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How To Succeed With Your eCommerce Business

Lucas Turner
The idea of getting your business online can seem daunting at first, and to be honest with you if we jump 10 years back into the past that was the case. The difference now is that there are plenty of free website builders out there that can help you setup a site, shop, and host it for you on their servers for a simple (and inexpensive) fee.

In today’s post we wanted to take a closer look into how you can create a successful business online with 3 simple and effective methods. After all, you probably won’t be the online supplier of the product you want to sell online, you could be up against thousands.

The first thing we want to look at is market niches.

Could You Drill Down a Level?

One of the main talking points is to narrow down your market and customers. It sounds crazy to begin with but the chances are you are going to convert much better and becoming a big fish in a small pond by offering complete dedication to one sole product.

Rather than offering lots of different items, concentrating on one product and making your company be the best-of-the-best can give you a much more successful long-term plan.

The Look of Your Site

Like any good online business  of 2014 you need to provide a great looking website with full functionality when it comes to desktop and mobile. Mobile is increasing year on year with some websites reporting that the swing is 75% in favour of mobile traffic.

You need to stay on top of trends and you also need to make sure your site doesn’t look like something out of the 90’s. Check for broken links and broken images as these won’t just look unprofessional, they can also lead to loss of business for you.

If you chose the website builder route then you will be able to select some great looking themes and templates for your site, so you don’t need to be a graphics guru or coding genius to get a site online.

Local or Global?

Whether you are local or global doesn’t really matter because either of these can increase your visibility.

If your products are only targeted at local people and businesses then having a site and using Local SEO techniques can help you reach further afield in your local area.

If you engage in global sales, you have an even greater opportunity to target various countries and enhance your online presence. Instead of being limited to your local area, the Internet empowers you to reach a wide audience through SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. This alone has the potential to significantly impact a positive outlook for your small business.


Keeping your site and business alive in such a fast changing world can be hard, especially when thousands or millions of other people have the same idea as you. Sometimes it’s about who is most successful at developing that idea, but in some cases it comes down to a few simple ideas that can help kick-start you in the right direction. Those ideas we have just discussed, so go ahead and try them out.

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