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18 Websites To Download The Best Free Icons For Commercial Use

Tom Read
Look around you. You’re surrounded by icons. And I’m not talking about Hollywood pop stars or ancient Byzantine paintings… I’m talking about the little graphic of a person on your coffee cup or the LOL face emojis you just sent to a friend.

Icons are everywhere. These simplistic little graphics are an integral source of communication in modern-day society. Thankfully, you can harness the power of icons for free in this list of the best websites with free icons.

A picture tells a thousand words, as they say. Icons are great because they transmit meaning to the viewer instantly. Icons draw people’s gaze to provide information with simplicity. Think about road signs or subway maps, of the most effective and popular implementations of icons around.

Now, really great icons extract the essential characteristics of a thing or idea and present it in a way that’s immediately recognizable.

You’ll find plenty of them in our list, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Completely Free Websites

The following websites offer their free icons for commercial use with minimal restrictions or requirements on free plans, with some exceptions.


Free icons for commercial use

Dribbble is an excellent site that provides high-quality and varied icon sets, all of which are created by professional members of the site’s design community.

Icon sets on Dribbble cover a long list of commercial uses, such as animation, product design, web design, and many more. Plus, there are design sets for just about any theme you can imagine — retro icons, modern icons, blue icons, you name it!

Not all of them are downloadable (some are inspirations), and you may have to spend some time looking for what you want, but the results are worthwhile!

Free Plan: 10,000+ free icons and inspirations in varied themes

Paid Plans: N/A (Dribbble offers a “Pro” plan reserved for designers and employers)


Free icons for commercial use

iconmonstr is a great place to find simple, black and white icons with multiple variations on each design and a range of different formats. iconmonstr is completely free, too, with no attribution required.

There’s plenty more to like about this site: 316 categories, multiple sizes, lightweight files, an icon generator feature, a favorites tab, plus its very own iconic font (again, all completely free).

As per iconmonstr:

“Licensee may use the Work in template or application without attribution; provided, however, that the Work serves as part of the design and is not the basis or main component of the product.”


Free icons for commercial use
DeviantArt is less a corporate service and more a social community of artists and designers. Members can join groups, speak their minds, download content and upload creations across various topics and types. Oh, did I mention DeviantArt is home to over 200,000 free icons?

Much of the site’s content is geared towards personal use (given its community-led approach), and you’ll have to check attribution requirements for each set of designs. Though, if you want a more informal vibe for your project, DeviantArt is certainly worth a look.

Free Plan: 250,000+ free icons in various sizes and formats

Paid Plans: N/A (Deviantart offers a “Core” membership targeted at sellers)

As per DeviantArt:

“Note: The ability to download an image or content does not mean it belongs to you, and you should always consult the original creator for terms of use.”


Free icons for commercial use
Fontello is like an icon database. It collects great graphics from several different sources and places them onto a single site.

Fontello’s main draw is its usability. Fontello saves you time: not only because it places all of these miscellaneous collections into one place, but also due to the simplicity of its search feature. Search for a word, and the corresponding icons will appear. We wish it was always this simple.

The designs are simplistic, too. Most of the graphics are monochrome, while Fontello also features an extremely functional icon font generator.

Free Plan: 1,000s of free monochrome icons in varied sizes and formats

As per Fontello:

“Fontello includes only those fonts that do NOT have limits for your websites (non-commercial use, mandatory links, mandatory attribution, and so on). Since we are open source developers, we don’t wish to restrict your freedom.”

1001 Free Downloads

Free icons for commercial use

1001 Free Downloads actually features way more than 1001 free downloads. There are pages-upon-pages chock-full of free photos, fonts, vectors, wallpapers, and so much more, plus a whole bunch of free icons at your disposal.

The team at 1001 Free Downloads personally scour the internet to bring you the best free graphics from around the world. They specialize in cartoony, playful designs, so if that sounds perfect for your project, why not check them out?

Free Plan: 1,000s of free icons in varied sizes and formats for personal and commercial use with attribution to 1001FreeDownloads.com

CSS Author

Free icons for commercial use

And while we’re on the topic of CSS… CSS Author is a bit like Fontello, except it’s less of a database and more of a hand-picked selection. The site curates the very best creations from all around the web and puts them in one place.

There’s loads of other stuff related to web design on there, too, such as WordPress themes, coding tools, and tutorials. Check it out!

Free Plan: Hundreds of the best free icon sets in various formats

As per CSS Author:

“We do not ask for you to include any attribution or link back to cssauthor.com, we do however appreciate if you do credit our resources or/and help spread the word about us.”


Free icons for commercial use
GraphicBurger is home to some fluffy and adorable icon sets. Thousands of icons are available in a shed-load of formats, including AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, and SVG, plus various sizes depending on which set you choose.

Everything is free, no attribution is required, and direct downloads mean you can access designs instantly.

GraphicBurger has a dedicated community, and many of these sets are unique to the site. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for something themed, polished, and not-too-serious.

Free Plan: Free themed icon sets in a huge range of formats and sizes

As per GraphicBurger:

“No attribution or link back to this site is required, however any credit will be much appreciated.”

Websites With Free and Paid Plans

The following websites have limited free plans offering icons for commercial use, with many requirements (i.e., attributions and links to the website). They also have paid plans that include larger icon libraries and fewer requirements.


Free icons for commercial use

Flaticon boasts one of the largest collections of vector icons on the internet, with over 5.6 million options in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. Flaticon allows you to access this superb library free of charge in PNG format, too. That’s pretty amazing.

The site has some other excellent features to boot. Flaticon’s unique “icon fonts” feature lets you convert icons into downloadable fonts to control them in CSS. Elsewhere, you get a personal library to save your favorite images.

It’s worth noting that you will have to provide attribution for anything free you use, but this is still one of the best sites out there.

FREE PAID from $8.25/month
+6.1M free icons and stickers in format PNG +6.1M free icons and stickers in format PNG
Attribution required No attribution required
Download limit will be 100 icons in PNG format per day Unlimited downloads
Create 3 Icon Collections, with 50 icons for each collection Unlimited collections
limited use of the editor Unlimited use of the editor
No Priority support Priority support
Ads No ads


Free icons for commercial useIcons8 articles over 350,000 free professional icons for use in your design work, plus loads of essential resources, including free design tools, photos, music, illustrations, and more. This site has everything you need from A to Z — an essential part of any designer’s toolbox.

The icons themselves are diverse and interesting, spread across 35 different styles and categories. Free plans allow you to download icons in PNG format and use them with attribution, while premium offers SVG and EPS options.

FREE PAID for $13/month
350,000+ free icons in PNG 100 downloads per month, $0.20/icon after
Limited formats in lower resolution SVG and large PNG formats
Link to Icons8 when you use our assets No attribution


Free icons for commercial use

Freepik — the older brother of Flaticon — has been around for more than 11 years. It’s undeniably popular with 40 million monthly users across the company’s 3 sites (Freepik, Flaticon, and Slidesgo).

Freepik can offer users 12 million design resources, including 8.3 million photos, 3.7 million vectors, and 324,000 PSDs. Over 872,000 of these resources are free icons.

Yet, the diversity and scale of Freepik aren’t its only USPs. The site’s in-house design team is busy constantly creating fresh and equally excellent content in their distinctive style — much of which is free with attribution.

FREE PAID from $9.99/month
Thousands of free resources Thousands of free resources
No Premium vectors +5,118,000 Premium vectors
No Premium PSD files +573,000 Premium psd files
Attribution required No attribution required
As a registered free user, you have a limit of 10 downloads per day Unlimited downloads, 100 downloads per day
No Priority support Priority support
Ads No ads


Free icons for commercial use
Iconfinder (as the name might suggest) is a superb search engine for finding free icons. By that, I mean it’s super easy and intuitive to use. You can search for icons across a whole range of styles, price points (i.e., free or premium), and licenses with its filter system or discover popular designs in the “explore” tab.

There are nearly 5.7 million (yes… 5.7 million!) available icons, and 157,000 of these are free to use. What’s more, the sizing and formatting options are bountiful — even for free icons!

FREE PAID $9.00/month
Access to 206,756 free icons and illustrations Access to 5M icons and illustrations
Content for personal projects only Roll-over unused credits
Attribution required 25% discount on annual billing
With ads No ads

Font Awesome

Free icons for commercial use

Font Awesome is easily one of the best places on the web for CSS icons. There are around 8,000 free and premium icons in total across a wide range of topics. Designs are simple and professionally crafted by Font Awesome’s in-house design team.

Font Awesome icons are scalable at any size and are created to seamlessly accompany text. These icons are also really easy to place on your web page should you install the downloadable version — all the more reason it’s perfect for blog sites and brand content!

P.S. Version 6 will be arriving soon; it features 14,000+ icons!

FREE PAID for $99/year
1,608 Icons 7,864 Icons
1 Style + Brands 4 Styles + Brands
1 Seat 5 Seats + $20 per extra seat
1 Free Kit 20 Hosted Pro Kits
10K Pageviews/Month 1M Pageviews/Month
0 Uploaded Icons 250 Uploaded Icons
No Auto-Subsetting Auto-Subsetting (rather than loading the entire set, your site loads only the ones it uses)
No Human Tech Support Human Tech Support
No Pro Asset Downloads Pro Asset Downloads
No Standard Pro License Standard Pro License
No Pro npm Registry Pro npm Registry

Good Stuff No Nonsense

Free icons for commercial use

Good Stuff No Nonsense does what it says on the tin — fantastic icons that are instantly accessible. The title doesn’t, however, make it clear that these icons are all hand-drawn. If you’re looking for those extra elements of warmth and authenticity that hand-drawn icons provide, then this is the place to go!

You can buy premium icon packs, but there are plenty of free bundles, not to mention a Patreon with its own various perks. GSNN has downloads in almost every format imaginable.

Oh yeah, there’s no attribution required for these graphics either. An added bonus!

Free Plan: Free hand-drawn icons in SVG, PNG, AI, EPS, and PSD

Paid Plans: Premium icon bundles cost from $12 each

FREE: You can use them for both personal and commercial projects, some artists ask for attribution and credit some don’t.

The Noun Project

Free icons for commercial use

The Noun Project is known for its monumental selection of icons — there are over 3 million in total!

Icons are generally in black and white, while the site’s community of designers pride themselves on providing a diverse selection of graphics suitable for any situation. Check in here if you need something particularly niche.

Most icons are available in PNG or SVG, and all of them are free with an attribution requirement. If you don’t want to provide attribution, you can go Pro or pay $2.99 per download.

FREE PAID  from $39.99/year
More than 3 million icons More than 3 million icons
PNG and SVG formats PNG and SVG formats
Attribution required Use without attribution
No edits Edit color, background, shape
Limited icon licenses Unlimited icon licenses
Ads Ad-free
Adobe, Mac, Office, Google apps
Multiple custom favorites boards


Free icons for commercial use
Iconshock covers over 30 design styles, from simplistic outlines to gradients and 3D sets.

The Iconshock team has designed a vast library of over 2 million professional icons. The interface is clean, and icons are easily navigable by industry. You can search using keywords within categories, too; perfect if you want to find something quickly and without hassle.

You get access to every basic icon in a lower resolution (and PNG format) for free, as long as you provide attribution. Pretty darn good, considering the quality of these designs.

FREE PAID from $79/year
PNG versions up to 128px All Iconshock packs in vector format and PNG versions of all icons
Attribution needed with a link back No attribution needed
Personal license Only Commercial License
No customer support Full customer support


Free icons for commercial use
Pixeden’s collection of free icon sets isn’t particularly extensive (not compared to some other options, at least). However, the trade-offs here are the extra options available should you find a set you like.

You won’t be let down by the sizing options, put it that way. Premium and free icon sets are available from 16×16 all the way up to 512×512.

FREE PAID from $10/month
Unlimited downloads Unlimited downloads
Community features Community features
Free resources Free resources
No Premium resources Premium resources
No E-mail support E-mail support


Free icons for commercial use

Instead of flicking through endless pages of other people’s icon designs, why not create exactly what you want free of charge? You didn’t know that was possible? Well… it is, all thanks to IconsFlow.

IconsFlow is constantly updating its library of templates, backgrounds, styles, and more. The tool is intuitive, and even a complete novice can create simple designs in no time. There’s basically nothing else to it. Get out there and create some icons!

FREE PAID from $4.99/month
2 Free Icon Sets 20 Icon Sets
5 Icons in One Set 10 Icons in One Set
32px (fixed) up to 128px
No SVG Export No SVG Export
No ICO Export No ICO Export
PNG Export 32px only PNG Export
No Embed Code Embed Code
No Preview Link Preview Link
Support Priority Low Support Priority Normal


Free icons for commercial use

We’ll finish strong with Streamline.

Streamline is a huge resource of well over 85,000 unique, professional, in-house designed icons. The site is one of the top choices of designers and web-related products the world over.

Why? Streamline icons are by no means normal. They’re ridiculously sharp, detailed, and super high-quality. Probably the best icons you can find anywhere on this list.

Streamline icon sets are vast, too, which means you’re likely to find exactly what you need in a given theme. Some of Streamline’s sets contain more than 14,000 icons!

Better still, all of this content is free with an attribution requirement — something absolutely worth dropping in for. Otherwise, the site’s premium membership dangles the carrot of higher quality resolutions and formats.

FREE PAID from $19/month
Only PNG format PNG, SVG, PDF
Limited web app features All features
No vectors Vectors
Attribution for each project No attribution needed
Unlimited projects

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that you can find excellent free icons in any of the resources on this list. In truth, there are several more great places to find free creations. We’ve listed the very best resources for your convenience. The Bottom Line

The benefit of free icons is (of course) that they’re free. If you’re new to design or working on a budget, free icons are the perfect place to get started. That being said, there are certain limitations to free icon sets too…

You will frequently need to include a somewhat awkward attribution on your page for most of the free sets you utilize. Additionally, you may experience frustration when daydreaming about the inaccessible content hidden behind the paywall, as paid websites typically reserve their top-notch material for “premium” members.

In which case, if you really are serious about this, we recommend you upgrade to premium. Find a service you like and go pro! It could be the best decision you make.

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Khushi Lunkad
Oh this is such a fantastic review for Streamline, Tom! We do have lots of free svg sets (one has 1,000 UI icons that you can customize in seconds) using the global color editor! I think you get our value proposition well and I'd love to partner. Let me know how to reach out to you!
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