplace for crowdsourcing design. But their relatively smaller community compared to their larger counterparts affords you a more hands-on team, with more personalized consultations for your project. As a result, they see a higher user satisfaction rate and a greater array of designs for you to choose from. Also unique to CrowdSpring is their naming service, which enables you to tap on the creative juices of over 100,000 contributors to pinpoint an extraordinary name for your brand.

  • Lucas Turner The Logo Co is a design community with a unique twist on the crowdsourcing concept: instead of posting your design brief and then opening up the contest to all the creatives in the community, they select five designers to work exclusively on your brand project. This cuts down on the confusion and time spent reviewing what could be an extremely huge selection of designs. Of course, this also comes with its own downsides: if you’re looking to the crowdsourcing platform as a way to brainstorm concepts, you’ll probably have far fewer ideas to work with.

  • Esme Mazzeo Trusted by over 20 million businesses worldwide for logo design, since 2004 LogoMaker has been the go-to logo-making service for new entrepreneurs or anyone who just needs a logo, fast. You can either make a DIY logo within minutes, or work with an actual designer to help you with a perfectly customized design. Unlike most logo-making services, LogoMaker provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and boasts more design icons and fonts than what most of its competitors offer.

  • Sarah Turner If you’re a small- or medium-sized business that wants a more intricate logo design process than just editing a template or using an AI bot, Deluxe Logo Design Service is ideal for you. Their tiered price plans provide an option for all budgets and grant access to professional designers. They’re willing to listen, learn, and collaborate with you at every step of the process.

Logo Design Services - Our Top Reviews

RankServiceStarting PriceRating
1. 99designs
$ 299.00
4.9 / 5
2. Tailor Brands
$ 3.99
4.7 / 5
3. Hire the World
$ 265.00
4.7 / 5
4. DesignCrowd
$ 109.00
4.6 / 5
5. Renderforest
$ 14.00
4.4 / 5
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