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Cenmax – Secure Affordable Powerful Web Hosting Services

Cenmax – Secure Affordable Powerful Web Hosting Services

Gail Lobel Rand
Kavin Raj, Founder, and CEO of Cenmax talks about how they keep their more than 3500 customers happy by providing excellent support and better technology. Their customers know how determined they are to assist them and help them grow so they can concentrate on their running their business rather than managing their hosting infrastructure.

What Web Hosting plans do you offer?

We have a range of hosting products so users can choose the one that best suits their budget and needs. We provide Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and enterprise solutions such as private hybrid cloud platform, managed cloud, etc.

What is included with a WordPress hosting plan?

Our WordPress hosting plans include a lot of features. Security includes everything from a Free SSL certificate to a TBPS capacity DDoS firewall. It also includes many time-saving features such as one-click Staging, Automatic WordPress core updates, and a fully optimized caching system, to name a few.

Are any services, such as a web builder included with your cloud hosting plans?

A free website builder system is included with our cloud hosting plans. This system has more than 30 pre-built templates and many widgets so users can build their dream sites by themselves without any coding experience.

Do you offer any eCommerce options?

All our hosting plans run eCommerce websites without any issues. In fact, our platform is particularly tuned for eCommerce operations. We include way more resources than a typical eCommerce website would need to ensure smooth operation.

Do your hosting plans include SSL?

Yes. We include a free WildCard SSL Certificate from LetsEncrypt with all our hosting plans. On a few special plans, we also include premium SSL certificates like RapidSSL, Positive SSL, EV SSL, also absolutely free.

How can you guarantee a 99.99% uptime?

We can make that guarantee thanks to our technical experience and the nativity of our hosting platform. Most of our solutions are powered by the Hybrid Cloud Platform which has been built and continuously improved over the last few years by the industry’s expert engineers. For example, our cloud hosting is a complete hybrid cloud platform tightly integrated with Google Cloud. Moreover, all data on the platform is stored on a distributed network, and we preserve a minimum of 2 copies of the data at two distinct locations. If one data center goes down,  traffic will be automatically be routed to the next location without any drop in stability or downtime. Under the hood, there are a lot of things happening, such as AI monitoring, Load Balancing, and On-Demand Automatic Scaling to name just a few.

How are your servers secured against hackers and other cyber threats?

We understand that the number of cybersecurity threats increases every day, so we protect our users by providing them with a wide array and multiple levels of security optimizations and tools at no additional cost.

Firstly,  to avoid any technical or coding level hack attempt or attack, we have our best in class Web Application Firewall in place with revolutionary AI technology. This WAF can block any code level or application level attacks including but not limited to MySQL Injection, Path Traversal, Cross-Site Scripting at zero latency.

Secondly, to protect our customers from attacks that impact the availability of their respective sites, We have 1 TBPS capacity of DDoS mitigation with a Billion Packet Per Second filter capacity. And last but not least, to protect our users from malware and viruses, we have built our own custom anti-virus scanner in collaboration with many of the top AV systems. This system scans for potential viruses or malware once in a day and provides our users with an overview of their security. In addition to these protections, we also have a lot of other in-house secret methodologies to protect our customers’ valuable data.

What support is available to your customers?

Our customers are more than just a number to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve them and their clients behind the scenes. That’s why we care for our users, and we give prompt support via live chat, ticket, email, and phone. We provide ALL our customers with high priority support at no additional charge. Providing quick and excellent support is our goal, and we’ve achieved good results.

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