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Weebly Mobile Editor – A New Era Of Viewing

Emily Wang Emily WangWebsite Development Expert August 15, 2023
August 15, 2023
About a year ago Weebly announced some important changes to the functionality if their web building system. With mobile use, and mobile traffic continually on the increase it makes sense that a customer should be able to make changes to their small business website to cater for those that want to view a site from the comfort of a train journey or from inside a coffee shop.

One of those big changes that Weebly actioned was a new Weebly editor and Weebly mobile editor. Remember, website builders are primarily aimed at those that don’t have the technical experience behind them to create a website from scratch, so therefore the editor needs to be as user-friendly as possible to non-techies.

What User-Friendly Features Are On Offer?

The new interface on the desktop version is clean, light and refreshing to see compared to the pre 2013 version. A lot of new features have been added and overall the interface makes for some great improvements.

The first thing you will notice if you have used the older version, is that the newer version contains a toolbar that runs down the right side of the screen (much like Adobe PhotoShop). The older version positioned the menu bar along the top in a Microsoft Office style format, which looked pre-dated.

weebly sidebar

This new menu bar offers all the features that you need to edit the site you are working on, so you will only ever need to refer to this right pane. All the functionality from the old menu bar is still there, so you don’t have to worry about missing features.

The general layout of the preview pane is still pretty much the same, expect in the new Weebly Editor you will see a mobile/desktop switch icon on the top right of the screen.

Sounds Great, What About Mobile?

This is the biggest change for me, the mobile editor.  Along with the main interface changes you get a mobile view of what people using tablets and Smartphones will see when visiting your website. This will allow you to improve the viewing experience for a user coming to your site from one of these devices.

mobile 1 300x259

Whether you resize a photo or change some text the sync process will update the desktop version as well as the mobile version – meaning you don’t have to waste time trying to replicate things across both versions.

This of course has its negatives as you will never get a separate mobile version for your site, you are simply just improving how the site looks in mobile as you work out some medium that leaves both desktop and mobile feeling happy.


Incorporating customer feedback, Weebly has made these changes to the admin area, which have been positively received in forums and online chat. While there’s still progress to be made in crafting an ideal mobile experience for users, this marks a commendable beginning.

You do feel that is a temporary fill-in to something bigger, so we expect more from Weebly this year.

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