Paid vs Free Website Builders

When selecting a web site builder to use, often people will ask, is there a difference between using a free website builder and using a paid for one?  Does a program being more expensive mean that it will be better than a free web site builder?

Are There Many Differences Between Free And Paid Web Site Builders?

Nope.  Despite having a difference in price, there is typically not a huge difference between them that can be pinned to the price of the web site builder.  Whether you are using a free service or a paid one, the final product that you receive can change drastically (so make sure to check out our website builder reviews so that you know exactly what you’re getting into).

Does More Expensive Mean Better?

Not always.  As we said before, in the case of web site builders, having a more expensive software does not guarantee anything.  Usability, end product, customer service, and everything else that makes up a web site builder is completely independent from its cost.  There are some builders that are spectacular and free, while there are also expensive builders that are terrible.  The opposite of each of those can also be found amongst the web site builders that are available.

Find the Builder that Fits Your Needs

The most important thing when deciding on a web builder is deciding whether or not its price makes it a good value.  When looking at a web site builder, measure everything that it does and does not have, and measure that against its price to see its true value.  If you can afford its price, and it provides everything you need, then get it.  Otherwise, move onto the next one.  Make sure to check out our website builder reviews, as they may help you put these things into perspective.


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