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Slideshare Domination – Tak #1

Barbara Harris

Slideshare is a relatively new website. It created the largest community for sharing presentations and has around 60 million monthly visitors.
It’s actually a very undervalued social media platform, but since there’s no much competition in it, it’s probably one of the best ways to market yourself or your company and even get loads of traffic into your own website.
As a company, you want to be able to share your knowledge, ideas, work with others
and so, we’ve decided to join-in and try our luck with Slideshare.
In this post i’ll go over our 1st try to “Dominate” Slideshare and show you why you’ll be more than willing to try it yourself.

Our goals:

1st of all, our biggest goal was to get our presentation to show on the site’s homepage.
The reason we wanted to do that is, as I mentioned before,
the immense potential Slideshare has to bring traffic to a website.
Even though it’s not as big as Facebook or Twitter, Slideshare gives you the opportunity to get featured on their main page without too much sweat.
By being featured on the homepage your presentation is being viewed by thousands
(or even ten thousands) of people all around the world. The beautiful thing about it is,
it’s free, you don’t have to sell your soul nor even work too hard.
There are several different ways to get your presentation to the homepage:

  1. Top presentation of the day
  2. Featured
  3. Hot on Facebook
  4. Hot on Twitter
  5. Hot on Linkedin

In Slideshare they reset the Top presentations section once a day.
The presentations on Featured and Hot sections are being changed throughout the day.

The best (or rather, most watched & liked) presentations are obviously shown in the
Top presentation of the day section.
In order to reach it you’ll need 1500-2000 views (and many likes) on your presentation before Slideshare’s daily presentation promotions.

To get into Featured you’ll need to have around 1000~ views in a matter of hours.
For the Hot sections you’ll need a decent amount of likes, tweets, shares or posts on the social medias you want to be “Hot” on.
(from our experience, you’ll need around 50 likes or 30 tweets to be hot on FB & Twitter).

After completing our presentation, we tried our luck to get into the:
3 “Top presentations of the day”.
Sadly, we didn’t. However, we did get to the front page, which was in fact our goal.

Making ourselves famous – getting to the front page and all…wasn’t our only goal. Really!
We also had a few more practical goals we wanted to achieve. Our “Sub-Goals” were:

  1. Bring traffic to our website
  2. Collect leads
  3. Rank in Google for that specific slide
  4. Get as many views and exposure as possible

Simply – we wanted to share our knowledge and content with as many people as possible in a fun, colorful, informative and easy-on-the-eye way.
Now let’s talk a little bit about What we did.

What we did:

1st of all, as it happens, WE MADE A KICK-ASS PRESENTATION!
After some polishing and design revamps we’ve decided it was probably good enough to at least get us on the front page.

Some impotent techniques you’ll have to know before making a presentation:

  1. Don’t write walls of text. Keep your text short, large and simple.
  2. Use different colors, pictures and diagrams.
    Go easy on people, a slide’s supposed to be fun to watch and easy on the eye.
  3. Do not use bullets in a presentation! Bullets are great for articles and passages. In a presentation you should create a single slide for each bullet.
  4. Don’t use boring fonts! Obviously, don’t use crazy unreadable one’s either.
  5. The presentation has to look “clean”. Again, go easy on your viewers, don’t use too many colors or too many images. It has to look professional if you want people to take your seriously.

To get a presentation to the front page you need to get around 1000 views or many likes/tweets/shares within a period of 24 hours. For example, if you’re trying to hit the bullseye and get into the “Top presentations of the day” you’ll need to get at least 1,500~ views from the second you upload your file and until Slideshare resets this particular section at around 12-2pm EDT.

Note that the presentations in other sections change all day long.
A presentation that was uploaded 2 days ago and, in the last few hours got, lets say 200 likes on Facebook – Will get into the “Hot of Facebook” section.
A presentation that was uploaded a week ago, and all of a sudden started to get a massive amount of views – Might get into “Featured”.

To get our presentation into to the front page we used several methods:

  1. Once we uploaded the presentation we started making relevant tags to try and expose it to relevant viewers. People who’ll most likely appreciate our work.
  2. Prepared Emails that were sent to our users. To let them know about our project.
  3. PPC campaign on Facebook. Targeting the fitting interest group.
  4. Prepared tweets and sent them off at a 2-3 hour intervals.
  5. Spent 50$ for FB ads & sponsored tweets at https://sponsoredtweets.com/.
  6. Posted the presentation on every social media we had:
    Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

The most important thing was:
The reason it’s so vital is you need to give it the strongest head-start you can.
We uploaded the presentation at 3pm EDT – a bit after the daily reset, in order to have as much time as possible to gather views, likes, tweets, etc.

Another thing we did (even though some might disagree with me on this) is being very friendly to our followers & responsive to the comments.
I think being nice can’t hurt too much. Nowadays, costumers on the internet feel a little
dis-attached from companies and websites. Writing a nice comment or respond to someone who enjoyed your work (or didn’t) can be a way for you to get more followers, improve yourself and provide better content.

This was basically it.
We worked consistently for the 1st few hours and let the magic happen.


We actually lacked a few hundreds of views to get into the “Top presentations” section.
We did however get into:
Featured, Hot on Facebook, Hot on Twitter and Hot on Linkedin.
In 3 out of 4, we were presented on the 1st place – meaning,
we weren’t just featured and hot, we were very featured & steaming hot!
Other than getting on the front page (and almost dominating it completely) we also:

  1. Collected a good amount of 11 leads.
  2. Got top ranked on Google.
  3. Reached an impressive amount of 4000~ views in less than a week.
  4. Gathered around 100 likes, 70 tweets, 50 linkedin shares and 50 “+1s”.
  5. Got a lot of nice feed-backs, comments and followers.
  6. Got some traffic into our own website.

What i’d like to note, more than anything else, is our Google ranking for this slide.
After a few days our presentation – “4 Powerful Social Media Techniques” was already ranked 1st or 2nd in Google for the phrase “Social media techniques”,
which was pretty amazing, even for us. That might show you all just how strong Slideshare can be (if using it the right way).
That definitely raised a smile or two for all of us.

In conclusion,
Considering it was our 1st try, we didn’t do too bad.
I can definitely say that creating a good, informative, colorful, interesting
high-quality presentation is not enough.
You need to take a few other things in mind before sharing.
We felt like these 2 factors were probably the most impotent ones:

  1. Sharing in the right time
  2. Giving a strong initial push

We’ll be glad to answer any questions regarding Slideshare and presentation making.
Do you think we’re missing something? Can we do better next time?
Feel free to share any ideas, techniques or improvements you think are in place.

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Our goals:
What we did:
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