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Top 10 Confidence Busters for Internet Marketers

Lucas Turner

Many Internet marketers do not succeed, or only have limited success simply because they get in their own way. This is normally due to confidence issues. We all have doubts and confidence issues from time to time. When you have a doubt, write it down and address it.

Talk to other Internet marketers and get their advice. Stop all of the negative thinking, look at the positive side of things, and simply get out of your own way! Here are the top 10 confidence issues Internet marketers commonly have.

1. Fear of Criticism – No matter how great you or your product are, there will always be someone standing nearby to offer criticism. Listen to what they have to say, weigh and measure it, make adjustments if you think it is necessary, and move on. Do not let it throw you off course. There will always be hater’s. 

2. Lack of Skills – If you do not have the necessary skills that is okay. Someone else does, and today, outsourcing is very inexpensive. Acknowledge what you can and cannot do, accept it, outsource, and again, keep moving towards success. 

3. Fear of Failure – The biggest failure is in not trying. That has been said repeatedly. What if you do fail? What is the worst thing that will happen? If you fail, learn from it, and then try again. Do not let the possibility of failure ever stop you. 

4. Nobody will want what I am selling – If you have done your research, and you have found a need or problem in your niche, there will be someone who wants what you are selling, even if others are already selling something to fill that need. 

5. My product may not be good enough – Have others review your product and find out whether it is good enough or not. If it is not, improve it. If it is, launch it. 

6. My USP (Unique Selling Proposition) may not be good enough – Is your USP different from that of your competitors? Does your USP offer the customer value? Are you touching your prospective customers on a personal or emotional level? If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, your USP is good enough. 

7. I am not enough of an expert on this topic to sell anything related to it – Being an expert has never been a requirement for selling anything. You only need to know how to market it. If this is truly stopping you, however, either pick a market where you do have at least a little bit of knowledge, or go online and read about the topic for about an hour or so. 

8. I am too shy to put myself out there – The beauty of the Internet is that you don’t have to go knock on strangers doors or do any cold calling. Once you’ve put yourself out there for the first time, which can be scary, you will find that it just gets easier and easier to do. You simply have to take the plunge. 

9. I cannot compete in my chosen market – If you are playing in a big market, narrow it down. For example, weight loss is a huge market with an astounding amount of competition. You have to narrow down your target market, and avoid marketing to the masses. Instead, choose a niche group within the weight loss market, and you will significantly reduce the amount of competition that you have. 

10. I do not know enough about marketing – You can read and learn for years and years, but you will never truly learn anything until you get busy ‘doing.’ The most successful Internet marketers learn as they go.

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