How To Choose The Best Website Builder

Website Builder, a site that promises to take all the hardship out of creating a site and shoulder the technical burden for you, so that you can focus on what really matters – content, customers, making money, etc.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of website builders offering a whole range of packages and services, and choosing the right one for your specific needs may seem like an overwhelming task.

We sent our experts to review the best of them, and here’s our top 3:

1. Wix review
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3. Weebly review

Not sure what to look for in a Website Builder?
allow us to assist, and offer some tips on finding the best website builder for you

Know Thyself

First and foremost, be honest about your skill set.  If you overestimate your abilities and choose a more advanced site, you will end up with a world of frustration and ultimately, a worse final product.  If you do know your way around HTML, you may want a site that allows you the freedom to create exactly what you had in mind without relying on an exact set of pre-designed templates.  In the Reviews section of this site, you can check which sites accommodate your level. Assess your abilities and pick a site that matches them.

How Much Can You Spend?

Most site builders offer a range of pricing options depending on your needs, so before you settle on anything, figure out your monthly budget.

If your answer is $0, don’t worry – pretty much every site builder offers a free package, and usually without any time limit.  Though paid packages come with certain benefits (extra features, no ads, using your own domain), if you’re just starting out in the world of website building, these free packages are perfect to teach you the ropes and help you find the best website builder for you.

If you know you need a lot from your site (you have a lot of traffic, need extra storage, have some higher level activities your users need to complete), you will probably want a paid package. These also come in a range of prices, and some are just a couple dollars a month.

Keep in mind that certain features may cost money on one site, and come free with others.  Compare the packages of multiple sites (we’ve done it for you in our Reviews section) to find the best deal for you.

What Do You Need?

Are you an e-commerce site? If so, you need a shopping cart.  Is your product visual?  You’ll want top photo/video display technologies.  Certain website builders cater to certain types of clients. A phenomenal business builder may not work with a creative page.  Make a list of all the features your site needs to have, and find a package with the appropriate multimedia settings.

On that note, what you need also depends on your marketing plan.  If you use blogs to promote your site, you need to make sure your builder offers seamless integration with the blogosphere.  If you have a Facebook presence, make sure your site can connect to Facebook in one click.  These are features that vary from builder to builder, so use that to narrow down your search.

Don’t Sweat, Use A Template

Building something from scratch is always a daunting task, so one of the best parts of using a website builder is that they do most of the dirty work for you, and offer a range of pre-made templates.  This way, instead of breaking into a sweat figuring out what to put where and what text color goes with what background, you just browse a library of ready-made designs and simply tweak it to make it your own.

The best website builder for you has the templates that you like the most, so look through the libraries and see if there are any that jump out on you.  There are site builders out there with positively stunning templates (yes, even for the free versions!) that will save you hours (or days) of work.


This is one of the most crucial aspects of a website builder. The reason you’re using it in the first place is that you want help designing your site as easily as possible – if you end up with a builder that takes you hours to figure out you’ve defeated the whole purpose.  Play around with it before making a serious commitment. If the site allows you to open templates without signing up, great.  If not, try the free package for a dry run.  Many sites offer a full rebate if you’re not satisfied after the first few days, so don’t be afraid to try it right away.

Before you decide, practice making your site through one of their templates.  If every single step requires you looking at the support page, Googling “how to…” or trying every different button before figuring out the correct one, you’re using the wrong builder.

Help Me

Speaking of support, that is absolutely a make-or-break condition of any builder.  Even with the most intuitive and comfortable platform, you will run into problems at one point or another.  Dealing with an unresponsive support team, searching through irrelevant and poorly edited FAQs and forums can make hours of work a complete waste.  Browse through the support page and look at the kind of support comes with different packages.  Phone support, for example, often comes exclusively with paid packages.

Before you run into a problem, test out the help section and support staff.  Come up with an imaginary problem and see how quickly and adequately it is answered. We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to be able to work through your problems.

Remember, every website builder has its pros and cons.  Use reviews to help pinpoint what site meets your needs, but don’t simply rely on word of mouth – what  worked fantastically for one person may not suit your requirements at all.  Get all your info, sort through your needs and boundaries, and play around to find your perfect fit.  Get started now – read or watch the awesome reviews we’ve got on our site to quickly begin narrowing down your search!

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