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Our Top 6 Tips for Social Media Updates – Don’t Miss These!

Barbara Harris

Do you find yourself struggling to find ideas for posts on social media platforms? Creating unique content for multiple platforms hundreds of times a year can drive even the most prolific content creator to writer’s block.

Thankfully, there are a few staples of social media posting that you can always fall back on when you’re struggling to keep up with demand for new content. Below you’ll find a variety of types of posts you can use to help you produce an almost endless quantity of social media updates.

Attention-Grabbing Quotes

Quote posts have always been popular on social media sites, and there are dozens of websites that can help you find industry relevant quotes for your page. Find a quote that has some meaning to your audience, and then dig up a stock image to lay the quote over. For example, if you have an uplifting or inspirational quote, you might search for a stock image of an equally inspirational nature photo.

Anytime you’re working with quotes, you shouldn’t limit yourself to well-known material. Although it will be tempting to quote big names like Einstein, don’t be afraid to use quotes from blog posts within your industry, books you’ve enjoyed, or even Internet seminars. If you’re quoting a contemporary figure, be sure to tag them after you’ve published the post, and they may follow you or even share your post in return.

Book Recommendations

If you read a book that you think your audience would enjoy or find valuable, be sure to tell them about it. When you share your recommendation, include one or two sentences explaining why you thought the book was helpful. Is it useful for solving some type of problem? Is it inspirational and uplifting? Depending on the platform where you share your recommendation, you may be forced to deal with very limited space. For example, on Twitter, you may have to reduce your recommendation to something as simple as “Great advice for small businesses in @book.” You might also consider linking these shorter recommendations to more in-depth review available either on your blog or on Amazon.

Commemorating Milestones

Has one year passed since your company undertook a major project? Have you recently hired someone new for your team? Is it the anniversary of the day you found your business? It’s almost always a good idea to share your achievements with your fans. It can help to humanize your social media page and allow you to build stronger connections with your readers. These types of updates are usually best served with an image, like a behind-the-scenes photo or biography picture to help tell the story visually.

Share Other’s Updates

It’s almost always smart to share valuable content from other sources. You shouldn’t go overboard and spam your followers with an endless stream of links, but sharing valuable, important, or otherwise interesting content will always be appreciated. The type of content you share is one of the things that can establish you as an expert in your field. Anytime you’re sharing the right kind of links, your readers will come to know you as a reliable source of information on your niche.

Thank-You Posts

Maybe you’ve had a parent or grandparent who insisted that you write a thank you note after someone did something nice for you. The same ideas apply to social networking. Anytime someone goes above and beyond your expectations, social media allows you to let the world know just how much someone helped you out. There are countless instances of people using social media to complain, but not nearly as many of people who want to show appreciation. If someone gives you a helping hand, try to reciprocate with a simple thank you message. A social media thank-you is doubly appreciated because they can also act as powerful testimonials for the recipient.

Themed Posts

One way you can make the task of creating regular content easier is to create a routine for yourself. Establishing a weekly pattern makes it possible to plan content ahead of time. It also allows your audience to develop a sense of consistency around your posts, so they know when to check your page for certain types of content. For instance, you might use Monday to post a quote that inspired you, Thursday for a tip of the week, and Saturday for a recap of the top industry related posts of the previous week. This routine also allows you to create templates for each type of post, which can make keeping up with your social media workload much easier.

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