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Content Management: Bringing More Hits To Your Website

Barbara Harris

Content Management (CM) is defined as the process of creating, publishing and storing or removing web content. Web content may include text, images, video, audio, and multimedia files.

Whichever type of content you opt for, the key is to bring as many hits to your website and sell as many products or services as possible. The following tips can help you increase the traffic and improve the content of your website.

A Catchy Headline Goes a Long Way

“A catchy headline goes a long way” is the number 1 rule in content management. On average, as many as 5 times more people read the headlines as they read the body of an article. Innovative, well-planned content and design may not reach as many readers as you would hope without the type of headline to shock, bewilder and attract your reader. After you have written your headline, always ask yourself the following question: Would you click on it? If not, don’t publish before you are 100% happy with it.

Understand The Mindset of Your Target Audience

Who do you expect to visit your website or blog and read your content? Keep in mind the age, background and the expectations your target audience has of your website or the product that you are marketing. Put yourself in their shoes and try to perceive your material and design from their point of view. Deciphering their biggest problem or issue will help you expand your stockpile of ideas and topics. The trick is to write and select the type of content that has wide appeal while at the same time hitting a home run with your key followers.

Update on a Regular Basis

Post new and fresh content on a daily basis to keep your readers interested. If your website covers the news, post 20+ articles per day. If your content is related to the more general topics such as health, lifestyle or home improvements, post at least 1 article per day. If you write a popular blog, your readers will be eager to hear your thoughts on a variety of topics, from where you ordered your take-out last night to where you’re planning to take your next vacation. Keep their curiosity satisfied by tweeting on a daily basis, but upload a post every week or two to always keep them wanting more.

Don’t Forget to Edit

In the sea of web content, the readers want concise, error-free articles that will provide just the information or product they are looking for. Also, it is important that you use your keywords throughout the text to draw your target audience in. Experienced editors are likely to avoid placing direct links to other websites because they want the reader to come to their website and stay there.

We all want our websites or blogs to be successful and it is our responsibility to keep our readers interested and pleased with the content we provide. Selecting great content for our readers is an essential part of being a good content manager. The four different tips discussed above all contain very valuable information to attract and retain our target audience.

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A Catchy Headline Goes a Long Way
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