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Step By Step Business Tips for Beginners by Daniel Javor

Roberto Popolizio
If you read Website Planet is probably because you want to start an online business and don’t really know where to begin.

Good call, because starting with the right foot is key to a successful digital venture, but it is not easy at all. You can choose a great name for your website, but there’s so much more to it.

So what’s the best way to start a business online in 2022?

We asked exactly this to, Daniel Javor, the Founder & CEO of Step By Step Business, a go-to resource for thousands of aspiring online entrepreneurs looking for the information and tools they need to launch an online business the right way.

Here’s what he had to say.

Please Describe Story Behind Step By Step Business: How Did It All Start, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

We started with a vision of providing the most valuable free content available on the web to aspiring entrepreneurs. We began by developing the website and outsourcing writers to begin creating our content.

We outsourced everything at that stage, and didn’t have much of a clear structure for our content. Our articles were MVPs of a sort. Since then, we have slowly evolve our content structure to get it to the point where it is today.

We’ve also been growing our team so that nearly everything is done in house. Our team at is fantastic, we have a huge library of spectacular content, and our traffic grows daily.

Who Is Your Main Target Audience?

Our target audience is aspiring entrepreneurs, most of whom are younger people. Our goal is to not only educate them, but to inspire them to actually start businesses. We want to help our readers find the best business idea, get them excited about it, and tell them how to get started, step by step.

There’s Plenty Of Blogs Giving Advice And Tools For Business Starters. How Do You Stay Ahead Of The Competition?

We create content that is far superior to that of our competition. If you look at other similar content, you’ll immediately see the difference. The tutorials we publish are basically spoon-feeding the reader with all the data and moves he has to take in order to find the right business idea, do market research, create a brand and ensure that everything is made according to the local regulations.

We really can’t make it easier than this. We want to make this daunting task as easy as it can get.

But content can’t be just easy to read and follow, it must have real-world insights from experts in the field, and that’s why we have a whole team of business owners participating in our content production process.

We are therefore different in terms of both the information we provide, which is quite detailed, and the inspirational elements of our content. But we also actively are implementing SEO strategies to get our content found by our target audience.

From Your Data What Are The Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money?

There are any number of products that you can sell online through an Amazon store without having to purchase inventory. You can find manufacturers or suppliers who offer drop shipping, so you can just place orders as they come in and have them shipped directly to the customer.

You can also start an online tutoring business, an online personal training business, or an online business consulting business without spending much money. Many services that were traditionally offered face to face are being offered online.

We recommend to our audience that when looking for a business idea, to explore what they know or what they do best, even if it’s a hobby. Your best bet is always to follow your passion.

How do you envision the future of online marketing?

I think the future of online marketing is all about the customer experience. Consumers are becoming more and more turned off by sales pitches. They want relevant information that relates to the value you’re providing. By providing them with content or messaging that they will pay attention to, you can immediately make a connection with your audience that can lead to long term relationships.

Consumers are looking to make connections with the companies they do business with, so content and messaging need to be relevant and extremely targeted. Customers are buying based on their overall experience rather than any other factor, so this is a must in all marketing efforts. Building connections leads to long-term relationships which maximizes customer lifetime value.

Which Digital Businesses and technologies will be in demand In the next years?

I believe that digital services will witness the highest demand, encompassing a wide spectrum, ranging from telehealth to financial planning. People seek convenience, while also valuing the face-to-face interaction achievable through video calls.

More in general, I’m excited to see the future applications of AI as the technology evolves. We use it to an extent in some of our work, but I think it will have applications in the future that we haven’t even thought of yet. I also see IoT having unimaginable applications that will evolve over time.

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