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What Everyone Ought to Know About Writing Blog Post Headlines

Barbara Harris

Every piece of content that you publish needs window-dressing. Readers tend to skim through the titles of the content available to them when they look for something that’s truly interesting. If the title or headline to your content isn’t very tempting, there is little chance that you’ll get any readers – there are far too many irresistible headlines around the Internet for any reader to bother with anything less.

Truly effective article and blog post headlines do need great imagination and writing talent. You can write arresting titles long before you get to the point where you have such talent, though. You simply need to format every title that you write on a style that’s proven to be effective.

The following title formats are so effective that they continue to draw reader attention even when they have been used on thousands of blog posts and articles around the Internet for years. If you want a quick way to help your blog posts grab some reader attention, you need to choose from one of the following headline formats.

Who else wants (something)?

A recent article on the psychology of personal motivation in the New York Times reported that people could be effectively motivated into doing something when they were told that the rest of their group did it, too. People don’t want to get left behind. The “Who else wants” title format cleverly taps into the insecurity that people carry around, always wondering if they are keeping up. You can easily put a headline together on this theme.

  1. Who else wants to know how to write a great title?
  2. Who else needs to know how to make money on the stock market?
  3. Who else wants to make a living working from home?

Here’s a method that is …

This is another angle that grabs readers through their insecurities. When you write content offering tips that help a group of people, accurately identifying the group and talking about a method that everyone in the group uses can make the reader wonder if there’s something that he’s missing.

  1. Here’s a method that’s helping men get new dates each day
  2. Here’s a trick that’s helping mothers everywhere help their children turn off the computer
  3. Here’s a secret that’s helping bloggers write better post titles

Get rid of (something) once and for all

No matter what the subject you’re writing on, members of your target audience probably have problems that they find hard to get rid of. They could have health problems, problems to do with a troublesome boss, fashion problems, and so on. A title that promises an answer to these problems once and for all can be hard for people to turn away from.

  1. Get rid of your bullying coworker once and for all
  2. Get rid of your terrible About Us page once and for all
  3. Get rid of your guilt once and for all

Find out how to do (something) like (someone) you admire

Every field has its superstars – from writing songs like John Lennon to investing like Warren Buffett, promising people the secrets by which these superstars have achieved their success can turn heads. You do need to be able to follow through on your promise in the actual article.

  1. Find out how to party like Lindsay Lohan
  2. Learn how to make pizza like an Italian chef
  3. Learn how to study like a straight-A student

Build/get (something) that you can be proud of

The pride aspect in the title template appeals to people’s unhappiness, insecurity and vanity. Such tiles can be an instant draw. The phrasing simply sounds promising.

  1. Build a website that you can be proud of
  2. Build a vocabulary that you can be proud of
  3. Get a Facebook following that you can be proud of

What everyone should know about (something)

This sneaky title method draws people in by getting them to think that there’s something important that they don’t know.

  1. What everyone should know about the Bible
  2. What everyone should know about love
  3. What everyone should know about taking smart phone pictures

This kind of title doesn’t play on the reader’s insecurities, though. It promises to share a secret that others probably don’t know about. You want to rush in before anyone else gets to know about it.

Inside this Article
Who else wants (something)?
Here’s a method that is …
Get rid of (something) once and for all
Find out how to do (something) like (someone) you admire
Build/get (something) that you can be proud of
What everyone should know about (something)
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