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The Easy Way to Get Your Small Business Making Fast Cash

Lucas Turner

Everyone loves to earn money, it’s what makes the world tick. For most small businesses however they are missing one big trick that could make a difference to its success, the future, and your own life as a business owner.

In today’s post we want to address what this one big change to a small business is and what it can exactly do. It’s something that you think every company does and has, but you will be surprised when I tell you what it is and that a lot of businesses still aren’t doing i

I am of course talking about a company website, an online store, some kind of online presence to put their business out there…however local or global that small business reaches to. Yet, today creating a website by using a website builder is so easy even your Gran could do it…with her eyes closed…

The stats that Weebly produced earlier this year say It all really, would you believe that 58% of businesses don’t have a website? But more importantly if a customer can’t find you online then they tend not to trust you. I guess the reality is, if you can’t invest in a website in 2014 then you don’t care abut your business enough? Or you are hiding something?

Weebly Statistics

  1. 58%of businesses do not have a website
  2. 56%of consumers do not trust a business that does not have a website
  3. 40%of non-profit organizations do not have a website
  4. 75%of consumers don’t start websites due to lack of confidence that they can create a high quality website
  5. 50%who start, struggle to finish as they don’t have a proper plan / roadmap
  6. 67%of people who use Weebly to build websites want to either do business online, or grow their existing business to get more customers

What Can I Do?

If you are a business that doesn’t have a website then you are taking the first steps to correcting that by reading this. After all, you are reading this website, and probably use the Internet to check other sites…so you should really have your own small business site.

Website builders are your knights in shining armour, coming to your rescue to pick you up. Builders specialize in helping users who have no idea how to create a website…create one. There are no long courses on HTML coding, or how to create a graphic, it’s all done for you.

You simply pick a theme to run with, and then it’s much like creating a document in word but a lot easier, much better looking, and with more features. You can drag-and-drop images into your new site, videos, presentations and any content you want to get out there. Simples.


If you aren’t on the Internet with a small business website to represent your company, its services and products then you really are missing a big trick, and throwing away the chance to turn your small business into a global dominating force. Visit Weebly now.

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