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How Neural Frames Sold 20.000 Videos in 5 Months: Q/A with Founder Nicolai Klemke

How Neural Frames Sold 20.000 Videos in 5 Months: Q/A with Founder Nicolai Klemke

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the chance to sit down and chat with Nicolai Klemke, a physicist turned indie hacker as the founder of Neural Frames, an AI-based video generation platform that allows musicians and artists to craft stunning visuals simply from text inputs.

20.000 AI videos have been created with Neural Frames since April 2023, and in this interview we will learn exactly why creators looking for a simple and cheap way to craft engaging videos choose Neural Frames.

Give an overview of your products and services.

Neural Frames primarily addresses the challenges faced by musicians, artists and content creators in crafting visually compelling videos without intricate software knowledge or extensive resources.

Traditionally, producing an outstanding music video necessitated significant time, money, and expertise. Neural Frames, however, empowers these creators to produce such content seamlessly, using just text-based inputs. While creating animations with traditional means is a very complex task, Neural Frames democratizes this process, allowing anyone to create captivating visuals.

Neural Frames stands apart due to its unique, real-time intervention feature during the rendering process, granting creators unmatched control over their videos. While other platforms offer a set-it-and-forget-it approach, Neural Frames actively involves the user, ensuring the final output aligns perfectly with their vision. This also makes the video generation process more fun, as one works hand-in-hand with the AI which sometimes creates unexpected results.

Additionally, our innovative audio-reactive visuals, derived from automatically breaking down songs into its components, is a game-changer, providing a dynamic dimension that many platforms lack.

The “Pimp My Prompt” feature, designed to assist in enhancing text prompts, further underscores our commitment to user-friendly innovation. Plus, the capability to train custom AI models means creators can have bespoke, personalized elements in their videos, a feature not found with competitors.

Businesses, particularly in the realm of music and content creation, can expect a marked increase in audience engagement and content shareability. By producing visually-arresting videos tailored perfectly to their music or message, they enhance their potential for going viral quicker.

In fact, with Neural Frames the turnaround time from conception to final video product is drastically reduced, allowing for more frequent content releases and a consistent brand presence. Basically, we cut both time and costs to create these visuals by a factor of 10, compared to traditional means. This means, musicians can post much more content on social media than previously possible. Why have only one music video when you can repeatedly post new ones?

Many creators using Neural Frames have reported increased traction on platforms like Spotify and Instagram, where visually driven algorithms give preference to tracks accompanied by engaging visuals, leading to broader reach and potentially higher revenue streams.

I made a 10-minute music video for a song of mine with neural frames and had a blast doing it. I was able to create a whole new world for my song, 100x cheaper and faster than with any other solution.

Robin Schacht, Musician and Producer

How does your mission differ from the other companies in your niche?

Neural Frames has been built by myself, a physicist-turned-indie hacker. After my PhD, I wanted to build something in the real-world and stumbled upon this awesome technology, which allowed creating animations with the AI Stable Diffusion. I couldn’t find a tool to do that except for ones, where you kind of needed to be a developer to use it.

It was the right timing for me and a good opportunity to try to build an accessible tool for it. Although I already knew that I loved programming from the scientific calculations that I did, I didn’t have any web-development experience, but the release of ChatGPT helped a lot to build the first version of Neural Frames (and came up with the company name as well).

Therefore, Neural Frames is a personal company, and users know me by my name and I try to keep chatting with them myself, although it is getting more difficult with the steadily growing number of users.

Indeed, Neural Frames has an active community on Discord, where I try to take part in as many discussions as I can. And customer support I usually do within a few hours, although it doesn’t allow me to take holidays at the moment – I should probably hire some customer support soon!

It really is a powerful AI music video generator and my goal is to create a sense of community and I manifest this with regular interviews with AI artists of all kinds.

What industries or business sizes benefit the most from your solutions?

Neural Frames primarily caters to the creative sector, notably the music, film, and content creation industries. Our platform has seen a significant uptake from independent artists, musicians, and smaller content creators who value the ability to produce top-notch videos without the hefty price tag or steep learning curve that traditional video editing software often brings. Due to my background as a musician, I try to make Neural Frames feel like a software to create music in – Stable Diffusion becomes a visual synthesizer. I think this resonates with musicians particularly, making the onboarding easier. Before discovering Neural Frames, many of these indie artists and creators grappled with limited resources, resorting to either basic video creation tools that couldn’t capture their vision or outsourcing, which wasn’t always financially viable.

While larger enterprises have the resources for high-end video production, they too find value in our platform for quick, cost-effective, and yet distinctive content generation. However, the heart of our user base remains with those smaller entities and independent artists for whom Neural Frames is a game-changer.

And what makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

The decisive factor that drives users to choose Neural Frames over competitors is the unparalleled control and customization it offers in the video creation process. Neural Frames stands out because it’s more than just a tool; it’s a creative partner. Users can actively intervene during the rendering process, a feature that transforms the traditionally passive experience of AI video generation into a collaborative endeavor.

Users frequently highlight how our audio-reactive visuals derived from song stems allows their content to resonate more deeply with audiences by bridging the gap between auditory and visual experiences. Since adopting Neural Frames, many have reported a significant uptick in engagement, sharing testimonials of enhanced online traction, especially on platforms where visuals play a pivotal role, like Instagram and TikTok.

The transformation they undergo is profound. From being constrained by budget limitations or the intricacies of traditional video editing tools, they now find themselves empowered, able to bring their unique visions to life with unprecedented ease and finesse. Many of our users who have transitioned from competitor platforms remark on this empowerment. They often share that while other platforms gave them a taste of what AI could do, it was with Neural Frames that they truly felt like a director in charge of their narrative.

And when they recommend us to others? The sentiment is clear: With Neural Frames, you’re not just using a tool, you’re unlocking a new realm of creative possibility, where the only limit is your imagination.

Can you share any success stories where your product made a significant difference for a business dealing with those challenges?

We have seen artists craft visuals for songs within hours, reaching several hundred thousand people. See for instance this video by German TikTok celebrity Mario Novembre.

In today’s world, when you’re a musician, you need captivating visuals for every song you release. You don’t want to upload only a static image to youtube – you need something that moves! Previously, to get a cool animation you would have hired a motion design or animation studio. This is super costly.

Now, you can type in some text prompts and let the AI take care of it. Not hating on motion design studios and I think there will always be a place for it. Of course, Neural Frames videos have their own kind of asthetics that one might or might not like – but: Visuals like this can be generated for costs as low as a few dollars in a few hours.

What opportunities and challenges do you see in the future of your industry?

We live in a pivotal moment in human history, with the recent significant advances of AI technology. This leads to incredible opportunities and challenges.

Content creation will be radically transformed and I think everything that is connected to it will change too. Content can now be created programmatically on a level that is hardly detectable for a human observer.

I think within a decade there will be the possibility to truly personalize content to the observer itself. Imagine a music video made for you and no one else. Or, of course, an advertisement.

Also music creation itself will see a disruption and recent tracks made fully by AI have demonstrated glimpses of that.

I do think however that human-made content will always have its place. We just don’t connect so well with robots. We also don’t watch robots playing chess against each other although the games would probably be of higher quality than if humans played against each other.

And what about your future? Any upcoming features that users should look forward to?

I am constantly working on the platform, pushing to production almost every day. I also just launched a dedicated Spotify Canvas Maker which allows musicians to create short animations for Spotify for very little expenses (Google “beat canvas AI” to take a look).

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