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Hack your Email Marketing Conversions with ConversionSpree – Interview with Bukunmi Adewumi

Hack your Email Marketing Conversions with ConversionSpree – Interview with Bukunmi Adewumi

Roberto Popolizio
This week, Website Planet had the opportunity to interview Bukunmi Adewumi, Founder & CEO of CoversionSpree. We discussed the company’s beginnings, their growth over the years, and their email service differs from the plethora of email marketing SaaS out there.

Please present CoversionSpree to our audience. What’s your story, and how have you evolved so far?

Initially, ConversionSpree started off as a web development agency in late 2020, coupled with lead generation services and email marketing until 2022. Between this time frame, our observation is that we did provide even better services related to email marketing automation. Consequently, we had to pivot to email marketing automation in mid-2022 rather than having to fragment our services into multiple verticals leaving us with unnecessary challenges to deal with. Now, ConversionSpree is a full-fledged email automation agency.

What services do you offer?

ConversionSpree is an email automation company providing a diverse range of lead generation products and services including bulk email app/SMTP server, IG email extractor, email verification, cold email templates, and IP warmup kit, for startups, SMBs and enterprise businesses.

What are the benefits and challenges of implementing an email marketing automation solution?

Customer service. A quality customer service is essential in this biz as much as we have clients across multiple industries and some of them are completely non-tech savvy. So we almost always have to explain every process of our products, depending on their use case. We provide 24/7 support via email, Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

What makes you stand out from the competition?

“Result-oriented” remains our watchword, with transparency, timeliness, and accuracy in mind. Essentially, we are keeping the goal the same— helping businesses improve conversion rates at a bearable cost without compromising quality.

What are your customers’ pain points that you help solve?

Poor deliverability of bulk emails. When sent to a recipient, most emails go straight into the spam folder lowering the scalability of email marketing altogether. To mitigate this, we provide a unified set of outbound marketing product stack that could potentially improve inboxing rates, alongside our bulk email solution.

Over-niching of lead generation services so that a business would have to jump from company A to company B to find conversions for the leads they originally acquired from company A. Again, this boils down to offering a diverse range of services that complement our prime product— Email Sender. This includes 100+ Cold Email Templates, IP Warmup Kit, Email Verification, and Email Extractor.

Overpricing that would leave most beginners/startup projects frustrated. At ConversionSpree, all our products are affordable regardless of the high level of quality we strive to provide. This sets a lower barrier of entry for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What trends are going to shape the future of your industry?

Email automation is always changing, and new technologies are always evolving with the potential to completely change the landscape for outbound marketing. When you pair email automation with AI, the result is exceptional. With AI, you quickly offload the burden of doing repetitive tasks manually so you can focus on production, making life a lot easier.

Lastly, any exciting news or developments that you would like to share about CoversionSpree?

Recently, we upgraded our server to improve our lead generation service, you can now extract emails from the same source multiple times without getting duplicates.

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