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Class Dismissed. Go Now, Young Web Apprentice and Build a Great Website

Lucas Turner

Hey, do you hear it? That sound…

Yes, that’s the sound of the final school bell ringing.

Time for a little summer vacation. Your Build a Website 101 class is complete.

Now, you can “run home” and start creating your own quality website that will take your business to higher levels of success.

Just remember to look both ways before crossing the street. Your mom will appreciate that.

What You Learned

Okay, on a more serious note, you really have learned a lot from this Building a Website 101 eBook.

Now that you’re done, take a minute to reflect.  This online eBook has taught you so much, covering topics like:

  1. How to get started Planning and Researching your website, including Keyword Research, Competitor Research, and tips to building a sturdy Architecture for your site.
  2. The basics on Domains, Hosting services, and Content Management Systems (CMS), like how to purchase a domain and host, and a guide to installing WordPress.
  3. All about Website Content, including some secrets to writing great copy, how to determine your need for outsourcing and the steps to hiring freelance content writers.
  4. Tons of great information on Website Design, such as nine web design fundamentals, the pros and cons of using Templates and Website Builders, and how to hire a good web designer.
  5. And a lot of additional info on top of that.

But knowledge without action doesn’t produce much–which is why Website Planet hopes you will take what you’ve learned and run with it.

Let’s Grow Together

After you get started, we hope you will stay in touch, because once you get past the preliminaries of your new website, you’ll be needing lots of additional information along the way.

Stuff like more advanced knowledge to help keep your new website up to date, fresh, growing, and profitable. For instance, the latest technology and web marketing trends can change seemingly overnight. To keep your competitors from leaving you behind in a cloud of dust, you will want to stay connected to us.

All that’s needed for you to continue growing your website beyond the basics is to subscribe to the Website Planet Newsletter. Just one email from us every other week will provide prelaunch notices on our latest eBooks, more news and reviews on many popular web services, practical tips on improving your website, plus coupons and promotions exclusively for members-only.

Another way to stay on the cutting edge of website excellence is to read our blog. We have a variety of writers who specialize in website topics like PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Logo Design…too many different options to list here. You can even get these blog articles delivered to your email inbox or RSS.

You’ll learn something new about website building or online marketing at least twice a week. Could be more. Which will benefit you tremendously, because once you build your website, there will always be something new to learn.

So stick around. Before you know it, that school bell will ring again, and it will be time to return to the classroom.

Website Planet is here to serve you!

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