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How to Connect Your Domain + Install WordPress on Namecheap

Ben Sarid Ben SaridWeb Hosting Expert August 25, 2023
August 25, 2023
Namecheap’s EasyWP managed WordPress plans are maybe the easiest way today to get a new website online. They do come with some limitations, so I suggest reading my Namecheap review to fully understand all the pros and cons.

If you’re looking to connect your domain and install WordPress with Namecheap, I’ve laid out all the steps for you to follow. I did run into one problem that might affect you as well, and I’ve included the solution to save you some time.

Connecting Your Domain

First, it’s crucial to understand one thing: Namecheap’s EasyWP plans work only with Namecheap domains. If you have a domain registered with another service and want to connect it with your plan, you’ll have to transfer it (for a fee) to Namecheap.

If your domain IS registered with Namecheap, you have two options: Either connect the domain during signup or use the user dashboard after your account has been created.

Let’s start with connecting your domain during signup. After entering your account details, you’ll be asked to enter your new website’s domain.

How to connect your domain name with Namecheap and EasyWP

Under Namecheap Domain, use the dropdown menu to select your domain. If you have more than one domain registered with Namecheap, they will all appear.

You can also put the domain connecting on hold and go with a free EasyWP subdomain for now.

After that, click Continue, and your website and domain will be connected!

Installing WordPress

Whether you choose to connect your Namecheap domain or go with a subdomain, the next screen will let you install WordPress. Click Create WordPress Website.

How to install WordPress using EasyWP and Namecheap

The screens are very similar to the popular Softaculous installer, and you’ll be asked to enter your website’s title and choose a username and password. You can also select your theme (which can be changed later).

Installation process for WordPress using EasyWP and Namecheap

You can also select plugins that will be preinstalled with your WordPress website and enable some extra features. After that, click Create WordPress Website to finalize the installation.

Options to add for installing WordPress using EasyWP and Namecheap
The following screen will show while the website is being created. When you get the green circle, it’s ready.

Completion screen for installing WordPress using EasyWP and Namecheap
And that’s it. You’ll be transferred to your user dashboard, and your website will be online. Use the WP Admin button in the top right corner to enter your WordPress administrator panel.
How to access the WordPress administrator panel using EasyWP

If you haven’t connected your domain yet, you can do it from the dashboard. Click the Domains tab, and you’ll see a screen very similar to the one from the signup step.

How to connect your domain to your site using EasyWP

After choosing your domain, press Change to update it. You’ll be prompted to confirm the change:

Confirm change of domain name screen with Namecheap
After confirming, your DNS (Domain Name System) changes will begin to propagate. The process can take up to 30 minutes, though mine took less than five.

Domain Name System changeover screen with EasyWP

Avoid This Mistake

My actual experience was a bit bumpier, because my Namecheap domain never showed up in the list. Not during signup, and not in the user dashboard.

After sniffing around, I figured out the reason: I used the same Namecheap domain name to test Bluehost’s hosting services, and the nameservers were pointed to Bluehost.

If you’ve ever used your Namecheap domain with another host and changed the nameservers, you’ll have to edit some configurations before it can be connected.

Log into your Namecheap domain management panel from the main Namecheap homepage. Choose the Domain List tab to the left, and click Manage next to your chosen domain:

Namecheap domain management panel
In the Nameservers category, notice that your nameservers are configured as Custom DNS.

Namecheap domain management panel, Nameservers category page
Click the dropdown menu and choose Namecheap BasicDNS instead (or the paid upgrade Namecheap Web Hosting DNS). Click the green checkmark to confirm the change.

Namecheap nameservers dropdown menu

After that, your Namecheap domain will appear in the domain dropdown menu for EasyWP.

Make Sure Everything Is Namecheap-Ready

Namecheap’s EasyWP is super easy to use, but only if you play by the company’s rules. Your domain must be registered with Namecheap, and your nameservers must be pointed at Namecheap BasicDNS.

If you have completed all those tasks, the rest becomes a simple one-click process. You can easily select your domain from the dropdown list, either while signing up or within the user dashboard. The propagation process occurs remarkably quickly. Feel free to take a coffee break, and it will likely be ready by the time you come back.

Before you sign up with Namecheap and go about connecting your domain like a pro, I would recommend reading about some other, awesome alternatives. For starters, try Hostinger, SiteGround, and InMotion Hosting. They’re as cheap (if not more!), and come with some really cool features.

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