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Website Templates: Are They Right for You?

Emily Wang

What exactly is a website template, you might be thinking… Well, it simply is a pre-designed webpage or bundle of pages that enable anyone not trained in web design to place their content and photos onto the page(s) to put together a functional, decent looking website.

Some website templates can be quite attractive in design and provide all the necessary functions you’ll need to succeed. Other website templates might lack impressive design and function.

People who are just getting started using the web for their business like using website templates, as they are not only easy to use, but generally won’t break your bank account in the process.

Before using a website template, be sure to think about the following advantages and disadvantages. Here they are…


  1. Customizable ideas. A ready made template provides you a sketch for your final design. It helps you envision what your website would look like and enables you to customize it to your liking so it could look fresh and original.

  2. Time saving. Time is money and using a website template saves you a lot of time. Your website can be up and running within a fraction of the time it takes to create a design from scratch.

  3. Easy on your budget. Website templates are very affordable. You can purchases a template for full website for as little as $30. Also,  If you do an extensive search you might be able to find attractive designs for free.

  4. Choices are limitless. Nowadays you can find a wide variety of templates to suite your needs. Your options not be limited by any means. From e-commerce website to blog templates, the options are virtually endless.

  5. Basic functionality. Professionally designed templates will always provide standard pages for  basic functionality. Pages like “home”, “about”, “content” will most likely always be included. Some templates even even include other useful pages like “blog” “services” and so on.


  1. Not unique. Since templates are prevalent these days, there’s always a chance you design won’t be unique. This might pose a problem branding your business. If you want an exclusive design for your your company a website template might not be the best option.

  2. Limited customization. While website templates can be customized, making serious alterations might not be worth it. It would be very time consuming and costly to make an extensive amount of alteration to a template.

  3. Optimization requires skills. Optimizing your website is highly important. If you’re using a website template you will need to be familiar with optimizing images for online use. Not having the required skills or software for image optimization might slow your website development down and end up being costly.

  4. Not search engine friendly. Professional web designers often ensure that your site is optimized for search engines. Templates are not guaranteed to be search engine friendly, meaning you will have to make sure they are properly optimized.

Many busy professionals jump at the chance to put up a nice website in a short amount of time, while other entrepreneurs want to spend a lot of time and attention on their website.

Think about the purpose of your website, your goals, how important appearance is, and how complex of a website you really need.

If you are interested in using a website template, there are a ton of available ones out there. You will find a wide variety of themes and prices–some are even free, but you do get what you pay for.

Good luck. Drop us a comment here sometime to let us know how things went.

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