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4 Simple Social Media Marketing Strategies

Barbara Harris

Many businesses aren’t pleased with the returns on their social media marketing because they’re using the wrong strategies to effectively reach consumers. Marketing on social media sites isn’t rocket science, but it can be quite difficult without the appropriate guidance and experience. Below you’ll discover four simple strategies that you can use to help leverage your social media presence for your next set of sales.

Those who understand social media marketing know that it’s not just a matter of collecting a large fan base, but of creating what you might call authentic fans. These dedicated fans make up the lion’s share of your engagement and ultimately your sales; they are the fans you’ve built relationships with over time who are most likely to be dedicated to your cause.

Use Social Media Shout-Outs

One of the best ways to build relationships and create these authentic fans is to let your readers know that you care about them. For example, on Facebook you can create a short series of posts highlighting any of your audience members that stand out for their contributions to your page. On Twitter, you can choose a day to tweet about a handful of your audience members, promoting them for their excellence. On Google plus, you can do a “best of” type of post and tag some of your most valuable audience numbers to encourage other people to follow them. These simple ideas are very social, they show appreciation to your fans, and they help you generate the kind of authentic fans that truly count.

Create Unique Content for Each Network

It’s important that the content, tone, and theme of all of your social media accounts remain somewhat consistent, so that you can maintain the appearance of a single brand identity. However, if you end up posting every one of your tweets to your Facebook page, there’s no reason for your Twitter followers to follow you on Facebook.

On the other hand, if you selectively share content from one platform to another, you can incentivize those who enjoy that selected content to follow you on your other social media pages. In short, when you provide unique content for each network, you encourage your readers to follow you everywhere you have a presence.

Consider Twitter Advertising

In response to the ever increasing density of information online, the organic reach of social media is dwindling. Consequently, there’s never been a better time to consider other options on these platforms, including paid advertising. Some of the most innovative paid advertising options available today are on Twitter, including promoted trends, promoted accounts, and promoted tweets.

Specifically, it’s worth mentioning promoted tweets. This service allows your preselected tweets to show up in the feed of someone who closely matches your demographic criteria. You can select criteria based on the physical location of the reader, what they’re saying about certain products, or even what they’ve said about your competitors. You only pay when someone actually interacts with your tweet by clicking, replying, favoring, or re-tweeting. The reason this tool can be so cost effective is because you only pay for the initial click, and not for any subsequent interactions. That means when John Doe retweets your tweet to 60 friends, you only pay for John’s original click.

Use Community Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest offers several excellent opportunities for discovering content, finding engaged communities around a specific niche, and driving massive amounts of traffic. One of the most effective marketing tactics on Pinterest is to engage with users through the use of a community board, which is a board where multiple people pin items as a group. You can join boards controlled by others to boost your visibility overnight, or create your very own board to help build engagement with your page. Anytime someone pins content your board, that content is sent out to everyone who follows that board. Your community board also becomes a highly visible part of any contributor’s profile, making your content more visible all across the site.

It is worth noting that if you plan to run your own community board, you need to have a considerable degree of trust in the quality and integrity of your contributors. This is because anyone who follows your board will see the pinned content of your contributors, and if those pins are not relevant or spammy, your brand or your follower count could suffer.

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