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Secrets to Hiring Freelance Web Designers

Emily Wang

Hiring the wrong website designer can be quite a grisly business. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a designer who doesn’t meet deadlines or deliver the quality you’re aiming for. Therefore, researching designers before hiring one is vital.

The first thing you need to figure out before researching designers is the budget and proportions of your project. If you’re hiring a designer just to tweak a couple of things in a template, the hiring process will be much faster than hiring a designer to work on your entire website.

Nevertheless, you should always do a little market research, regardless of the nature of your project. This will ensure that you get the best value and quality for your money.

When you look for a freelance web designer, you must always consider the following things:

  1. Their Portfolio. One of the first thing to consider when hiring a web designer is their portfolio. Try to find a designer with a diverse portfolio who has completed projects similar to the nature of your planned website.

  2. How Long Have They Been in Business. Web design is an industry with high turnover. If a certain designer has been around for some time,  it’s a good indication for the quality of their service.

  3. Visit their Clients Sites. It’s always good to take a look at websites that a designer has created for his clients. Taking note of loading times, ease of navigation and overall performance could indicate the quality of the service you will get.

  4. Check References. If you need to complete a large website, it is recommended to check the designer’s references. Email the designer’s former clients and ask about their experience working with this designer.

Do Website Designers Grow on Trees?

No. That would be nice if they did.

But you can still find one to work for you with relative ease.

The first way we recommend finding the right website designer would be using good, old fashioned word-of-mouth. Ask around. Email people you know and trust who work with website designers. Collect the referrals. Then, look over the list of things we just went over.

Another source for website designers are websites such as guru.com, UpWork and webdesignpricequotes.com

If you are still unsuccessful after these methods, then consider…

Online Marketplaces and Design Competitions

In our day and age, you can find almost any service you want in online design marketplaces, and design is a big part of that trend. These markets provide you with an opportunity to have any design job you want, from simple banners to an entire website, completed in a matter of days.

Online design marketplaces come in different types and flavours. While some only offer a directory of freelance designers, there are two types really worth noting: contest based marketplaces, and fixed priced directories.

Contest based marketplaces are essentially one big competition. Websites like 99designs.com offer you the opprtunity to post a brief of the design job you want done and the price you are willing to pay for it. Various designers will then submit completed design ideas and all you need to do is pick the one you like the best.

This bidding method provides you with a risk-free way to have designs completed for you. Since you are not limited to the skills of only one designer which may or may not provide the design you want, contest based marketplaces mean you won’t have to place all your bets on one horse.

It is recommended to read our freelance websites reviews before you work with one.

Find the Website Designer of Your Dreams

What is it that you value in a freelance web designer?

Creative Ideas? Eye for Detail? Speed? Good Customer Service? Lowest Price? High Quality?
Perhaps all you’re looking for is a ‘Hired Brush’?

Your answer(s) will give you clues as to which way you should go about finding a freelance web designer. But remember to stay positive if your first attempt (or third) does not provide the results you were hoping.

Eventually, you will find the right web designer.

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