How To Choose The Best Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are becoming a very important part of building a successful online presence. You can capture user info, highlight a special sale or promotion, or showcase a video, for example, without a complete site or homepage redesign. Plus, different versions of pages can be used at the same time, and compared and contrasted as to their success rate. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your builder.

Assess Your Business

Landing page builders come in all shapes and sizes – from small one-page builders, to more complex solutions with advanced analytics. Are you a one-person website or part of a marketing company with many clients? Do you already have lots of traffic or are you looking to create and build a presence? Are you doing a one-time promotion, or will you have regular campaigns? Knowing yourself (and your business) will help to steer you into the right platform.

Do You Need “Unlimited” Pages?

Let’s face it: unlimited landing pages is a gimmick. Unless you are a huge marketing agency, or perhaps the size of could you possibly need no limits on the number of pages you can create – that’s something more akin to a web host. Remember, pages can be added or removed (especially after a sale or promotion) so odds are a site that offers you a reasonable amount of pages (anything above 5) is going to give you plenty to work with.

You Need “Unlimited” Visitors!

The number of visitors, however, is something much more important. Visitors are the lifeblood of the campaign, and your promotions strive to bring as many as possible to your site. Make sure, if there are limits to the number of uniques that you receive, there aren’t any excessive overage fees, or that the next price tier doesn’t wallop you in the pocketbook.

A/B Testing or Optimization

A/B testing is essential for figuring out what landing pages are most effective for your campaign. Manual testing can give you more control, and might be best for marketing agencies that like a hands-on approach. Automated testing, however, works silently in the background, choosing the best page (or the best elements) without human interaction. This might a good choice for small business owners that get lost when it comes to more detailed analytics.

Other Features and Integrations

Some builders offer more than just a landing page, for example newsletter builders and email blast generators. This is great for people who want more control within one service. Others let you use lead-management programs popular with marketing teams, such as Salesforce or MailChimp. If you already have one of these applications, make sure your builder plays friendly with them!


Finally, you want a builder that’s both easy-to-use and easy-on-the-eyes. Landing page builders strive to be visually appealing, but that can be a matter of taste. Take a look at the templates, make sure you like the selection and that the type you need is available, or that it’s not too hard to make from scratch.

Keep these ideas in mind, and you will be very happy with your landing page builder!