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The Four Elements of Excellent Content (Part 1)

Barbara Harris

There are hundreds of reasons why you need excellent content for your site. And with every new iteration of the Google search algorithm, that list of reasons only continues to grow. But what exactly makes for great content?

Below we’ll examine the elements that nearly all great content have in common, and how you can use them to improve your own work.

Content 101

The term “content” is somewhat ambiguous. Simply put, content is an amalgamation of packaging and information. If that information aims to be persuasive, entertaining, or educational, excellent content is that which manages to successfully persuade, entertain, or teach. Packaging is particularly complicated because it involves an understanding of human psychology, search engine optimization, and overall presentation.

Element I: Content Visibility

In the recent past, SEO was widely regarded as the single most important aspect of web design. During this time, quality content came almost as an afterthought to complete optimization. But with all the modern changes search engines have undergone, content is now widely considered king. Unfortunately, this has led many web developers to pursue content first, leaving SEO as an afterthought. But this is a mistake because all the excellent content in the world is worth little unless your target audience can actually find it. That’s why visibility is one of the most important elements for content online.

The Four Elements of Excellent Content (Part 1)

There are dozens of ways to improve the visibility of your content. One of the simplest ways is to incorporate search buttons into your website. These buttons can help make your content more visible, and enable your readers to determine if you have already written on a topic pertaining to their interests.

Site design and navigation also plays a crucial role in the visibility of your content because your navigation can either help or hinder readers’ attempts to find the information they’re looking for. Sites like Amazon and eBay provide excellent examples of strong navigation, with clear and intelligently designed categories that make it simple to discover the content you’re looking for in seconds.

Element II: Content Shareability

If you want your content to be shared, all you really need are people who want to share it. That means you have to offer something that’s worth sharing. It’s equally important that your content is incredibly easy to share. The moment you ask your readers to go through a long, convoluted process to share your content, you’re going to lose a huge margin of your potential shares.

The Four Elements of Excellent Content (Part 1)

Anytime you’re creating content, reflect on if it is something you would like to share with your own friends. It’s also worthwhile to think about ow well your content will appear on the numerous social networks that you want to be shared on. For example, is your headline too lengthy to display in its entirety on Twitter? Spending 30 seconds to answer important questions like this can go a long way towards ensuring that your content will be shared.

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