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How Keyword Research Can Help Your Headline Writing (Part 2/3)

Max Anderson

In our last instalment of how keyword research can help your article and headline writing, we talked about how you can carry out keyword research and then construct well-balanced, optimized articles, that will appeal to users searching for certain keywords in your niche.

In this article, we look at how you can make the most of alternate keywords to help reach out to a wider audience, and to help your creative juices flow so that content ideas do not dry out.

We have already identified Baseball keywords in part 1, so what alternate ideas can we tap into?

  1. cricket news
  2. cricket online
  3. cricket info
  4. cricket twenty20
  5. cricket batting styles
  6. cricket fielder

Looking at relations to Baseball

The idea is to see what sports closely relate to baseball, and the closest in my mind is cricket. Therefore, the points above shows searches for cricket, of which many of the keywords bring in a lot of traffic, with relatively low competition (which is a bonus).

At first glance you might be thinking that:

“my site is baseball related, why do I need to be searching for cricket keywords?!”

The idea is to bring in more traffic and turn those that are cricket fans into baseball fans at the same time. So the idea now would be to create headlines that involve both cricket and baseball keywords.

Here are a few examples of article titles:

  1. Which is Better? Twenty20 Cricket vs The MLB World Series
  2. Here is Why Cricket and Baseball Are So Similar
  3. Batting Styles Tutorial – Using Baseball and Cricket Techniques
  4. Can a Cricket Fielder Make it On the Ball Field?

Of the four examples we have given above, they each contain a reference between both cricket and baseball and all appeal to a different type of audience/player. For example, if a baseball enthusiast saw the article Batting Styles Tutorial – Using Baseball and Cricket Techniques they may think, “Oh, I can probably take some tips from cricket to help me with my baseball skills”.

This use of alternative keywords that can be related quite easily, show how you can broaden your horizons when looking to create new articles and reach other audiences that you can turn into subscribers and visitors to your site.

What can we look forward to in part 3?

In the third part of our series on keywords and content, we look into marketing the articles that you have created to bring in the traffic. We will show you how you can get links to the articles that you create by looking at sites that are in your niche (but aren’t competitors).


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