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6 Best Project Management Software for Mac [FREE in 2024]

Roxana David Roxana DavidProject Manager @WebsitePlanet June 20, 2024
June 20, 2024
No matter your industry, handling projects remotely can be complex, and not every project management software for Mac users can handle the challenge. Some lack the essential collaboration tools to effectively manage a team working in different locations. Others are missing integrations required to leverage diverse resources or the security needed to protect your data.

With the appropriate project management software for Mac, you and your team can effectively achieve your goals without sacrificing security or investing excessive time learning a new platform. The best software for Mac offers an extensive array of capabilities, including pre-designed templates, real-time collaboration tools, and desktop and mobile apps – guaranteeing your projects will finish on time and within budget.

I’ve evaluated numerous project management software and compiled my top picks for Mac users. monday.com is my first choice because it combines remarkable ease of use with the flexibility to accommodate diverse teams across different sectors. Moreover, it integrates flawlessly with numerous practical apps, delivering a centralized place for managing projects on Mac.

You can start using monday.com free of charge or keep reading to see other project management software that caught my attention.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Project Management Tools for Mac in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    1 1monday-com-logo monday.com
    monday.com is a popular choice with our readers
    Dedicated Mac app, lots of ready-made templates, and user-friendly, easy-to-share boards.
  2. 1 1imageedit_9_6770270424 ClickUp Valuable external integrations, plus comprehensive reporting and collaborative features.
  3. 1 1smartsheet-logo-scale Smartsheet Robust security measures and impressive scalability suited for large-scale initiatives.

What We Look For in the Best Project Management Software for Mac

During my testing, I focused on specific features that cater to the unique needs of Mac users. Here are the key features I prioritized:
  • Security and privacy. Due to Apple’s strong emphasis on protecting user data, security and privacy features are often vital to Mac users. I’ve only included software with strong encryption and compliance with privacy standards to ensure that sensitive project information remains secure.
  • User interface design. A well-designed user interface is important because Mac users typically expect a clean, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing interface. This enhances productivity by making the software easier to navigate and use efficiently.
  • Performance optimization. Performance optimization is critical because software that runs smoothly on macOS can significantly improve workflow efficiency. Optimized software means faster load times and responsiveness, Plus, you won’t have to spend your time troubleshooting bugs or software that’s constantly crashing.
  • Collaboration tools. Collaboration tools are important because they enable team members to work together seamlessly, regardless of location. The project management software on my list include features like real-time editing, file sharing, and communication channels. These help improve teamwork and project coordination.

monday.com project management software for Mac features
monday.com transforms team collaboration with its visual project management platform, customizable workflows, and real-time updates
In my experience, monday.com is the best centralized Mac platform for handling tasks, projects, and collaborative work. Its colorful and dynamic visual representations allow easy monitoring of your team’s work in one central location, offering crisp and easy-to-grasp visuals that display project progress and upcoming tasks.

Onboarding is simple – you can follow the online tutorial, which explains all of the software’s capabilities. Moreover, monday.com’s intuitive interface1 lets you quickly create an account and start setting up projects in minutes.

Regardless of your team’s focus – whether it’s software development, design, marketing, you name it – the software offers a wide range of industry-specific templates that make managing any project a breeze. I also like how easily you can customize your workspace by incorporating a variety of widgets. Your dashboards can include everything from charts to file galleries, timelines, custom text, and even embeddable media like videos and maps.


  • Integrated timer. monday.com’s integrated timer functionality provides a clear time distribution view for every task, allowing you to optimize workflow and keep everything on track. You can create tasks or projects, assign work to other users, and track implementation with the calendar view highlighting every milestone or final deadline.
  • Versatile access. You can install monday.com’s Mac app or use it in your browser. There’s also an iOS app for your iPhone or iPad if you want to stay in the loop from anywhere.
  • Shareable boards. monday.com’s shareable boards facilitate continuous communication among team members and external collaborators about your project developments. You can configure automatic real-time alerts to ensure that everyone stays informed about project advancements and adjustments.
  • Learning resources. monday.com also provides excellent customer support, including a comprehensive online demonstration and tutorial resources to help you get the most out of the platform.
Read our expert monday.com review for more features.

Free plan or trial Free plan
Customer support 24/7 support via email, chat, and phone
Integrations Integrates with Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, and 200+ apps​
Starting price $17.00

ClickUp team collaboration features
ClickUp integrates tasks, docs, goals, and chat into one app, making it easy to manage all your team’s work in one place
ClickUp sets itself apart as a leading project management software for Mac for multiple reasons. Primarily, it allows you to centralize and arrange priorities using one platform. You’ll get a comprehensive view of your team’s timelines, duties, and advancement, meaning nothing can fall through the cracks.

ClickUp works as a Mac desktop app1, a web-based platform, and an iOS mobile app. I think it’s especially useful that you can also integrate it with Siri to set reminders or check notifications. Apple Watch also supports similar ClickUp basic features.

Even the most complex projects will benefit from ClickUp’s collaboration features. It simplifies team communication by enabling you to review and add notes to work in progress, add files from external sources, involve external users, and allocate remarks and observations that need evaluation. What’s more, its built-in Docs and Whiteboard tools allow you to collaborate in real time.


  • AWS cloud storage. ClickUp’s cloud-based platform enables swifter and more straightforward updates than conventional whiteboard meetings. Since the platform stores everything on the cloud, including any external images or files you include, you can rest assured that your data remains secure and private.
  • Workload view. With this view, you can check your team’s workload and identify engaged members as well as those who have the capacity for additional responsibilities.
  • Built-in apps. ClickUp’s native apps, like Whiteboards, Chat, and the colorful Docs, allow you to effortlessly share feedback, attach requests and briefs, and make automatic updates to keep communication open with clients and stakeholders. This leads to clearer understanding and reduces unexpected outcomes.
  • Custom workflows and templates. Using personalized statuses, you can develop custom workflows that represent every phase of a project through every stage. You can use the same templates for clients or projects that are alike, which eliminates repetitive work.
To learn more about ClickUp, check out our expert review.

Free plan or trial Free plan
Customer support
  • 24/7 email support for all users
  • Live chat for paid plans​
Integrations Integrates with 1,000+ tools including Slack, Google Workspace, and GitHub​
Starting price $7.00

3. Smartsheet: Best Mac Platform for Large Amounts of Data1

Smartsheet desktop app features
Smartsheet empowers teams with advanced project tracking, automated workflows, and dynamic reporting tools
Smartsheet is a project management tool for Mac that excels at managing large teams and projects thanks to its wide range of features designed to meet your specific needs. In addition to various custom views, Smartsheet also stands out for its ability to organize your data through complex formulas and functions. You can even set conditional calculations that update in real time as the project progresses.

Smartsheet helps Mac users track every step of their work. The software allows you to share project information with everyone on your team, regardless of whether they’re in the same office or work remotely. I really like how this reduces miscommunication and encourages effective cooperation in large teams. In turn, this makes it easier to commit to your business’ overarching strategies and goals.

With its sorting features and custom task list options, Smartsheet is ideal for handling multiple projects1 simultaneously, as well as organizing tasks by how close they are to completion. On the other hand, it does have a learning curve and may be unnecessarily complex for some projects. I wouldn’t recommend it for small teams that need simpler software.


  • Custom task lists. You can create different columns for specific project phases or iterations. This way, you offer your team members a clear overview of every task’s progress.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Smartsheet enables you to achieve results quickly by delivering easy-to-understand reports on various project elements, including ROI. This transparency allows you to pinpoint areas for innovation and improvement, enhancing productivity and profits.
  • Cost-efficient integration. Smartsheet is cost-efficient and integrates smoothly with your current IT infrastructure, removing additional costs. You can install the Mac Smartsheet app or use it on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.
  • Compatibility with popular tools. Smartsheet is compatible with popular tools like Google Drive, helping your team collaborate efficiently.
To see if Smartsheet is right for your team, see our expert review.

Free plan or trial Free plan and 30-day trial
Customer support
  • 24/7 support via email and phone for paid plans
  • Community support for free users​
Integrations Integrates with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Workday, Salesforce, and 500+ more​
Starting price $7.00

Teamwork sample dashboard
When it comes to ease of use, Teamwork shines – even if your team is new to project management software
Teamwork is an easy-to-use, flexible, and feature-filled project management solution for Mac users. It’s designed to help teams track progress, optimize work processes, and reduce manual labor by using automation as well as customized templates.

You can use the Teamwork platform as a web application or a mobile app for devices running on iOS, so you have a smooth transition across different platforms. There’s also a dedicated Mac app you can install but it only works online, so this can be a limitation for teams that need offline access.

By decreasing day-to-day administrative duties like email correspondence, Teamwork empowers groups to focus on executing value-driven tasks. Its in-house chat app, especially, fosters open communication and features a search history tool so your team can always find the files or information they need. This feature also allows you to set up call or video meetings without ever leaving the platform.


  • Task allocation and priority management. You can effortlessly allocate tasks, determine deadlines, and arrange them according to their priority. The Tasks & Subtasks section designates a separate folder for each part of a project to keep your goals organized.
  • Notebooks for project details. You can save essential project details and insightful notes for retrospective analysis in virtual notebooks. Furthermore, you can attach files to tasks, messages, or comments on items to maintain team unity.
  • Pre-made templates. Teamwork supplies a variety of pre-designed templates, such as SEO strategy, web development, and event coordination. You can also customize templates to accommodate distinct project demands.
  • Continuous backups. Teamwork keeps your data safe with continuous snapshots of your database. If your primary server were to ever fail due to power outages, you’ll have a backup server ready to go with no service interruptions.
Read our in-depth review to learn more about Teamwork’s chat app.

Free plan or trial Free plan
Customer support 24/7 support via email and chat​
Integrations Integrates with Slack, HubSpot, Google Drive, and more
Starting price $9.99

5. Jira: Great Online Project Management Software for Mac1

Jira agile project management features
With its detailed issue tracking and customizable workflows, Jira is ideal for agile project management
Jira offers an all-inclusive and deeply cooperative setting. I love how uncomplicated it is – you can easily send invitations to team members and external collaborators without waiting for approval from the project admins. All you need to do is make sure to set the right permissions to protect your project’s sensitive data.

While Jira doesn’t offer a dedicated Mac app anymore, you can use the web version on your Mac. Chrome is the browser I recommend for the best performance. However, the lack of a dedicated Mac app may be a drawback if you prefer native applications over web-based solutions.

Jira excels as a project management software for agile teams. Teams can set up different issue types for every project, whether it’s based on analytics or research. Analytics issues save vital metrics for examining usage trends and optimization targets. Research issues help track tests, research, or other studies. Others, like Spec, help teams focus and gain insight into what priorities they have for the week.


  • Code-free automation. Jira gives you access to code-free automation that works across the Jira environment. This enables you to auto-assign responsibilities, send Slack messages, and more.
  • Templates for rapid implementation. Streamline your project setup process with easy-to-use templates.
  • Jira Rules. Automate straightforward tasks and boost efficiency by setting up advanced Rules. For example, you can set an automatic alert for team members when a card moves to another column.
  • Mobile compatibility. If you’re frequently on the move, Jira is compatible with mobile devices, including iPhones. This helps you to stay in the loop and update your tasks while traveling.
Read our full Jira review for more information.

Free plan or trial Free plan
Customer support
  • Support via community forums and tickets
  • 24/7 support for paid plans
Integrations Integrates with Slack, other Atlassian products, and over 3000+ apps
Starting price $7.75

6. Zoho Projects: Web-Based Mac Project Management for Recurring Projects1

Zoho Projects Blueprints example
Zoho Projects offers feature-rich plans, including Blueprints for recurring projects
Zoho Projects is a simple project management platform you can use directly in your browser. Like Jira, Zoho is fully web-based for Mac, so it doesn’t require an installation process. However, there are mobile apps you can install if you want to keep up to date when you’re out of the office.

This software seamlessly integrates within the Zoho ecosystem, including Zoho Docs, so you can smoothly create, review, change, and finalize documents related to your project. You can also create and customize process flows across various Zoho applications using the Blueprint feature. Once you set up a workflow, you can apply it across multiple tasks or projects.

Using the calendar view, teams get a visual depiction of what they have to do. This functionality guarantees that all team participants are aware of approaching due dates and can structure their tasks suitably. One minor drawback is that due to so many features, the interface can sometimes feel overwhelming if you’re a first-time user.


  • Resource tracking and optimization. Zoho Projects tracks how team members use resources. This helps you optimize efficiency and maintain financial discipline by comparing the real work accomplished with the expected task volume.
  • Dashboard reports for project insights. Dashboard reports provide a broader view of multiple projects or specific activities within a project, showing the difference between expected and actual progress. These reports offer crucial information on collective efficiency and areas for improvement.
  • AI assistant. Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia, can help your team work faster by taking notes and setting up tasks. All you have to do is activate this feature from your mobile app or access the chat screen from the bottom corner of your desktop screen.
  • Customizable fields and statuses. Adjustable fields and customizable statuses streamline the project management process, making it easier to tailor Zoho Projects to any project’s specific needs.
See our comprehensive review to learn more about Zoho Projects.

Free plan or trial Free plan
Customer support
  • Email, 8-hour live chat/phone for free plans
  • 24/7 live chat/phone, remote assistance, and 3-hour response​ window for paid plans
Integrations Integrates with 50+ tools including Zoho CRM, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Dropbox, GitHub, Bitbucket, and Zendesk
Starting price $4.00

The Best Project Management Software for Mac Will Get the Job Done

The market is overflowing with project management software for Mac, and choosing the best tool for what you need can be difficult. I’m here to narrow down your choices.

If you prefer versatile Mac software that’s appropriate for various projects, my top pick is monday.com1. It’s excellent for projects requiring collaboration among different teams.

If you value extensive integrations or emphasize smooth communication, ClickUp is worth considering1. It’s an outstanding option for managing projects on Mac and boosting team collaboration.

Conversely, if your team members are geographically dispersed, Smartsheet might be the right choice1. This Mac-compatible tool can help your team manage high quantities of information, so it’s a great option for big enterprises with diverse teams.

In conclusion, here’s a short overview of the leading project management tools for Mac:
Desktop App for Mac Best Feature Best For Starting Price
monday.com Lots of integrations and templates Most types of teams that need a Mac platform $17.00
ClickUp Easy-to-use dashboards and whiteboards Teams that need robust collaboration solutions $7.00
Smartsheet Scalability and trackability Large-scale teams dealing with a lot of data $7.00
Teamwork Intuitive UI Teams new to  project management software $9.99
Jira Robust project management capabilities (accessible on a Mac web browser) Big teams that use agile methodology $7.75
Zoho Projects Useful automations (accessible on a Mac web browser) Recurring projects $4.00


Which is the best project management software for Mac?

Based on my evaluations, monday.com stands out as the top project management software for Mac. It provides a variety of ready-made templates for different project types. Additionally, it integrates with useful apps such as Slack, Teams, and Google Suite. Its flexibility supports smooth collaboration across multiple departments.

Is ClickUp project management compatible with Mac?

ClickUp is an amazing Mac-compatible option for teams seeking to enhance their work with project management software. It’s particularly effective at bolstering team communication and gathering feedback in one location. It also offers lots of integrations.

What is the best easy-to-use project management software for Mac?

If you want a quick and painless onboarding experience, I recommend Teamwork. It’s user-friendly, so your team members can start working with minimal training, and it has a simple, intuitive interface that makes navigation really enjoyable.

Can you use project management software on Mac for free?

Yes, many Mac-compatible project management tools have free trials. One that I highly recommend is monday.com. You can try it for two weeks without a credit card, and the basic two-user plan is free and you can use it for as long as you like. If you’re still unsure, you can check out our list of the 10 best project management software in 2024 to see which one is the best fit for your team.

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