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How Personizely Boosts Conversion Rates Of 2500+ Websites:Q/A with CEO Sergiu Cazac

How Personizely Boosts Conversion Rates Of 2500+ Websites:Q/A with CEO Sergiu Cazac

Bethenny Carl
Are your website’s conversion rates stuck?

Website Planet invited Personizely Founder & CEO, Sergiu Cazac to show you how brands like CardsPlug and Activé FiberShake improved their CRO and generated revenue without posting new content or spending in ads.

More specifically:
  • CardsPlug collected 12,000+ email subscribers for $281,250 in revenue
  • Activé FiberShake increased conversions by 5-10%, which translated into $109,600 revenue
Sergiu is a self-taught software engineer who started creating websites at the age of 14. His experience working at two SaaS startups led him to build Personizely, a conversion optimization toolkit that helps ecommerce brands convert more on their websites with website widgets, personalization, and A/B testing features.

As of 2024, Personizely is serving over 2500 websites from all over the world across various verticals.

We discovered the features that make Personizely the go-to CRO tool for so many companies, the tech stack that helps them streamline day-to-day operations, and how they plan to remain on top of the competition in the future.

What problems are you solving for your customers and audience?

Our ideal client is a mid-sized ecommerce business based in the EU, Australia, US, or Canada, with 5 to 50 employees and annual revenues ranging from $600K to $3M. They are deeply invested in maximizing their conversion rates, optimizing ad spend, and maintaining high margins while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

One of the biggest challenges they are facing is economic and things like revenue, conversion rate, and ROAS are always a priority. While there are multiple levers to pull in order to optimize them, marketers often come to use various conversion optimization and revenue maximization strategies which often imply leveraging specific software solutions.

But stitching together multiple solutions often comes at a cost… Time.

How does Personizely help improve a website’s conversion rates?

Imagine a website that knows exactly what your visitors want and serves it to them at the perfect moment. That’s what we want to achieve with Personizely – give website owners a powerful tool that transforms their platform into a personalized experience to drive conversions and boost revenue. Here’s how we do it:

1. Personalized Website Widgets and Content

Personizely enables you to craft unique variations of website elements such as headers, CTAs, and images tailored to each visitor’s interests, location, and referral source. By creating a bespoke experience for every visitor, we guide them towards your conversion goals.

2. Lead Generation Tools

With Personizely’s targeted popups, email opt-in forms, and exit-intent prompts, you can capture leads with higher precision. Each tool can be customized to engage specific visitor segments, ensuring your messaging hits the mark.

3. Ecommerce Optimization

For online retailers, we offer upsell and cross-sell popups, cart abandonment recovery prompts, and related product recommendations. These features not only increase average order value but also help recover potentially lost sales.

4. Engaging Widgets

Engagement is key to conversion, and Personizely’s widgets deliver that by showcasing promotions, lead magnets, social proof, countdown timers, and more to the right audience at the right time. This targeted approach keeps visitors engaged and nudges them towards conversion.

5. Drag-and-Drop Builder

We developed an intuitive drag-and-drop builder to help you create customized, responsive widgets and popups effortlessly. Advanced targeting rules give you precise control over who sees your content, ensuring maximum impact.

6. Analytics and A/B Testing

Understanding what works is crucial. Personizely’s detailed analytics provide insights into each personalization campaign’s performance, while its A/B testing capabilities allow you to fine-tune your offers and messaging, ensuring you always deliver the most effective content.

Last but not least, Personizely’s seamless integration with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and HubSpot makes it an indispensable asset for any marketing strategy.

What helped you grow your audience since you started?

One of the first things that we tried was cold outreach which didn’t work as well as we expected it to do but it helped us land our initial 10-20 customers. Then we tried various things, including running a lifetime deal promotion, which helped us bring in some liquidity which we later used on other marketing activities.

Once we landed our initial customers and reviews, it became raised to rely on the Shopify App Store as they prioritize reviews a lot in rankings. At some point, the App Store changed the rules a little so we’ve had to adapt. Right now we use a set of different channels to bring eyeballs and leads to our business.

Besides bringing in leads – we also need to convert them and retain them for as much as they need us. For this having great customer support, documentation, and a GREAT product is vital. That is why we are working a lot on improving the product and all the things around it.


What tools are in your current tech stack, and how do they help you run your online business?

Our website is built with Nuxt.js for the frontend and Strapi as a headless CMS. We had a custom site built for us by an agency and Strapi allows us to have great flexibility while maintaining consistency. We went this way as we wanted to have the flexibility to build a beautiful and fast website without being locked into a SAAS vendor or using WordPress.

We are using a large set of tools, but the most important ones are:

  1. Slack – communication and updates/notifications
  2. Google Suite, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. – helps us document processes and build reports and scorecards
  3. Chartmogul – helps us be on top of our financial metrics
  4. Crisp – customer chat and communications
  5. ClickUp – project and task management
  6. Some other tools – Mixpanel, Buddy, GA, LiveSession, Sentry, New Relic, Archbee, SageHR, Savvycal, SingleStore

How are you doing today and what’s in the roadmap for the future?

Proud to have served thousands of customers from all over the world, and to have brands like Built, Davines, Mavi, and many others amongst our client base. At this point, our plan is to expand the business within the current niche while continuing to grow our product so that we can offer the best solutions and the best experience across the industry.

I believe that there’s a lot of untapped potential in ways customers can maximize their revenue and that is why we are focusing on expanding our product capabilities to create a streamlined workflow for our customers.

Follow Personizely and Sergiu Cazac

Website: https://www.personizely.net/

  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/personizely/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergiucazac/
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