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9 Best AI Copywriting Software for Superior Content in 2024

Ana Marković May 20, 2024
May 20, 2024
Every AI writing tool promises to help you streamline the content creation process, making it faster and more efficient without sacrificing quality. However, not all AI copywriting software is capable of producing coherent, SEO-friendly text that maintains your brand voice across formats.

As someone who’s worked in digital marketing for years, I know all too well the struggle to produce high-quality content quickly. You want your content to be engaging and readable, but also optimized for search engines to enhance visibility and drive traffic. When you add the pressure of tight deadlines to the mix, the balance between creativity and SEO becomes particularly challenging.

After testing the most popular AI copywriting platforms, I narrowed down the list to nine versatile tools to give you an edge over competitors. While all the suggestions on my list have merit, Copy.ai stands out with its wide set of writing tools to help you automate your marketing and sales workflows. You can try out Copy.ai for free or read on to discover more exceptional copywriting software.

Short on Time? These Are the Best AI Copywriting Software in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    1 1imageedit_9_8347489447 Copy.ai
    Copy.ai is a popular choice with our readers
    Wide selection of writing tools for a range of specific use cases.
  2. 1 1rytr-logo-square Rytr Affordable software with a simple interface and flexible brand voice options.
  3. 1 1Jasper.ai Logo Jasper.ai Fully featured solution for end-to-end marketing campaigns.

What We Look For in the Best AI Copywriting Software

In addition to ease of use, there are a few other aspects that can make AI copywriting software stand out. Here’s what I focused on during my research.
  • Quality output. There’s no room for error – I only included AI copywriting software that’s able to generate original and coherent copy, free of grammatical errors.
  • Customization and flexibility. Every tool I listed offers customization options, allowing you to tailor your content to appeal to your audience and fit your brand voice.
  • SEO and analytics. Most of the services I recommend provide SEO features. Understanding how your content performs on search engines can guide your strategy, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience.
  • Extra writing features. All the copywriting tools on my list come with additional features that enhance copy, such as plagiarism checkers or tone analysis. These tools can significantly streamline the content creation process.
  • Affordability. Good AI copywriting software should offer value for money without compromising on the quality and range of features. Affordable prices ensure that high-quality content creation is accessible, even on a tight budget.

Copy.ai workflow library templates
Copy.ai’s Workflow Library is updated on a regular basis
Of all the AI copywriting software I’ve tested, Copy.ai has the widest selection of writing tools1. It’s a business-oriented platform with a range of content templates for website copy, blogs, social media content, videos, emails, and more.

However, Copy.ai truly excels when it comes to targeting specific use cases. It lets you automate nearly every aspect of your marketing and sales workflows. For instance, it automatically generates content briefs from keywords, repurposes documents for press releases, and even creates ad copy tailored to your audience based on individual user data.

Copy.ai is one of the few AI writing software tools with a free plan, but you’ll only get one seat (meaning one user) and 2,000 words in its Chat feature. The Pro plan offers the best value for small teams with 5 seats, unlimited word generation, and 500 credits per month to create workflows. Though it’s not the cheapest option on the market, it’s a worthy investment as the versatile features can save you money in the long run.


  • Customizable brand voice. Copy.ai lets you choose from predefined tones, like “Friendly” and “Professional.” You can also describe your desired tone in a few words and even mimic a celebrity.
  • Infobase. Infobase stores important brand-related information, such as brand guidelines and product services. You only need to input information once and assign it a specific tag, so that it’s readily available whenever you need to create content.
  • AI prompt library. Copy.ai offers a vast library of prompts to aid your writing, divided into categories such as Content and SEO, Paid Ads, and Email Marketing.
  • Free writing generators. Copy.ai plans include a range of tools to enhance your content, such as Instagram caption generator, product description generator, paragraph rewriter, and more.
Want to learn more about Copy.ai? Check out our expert review.

Free plan
Mobile app No, but there’s a mobile website
SEO tools
Customer support Email support
Starting price $49/month

Rytr copy editor
Rytr’s word processing interface is distraction-free and easy to navigate
Rytr impressed me with its variety of use cases and tones. You can create anything from copywriting formulas like PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution) to more creative text like story outlines and song lyrics. You can set up your tone to be humorous or assertive, or even pick some unconventional (but lifelike) tone choices like urgent or worrisome.

Rytr’s editing capabilities are one of its strongest points. Thanks to the Ghost Rytr feature, you can easily improve, rephrase, or write full paragraphs from any highlighted text under 300 characters, which is particularly useful for making quick changes on a tight deadline.

Rytr is one of the most affordable AI copywriting tools on the market. Though its free plan is quite limited (only 10,000 characters per month), Rytr’s cheapest paid plan provides unlimited content1 and priority support. Even its most expensive plan is quite affordable compared to similar products, offering content creation in 35+ languages and custom use cases.


  • My Voice. This feature analyzes a sample of your writing and mirrors your tone when it generates content. On the Premium plan, you can create multiple custom tones to match the needs of different projects or clients.
  • Plagiarism checker. If you sign up to the Unlimited plan, you’ll get access to Rytr’s Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker. It lets you instantly rephrase plagiarized copy.
  • Chrome extension. Rytr’s handy Google Chrome extension lets you integrate your content directly into emails, cloud documents, and social media.
  • API integration. Rytr’s proprietary API allows you to integrate the software’s capabilities into your website or project, which is particularly useful for developers.
Read our in-depth Rytr review to see our performance tests.

Free plan
Mobile app
SEO tools
Customer support Email, live chat support
Starting price $9/month

Jasper.ai dashboard
You can easily access analytics tools from your dashboard
Most AI copywriting software offer brand voice tools, but Jasper raises the bar by creating fully fledged marketing campaigns across platforms – all while maintaining your unique style. Once it generates your campaign brief (based on the information you provide), you can pick your assets, such as Google ad text or a landing page. Then, Jasper will generate these assets based on your brief and using your brand voice.

Jasper includes a robust set of analytics tools1 to help you get an insight into your content’s performance. It provides a side-by-side analysis and suggestions on how to improve low-performing content, which you can implement with a single click.

Jasper’s many features don’t come cheap. Still, the entry-level Creator plan will likely cover all your needs. It includes access to 50+ templates, rephrasing and rewriting tools, SEO tools, and integrations. And while there’s no free plan, you can test the platform risk-free for seven days.


  • Built-in art generator. Jasper’s AI image creation and editing platform Clipdrop can design custom images based on your brand and preferences. Images are available for royalty-free commercial use. Note that this isn’t included in the entry-level plan.
  • Project management tools. Jasper’s built-in project management software lets you view your tasks in Kanban and Calendar view, set user permissions, and share documents with your team.
  • App integrations. Jasper’s Chrome extension lets you use its tools in other platforms like Google Docs. You can also connect Jasper to the website builder Webflow and the SEO tool Surfer for added functionality.
  • Jasper Academy. Jasper provides step-by-step modules on how to use its platform, which include short lessons, annotated images, and tips.
For more copywriting features, read our expert Jasper.ai review.

Free plan
Mobile app
SEO tools
Customer support Email, live chat, community forum
Starting price $49/month

HubSpot blog post generator
HubSpot’s AI tools produce blog post outlines and full posts based on your ideas
HubSpot’s AI Content Assistant can help you draft various types of content, ranging from social media captions and call-to-action messages to marketing emails and landing pages. However, HubSpot Content Assistant is particularly useful when it comes to long-form content, such as blog posts.

You can simply input your blog post idea, and Content Assistant will suggest a list of titles and SEO keywords. Once you choose a title, it will generate a meta description for your post, as well as a list of potential paragraph headings. Once you’re happy with your outline, Content Assistant will generate a full-blown post for you. As someone who writes for a living, I thought HubSpot’s results were pretty decent.

Every HubSpot plan includes AI features, even the free one. That said, more advanced tools, such as keyword metrics, are only available with paid subscriptions. HubSpot’s plans bundle several services together, such as marketing, sales, and CRM tools, and prices vary based on your team size. Such a model works great if you plan to use many of HubSpot’s services, but if you’re only looking for AI tools, the price may be steep.


  • Keyword metrics. Content Assistant provides keyword metrics, such as monthly Google searches for a specific term and keyword intent (e.g., commercial, informational, navigational). These metrics help you determine which keywords to prioritize in your SEO strategy.
  • AI prompt commands. Content Assistant allows you to generate content like paragraphs and headings in pages, posts, marketing emails, and CTAs using prompts. There is a limit of 4,000 tokens for prompts (1 paragraph approximately equals 100 tokens).
  • Editing options. You can ask the Content Assistant to edit existing text by rewriting, expanding, or summarizing it. You can also change the tone to “Professional,” “Witty,” “Heartfelt,” and more.
  • Generate sales emails on the go. You can use Content Assistant to create sales emails in the HubSpot mobile app and in the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension.
Read our in-depth HubSpot review to learn more about the platform.

Free plan
Mobile app (iOS only)
SEO tools
Customer support Email, chat, and phone support
Starting price $20.00

5. Writesonic: Best AI Copywriting Software for Landing Pages1

Writesonic company mission template
Writesonic lets you easily create content from templates
Writesonic’s powerful Article Writer has access to real-time data and it can help you craft fact-checked, SEO-friendly content in minutes. From my experience, it works best when it comes to creating shorter copy, such as social media captions, ads, or landing pages. While Writesonic can produce content up to 5,000 words within minutes, its results aren’t as consistent as with short copy and you’d still need to edit the outputs to ensure they align with your intent.

If you use one of its 100+ templates to get started, you’ll get ready-made content based on your input, complete with hashtags, emojis, and even royalty-free images to add a personal touch.

Writesonic offers a range of plans that cater to freelancers and businesses. The free plan is a good option to test the platform. You’ll get 25 generations per month and 25 credits to try out advanced features like voice and image generation. I think the paid options offer great value – the affordable second-tier package gives you access to unlimited generations, plus 50 credits per month for advanced features.


  • Competitor analysis. Writesonic analyzes your competitors’ word counts, headings, topics, and keywords to help you optimize your content to rank high on search engines.
  • Chatsonic. This chatbot includes built-in fact checking, plagiarism-checking, and prompt-enhancing features to ensure the best results. In addition to text, you can chat with PDFs, images, audio, and more.
  • Audiosonic. You can convert your text into human-like voices in multiple languages with Writesonic’s text-to-speech tools.
  • Bulk content generation. Writesonic allows you to generate content in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet.
Our full Writesonic review has more on plan features.

Free plan
Mobile app  (Android only)
SEO tools
Customer support Email support, chatbot, community forum
Starting price $15/month

6. Surfer: Best for Optimizing Content for Search1

Surfer content editor
Surfer’s content editor lets you see the monthly search volume and keyword difficulty metrics
Surfer specializes in optimizing your content for SEO and in my experience, the software’s keyword research and suggestion abilities are pretty spot-on – even for niche topics.

Surfer can also create an entire AI-optimized article for you. You’ll need to enter your keyword, choose your preferred tone, and select the most relevant organic competitors. Surfer generates an outline with H2 and H3 suggestions you can edit. Once approved, Surfer will generate an article for you based on your outline.

However, it’s worth noting that you’ll only get the generated outline. You’ll have to pay extra for every full piece of writing Surfer AI generates, on top of your subscription fees.

In fact, many Surfer features are only available as add-ons and all plans impose limits on the number of times you can use them. I suggest trying Surfer’s 7-day money-back guarantee to let you test the platform before committing.


  • Advanced keyword research. When presented with a keyword, Surfer suggests topic clusters (groups of related pages focused on a similar subject) based on search intent. Once you click on the cluster, Surfer will create a content outline and redirect you to its editor.
  • SEO add-ons. Surfer’s Audit tool optimizes your older content, while SERP analyzer compares top-performing content with yours, giving you suggestions on what to improve.
  • Royalty-free images. Surfer determines the optimal number of images your content needs and it lets you add royalty-free photos from Pixabay.
  • WordPress integration. Thanks to Surfer’s WordPress plugin, you can directly publish content created in Surfer to your WordPress site.
Find out more about Surfer in our comprehensive review.

Free plan
Mobile app
SEO tools
Customer support Email, live chat support
Starting price $89/month

Other Notable AI Copywriting Software

7. AI Writer1

AI Writer content generator
AI Writer provides hyperlinks to all its sources
AI Writer specializes in producing professional, academic content with live citations for every factual statement. Based on your input, it creates a full article with the exact structure, content, and word limit you choose, giving you plenty of control over your content production.

AI Writer also has useful features to help improve your search rankings, such as an SEO-focused text rewording tool and a Topic Suggest tool. That said, AI Writer’s toolbox is best suited for long-form articles, and it lacks the all-purpose features other AI copywriting software on this list include.

8. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Chatbot Interface
Your prompts need to be as specific as possible to get the desired response from ChatGPT
The pioneer when it comes to AI copywriting software, ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that can quickly produce content on any given topic. Though you’ll need to carefully craft your prompts before you can get the answers you need, ChatGPT can still be useful as a writing aid.

ChatGPT works particularly well with shorter text, and it produces good results when rewording or elaborating on existing content. It can also help you during the research phase of your writing, which is quite useful for creating content briefs. Just be sure to check all factual claims it produces.

9. Writerly

Writerly editor
I found Writerly’s Bullet Points feature particularly useful for summarizing text
Writerly is mainly oriented towards creating marketing content, such as ad copy and product descriptions, though you can use it for all types of text. That said, its selection of templates and SEO features is somewhat limited compared to other similar software.

Still, its AI chatbot produces content in over 25 languages and it allows you to define your tone and brand voice. Also, Writerly’s interface is incredibly beginner-friendly, which is great if you’re just starting out with AI.

This Is the Best AI Copywriting Software To Elevate Your Content

With the options on this list, you won’t have to sacrifice anything: you can streamline your content creation process and produce SEO-friendly content while maintaining your unique voice. But which one is the best one for your needs?

Copy.ai is my top pick for its wide set of writing tools1 and content templates that cater to various use cases. Copy.ai also has excellent brand customization options to keep your style consistent across formats.

On the other hand, Rytr has everything you need to edit content1. It’s incredibly easy to use and it offers numerous options to rephrase and improve your text during the writing process.

Or, use Jasper.ai to streamline your marketing campaigns1. Jasper also offers robust analytics tools to help you optimize your content’s performance.

If you’re still unsure which solution to choose, here’s a quick comparison of the different AI copywriting software I tested.
Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Copy.ai Wide set of writing tools Creating specific use cases $49/month
Rytr Simple interface and efficient editing tools Copywriters on a budget $9/month
Jasper.ai Brand voice customization options Streamlining marketing campaigns $49/month
HubSpot Content Assistant Blog post generator Copywriters that also need marketing, sales, and CRM tools $20.00
Writesonic Wide selection of content templates Creating SEO-optimized, short-form content quickly $15/month
Surfer Advanced SEO tools Optimizing content for search $89/month


Can I use AI for copywriting?

Absolutely! Good AI tools can assist in producing creative, engaging, and SEO-optimized content quickly. By leveraging AI, you can streamline your content creation process, allowing for more focus on strategy and customization. A platform like Copy.ai can align with your content goals and brand voice for the best results.

Are AI copywriting tools easy to use?

Most AI copywriting software offer intuitive interfaces. While there’s a small learning curve to make the most of the software’s features, the effort is minimal compared to the time and resources saved in creating content. For a beginner-friendly option with pricing to match, Rytr offers advanced editing tools and useful Chrome extension.

How can I maintain a consistent brand voice with AI copywriting tools?

You can start by inputting detailed information about your brand’s tone, audience, and key messaging (this can include URLs, PDFs, and other documents). The AI copywriting software will analyze your input and produce content that mimics your brand’s voice. That said, some solutions are better than others. Jasper.ai excels with brand voices, while Copy.ai produces some great on-brand templates.

How do I optimize content for SEO using AI tools?

To optimize content for SEO using AI tools, you’ll need a platform that lets you incorporate targeted keywords and phrases into your writing. You can use AI copywriting software to create structured, engaging content that improves readability and user engagement. HubSpot’s Content Assistant offers SEO features such as keyword suggestions and density checks to ensure your content not only reads well but also ranks well on search engines.

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