How We Scored Each Form Builder


Let’s face it, you are a human being, and human beings need forms. Well, at least human beings that work for or own a business and need information from their clients or peers. Nowadays, there’s a gaggle of easy-to-use Form Builders online, which offer the business-minded a drag-and-drop method of creating everything from simple Contact Us forms to processing credit cards. Other form ideas include customer surveys, invitation RSVPs, or little league registration forms – the sky’s the limit.

But not all Form Builders are created equal, so we sent our team of androids to scour the Web for the best, and then put them through a rigorous evaluation process to see if they’re up to snuff. We’ve broken them down into 5 sections: Templates & Designs, Features, User Friendly, Support, and Pricing and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Templates & Designs

The score is based upon a couple of factors: The score is based upon a couple of factors:

Selection – is there a wide variety of templates to cater to a variety of different applications and people? Are the templates stylish as well as functional?

Customization – Can you modify the designs enough to put your own stamp on it?


We kick the tires and look at the nuts-and-bolts of features many Form Builder websites:

Number of Forms
How many forms can you do in the free account? What can you get if you sign up for a pay account? What are the differences?

Add Attachments
Can your users attach and send a file with their form? Is there a size limit?

Multi Page Form
Can you build a form with multiple screens?

Form Rules
Can you create or customize rules on a form based on user interaction?

Export Data
Is the data limited to just the website, or can you export the data for other uses? Is it available for MySQL or as a CSV?

Spam Prevention
Do they offer any spam prevention for their forms, such as Captcha?

Accepting Payments
Are there forms for integrating payment processing to your site? Is it only Paypal, Google checkout and, or can you also process credit cards?

Stats & Analytics
Can you access and assess the statistics for your form to see who is filling it out, or even just visiting?

3rd Party Integrations
Can you use it with 3rd party applications and services like Facebook, Evite, or mailing list companies such as MailChimp?

Are there ads, or “Powered by” in the free plan?

User Friendly

  1. How easy is the form builder to use?
  2. Do you have to sign up first, or can you use right away?
  3. Are there enough tools for you to build the form you want?
  4. How long does it take?


  1. What is the pricing structure and does it offer enough features to warrant an upgrade?
  2. Are there any long-term commitments or guarantees?
  3. Is the pricing competitive?


  1. Is there help when you need it?
  2. An extensive knowledgebase?
  3. A user forum and videos? Is there a toll-free number?
  4. Are they friendly and helpful?