über uns

1. The Website

Website Planet is on a secret mission. You might think our goal is to be a great website portal, but you’d be wrong; our goal is to be THE website portal. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your website building and marketing needs – whether it’s finding reliable services, using a good learning center or browsing for a fabulous template for your new website.

Okay, so maybe our secret mission isn’t so secret. But we like to think about it that way because pretending we’re superheroes makes ensuring the success of our users and helping them find the information they need that much more fun. It also gives us an excuse to walk around with a cool cape.

So what makes us so special? Other than the cape, you mean? Well, there’s the fact that we’re experts who insist on working only with other experts. We also hate needless noise and make sure to boil everything down to the important stuff, which we then package in a specially-tailored user friendly design. At the end of the day, our super secret mission is your online success.

2. You

We think you’re awesome. Really. In fact, we think you’re so awesome that we’ve decided to dedicate our lives to helping you build and run a successful website. We know how hard it is. We’ve not only been there ourselves, we’ve also helped many other clients in the past and have learned to look out for every pitfall and every shortcut. That’s also why we’re so suited for this job – we understand the value of good advice for the emerging website captain and we’re eager to help you get to where you’re trying to go.

We’re here for you no matter what, whether you’re trying to build a new website or market an existing one. What we really put our emphasis on, though, is the business side of things, so if you’re anywhere between a freelancer to a medium-sized company, this site is definitely for you.

Come hang out with us. Learn from our mistakes. Save time. Make money.

3. Us

We started as a 2-man team trying to juggle their full-time jobs with a promising new project. Just a few months later we’ve grown into a smorgasbord of graphic designers, web developers, content writers, SEO, PPC and affiliate marketers from all over the world. Some of us have never met in real life, but we still keep everything working like clockwork – sometimes even more efficiently than your average old-school office. We’re a team of self-starting independent professionals with one mutual goal: to provide you with everything you need to develop the website of your dreams.

That, and wear a cool cape.