How Keyword Research Can Help Your Headline Writing (Part 4/4)

How Keyword Research Can Help Your Headline Writing (Part 4/4)

Max Anderson
Max Anderson
July 11, 2019

Well folks, this is the final chapter in our four-part series on how to perform keyword research that can help with the construction of your blog posts and headlines. We hope that you have found the past three sections helpful in your attempt to explore alternative keywords,  create useful articles, and build back links into them. Don’t forget that there are links at the bottom of this post if you missed any of the previous parts.

In the final part of the series, we wanted to look at Google’s Keyword Tool, which can be used in order to help you find the most appropriate keywords, not only for the purpose of constructing articles but this will also help you identify what you can target from an SEO point of view.

Google Keyword Tool

One of the most popular tools, that is absolutely free of charge is Google’s own keyword tool, and what better tool to use than one that has been created by the search engine you want to rank on.

You can choose some of the following filters to begin with:

  1. The country you want to target your keyword ideas in.
  2. The language you want to target your keyword ideas in.
  3. Whether you want broad, exact or phrase matches.

To start a search, you have two available options that I would recommend.

The first is that you can type in a competitor website in the “Website” section, which will pull all the keywords that the competitor is targeting.

How Keyword Research Can Help Your Headline Writing (Part 4/4)

The second option allows you to use your own phrases and words into the “Word or phrase” field that will pull back ideas that closely relate to that term.

After hitting search you will be presented with:

  1. A selection of keyword ideas
  2. The competition levels
  3. The global monthly searches
  4. The local monthly searches

From this, you can then get a good idea of what keywords you want to work with, so aim for the low to medium ranges of competition to give yourself a chance.

Following this four-part series should get you started in the blogging world, and will help you bring links and traffic to your website.


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